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Hello to all Dominant Women!

while You are reading this message, please imagine me kneeling at Your feet.

i am a handsome and strong submissive male that firmly believe in Women Superiority. i think that as a male my place is to serve, obey and support Women to gain awareness of Their new role in today's world offering my devote services...

i am a sinlge 28 years old living in NYC but relocateable and ready to be used as You best see fit. i am open to new experience and ready to worship and obey You.

i am looking for a LTR within the Femsupremacy lifestyle. Although my experienced are limited (some role play with my ex-girlfriends), i am very convinced of my status/role and determined to pursue the lifestyle. i am a natural Woman worshipper and i long to obey and be totally owned by a Real Woman.

Thank You