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this one is new to so please be patient.

this one is 33 years young, still playing outthe hand she had been dealt with at a young age ~hense she is married to the same person for 14 years and has 3 wonderful children (oh, let me rephrase that, 2 teenage boys can't be wonderful these days) Anyways, under these circumstances, i can not relocate, or give a full 24/7 relationship.

this one knew from an early age she was different than most girls, always eager to please Whomever she was able, but 14 years ago it just wasn't as obtainable as it is now.

basically, i know someday i will be found by my One, and will be able serve Him/Her. but for now, i can only make Ffriends and continue to learn.

oh, another thing incase Nno one has noticed a gurl can change the subject at the flip of a coin ('specially when she's a bit nervous and doesn't no quite what to say)

she wishes Aall a blessed day ~~