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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Hetero Male Switch, 45,  HamiltonNiagara, Canada
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Time for a change in approach then....

Im tired of wasting my time and energy by engaging in discussion with people on here who then disappear without so much as a word. If I engage in contact with someone on here and they in turn respond, I expect that the conversation will continue. If you cannot be bothered to behave in a mature manner, let me know from the beginning so that I can avoid wasting my time.

I am not interested in a one day relationship.

What I am interested in is a serious, but fun-loving and open-minded relationship that is allowed to develop.

That being said, let me be clear I have no time for the whole lifestyle scene (sic).Im not interested in making a new clique of friends, nor am I interested in joining a new social club. There is no such thing as a lifestyle. I refer you to George Carlin if you are so confused...

Do feel free to message me. Id much rather learn about someone via conversation than by reviewing a checklist...












Last Online:


 Male Switch



 5' 9"

 160 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Intellectual Discourse (Expert)




 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops  (Expert)

 Movies (Expert)


 Travel (Expert)


 Camping (Expert)

 Skate Boarding



 Massage (Giving)






 Photography (Expert)



 Philosophy (Expert)





 Bar Hopping

 Fine Dining



 Martial Arts


 Anal Play

 Body Worship


 Breast Play




 Hair Pulling


 Orgasm Denial

 Role Playing


 Archaeology (Beginner)


 Chemistry (Beginner)






 Local BDSM Community

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Journal Entries:
7/12/2017 4:12:24 PM
I someone going to fix this site at some point?
2 days running now and the pages look like they're loading in code...


2/13/2017 9:54:46 AM



is going on with this site?

It now takes 5 minutes for a single page to load.



7/29/2016 5:49:37 PM
You know, this site has a statistically abnormal number of women [ and self styled 'girls' ( girls!! ) ] that can squirt.


4/22/2016 6:04:31 PM
Why has this site been 'working' as if it's 1990?

I've been on government pages that load a bit faster...

Is there a special secret way to make this site work properly that I'm not aware of?

9/23/2015 5:41:56 PM
People:  the word is "discreet", not "discrete". 
Seriously.  Buy a dictionary.


6/1/2015 11:43:40 AM
What is wrong with the site now?
For the past week it's been acting as if it's running on dial-up......


5/31/2015 8:39:37 PM
The site is behaving as if it's 1988 again.  Pages literally taking 5 minutes to load???

5/4/2015 8:02:39 PM
Great entertainment:

The claim so many women make about being such a great cocksucker.

It's the female equivalent to the typical male claim to a 'huge' cock.... lol

1/29/2015 3:17:40 PM
Amazing how poor the language skills represented on this site are....

"deion" is not a word people.


10/1/2014 2:39:14 PM
So...  see my last entry.
It appears the site thinks it's 1990.  Pages loading as fast as 6 minutes...

k rist

8/15/2014 9:19:48 PM

What the F is wrong with this site now?

It's literally taking minutes for the page to load....


3/13/2014 3:37:08 PM

Favourite misspelling on here: discrete.




If only there was a book that explained the correct usage of words....





8/1/2012 3:43:49 PM

Frustration maximus.


Really people, can't we just at least be honest with each other?


Seriously seeking good fun, not drama...



8/5/2010 9:29:10 PM
Most overused word by females on this site: "slut".

7/21/2010 4:17:25 PM
Time to revamp the profile.
It seems that the majority of people here are either much too lazy to communicate, much too quick to judge, or both.

4/13/2010 2:12:30 PM
Always entertained by the great majority of people on here who take themselves much too seriously.
Relax people.  It's your life, not a mission.

2/26/2010 1:56:59 PM
Oh so tired of engaging in discussion with people on here and then, without reason, they disappear.  It seems it's quite the fashion now to be rude.

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