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Seeing as this girl is getting messages in spite of having virtually no profile to speak of *smile* she thinks that she might as well go ahead and fill one out. She has met some very interesting people indeed, some of whom fascinate her, and hopefully made some friends as well. For this, she is grateful. So, what to say? This girl is an offline kajira, meaning that she does not role play online and prefers to keep it that way. She has been exploring Gor online and off for six years with some confessed irregularity to her explorations. She has been a submissive her entire life, and began first exploring BDSM eight years ago when she was sixteen years old. She found shortly thereafter that she has little interest in bondage, and so, when her first live-in master/slave relationship ended, she took a break and then returned to the Gorean philosophies and ways with increased passion. While devin is not currently owned, neither is she currently 'seeking' ownership. Instead, she realises that following a recent release she needs to sit back and take stock, get to know others in the lifestyle, make friends (submissive and dominant alike) and perhaps, of those friends, find the one who might be able to own her body, mind, heart, and soul. What is there really to say about devin? She is a poet and something of a web-designer. Currently a student of anthropology and creative writing, this girl hopes eventually to make living writing furry science fiction novels, possibly of the erotic variety. She is currently working on her 'masterpiece' work, an introduction to a world of her creation, which does include the master/slave dynamic *grin*. She is, for that matter, a furry lifestyler. Some of those reading this might know what that means, others will probably not. If asked, she will strive to explain to the best of her ability. For those who do know, she is a dual phenotype, Wolf/Panther. devin's one 'BDSM vice' (as she tends to put it! *grin*) is age play. This girl has enjoyed age play since her first BDSM experiences at the age of sixteen and she continues to do so. She is what she terms a 'lilfur.' This is to say that she isn't necessarily into diapers (although would do so for the right person *smile* She is, after all, a slave -- no limits). This girl should also note that her chosen spiritual path is paganism. You might have a problem with this, or you might not. She hopes that this fact won't scare away some wonderful people, but she does feel that this is noteworthy as many are offended by her religion. So... as stated devin is currently seeking friends in the lifestyle, and maybe more. If a friendship develops, that would be the right time to start discussing, perhaps what she seeks in a master, although she herself knows that she might have found exactly what she seeks already. Thank you to all :) A girl wishes you well, Masters, Mistresses, companions in bondage.
Well, surprise surprise, it looks like devin's search is over! Whoo Hoo! Love you Master!
Well, devin has gotten some responses, but they certainly did taper off after a very short period of time. It might be all the changes to her profile, but of course there are those who absolutely will not deal with some of her 'differences' in make up, such as her religion or her *other* alternative lifestyle. Of course devin can understand that, but she feels at a bit of a loss, as she appears to have lost contact with some interesting men. Oh, well... this girl is sure that those with whom she had already been communicating feel a bit safer now *chuckle*. May very well need another change in profile, actually. If anybody feels that there is something which this girl should add or remove... please let her know. She knows she tends to write too much ;)