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Looking for an attractive, naturally dominant man who is local (I am no longer looking to relocate).
Me: 27, single, petite, slender, no kids, non smoker, social drinker, drug free. Dark hair and eyes, exotic looking, and am definitely a head turner. My personality is charismatic, confident, and a people person, super sweet, thoughtful, decent communicator, energetic, optimistic, and straightforward. I'm a girly-girl and I love stiletto's, tighter clothing, and keeping myself looking naturally attractive.
Outside of my relationship I am an assertive, confident, and capable woman. With my partner I am naturally submissive: very pleasing, giving, kind, and devoted. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and serving my man - whether it's giving him a massage or doting on him. Above average sex drive (insatiable) and LOVE intercourse (not interested in men who are selfish lovers or obsessed with oral). I tend to be innocent and playful (little girl) when I find a man I can truly be myself with. Seeking a 1950's style relationship; except I work fulltime and prefer it that way.
Interests: I love to cook, clean, shop, like wine tasting, nice dinners out, bar hopping/martini bars, weekend trips, live shows, theater, hiking and being outdoors on the lake or at the beach; catching the game in sweats on a Sunday. Love lingerie and dressing up!
You: Single, selective, confident, charismatic, protective, and Assertive. Basically me except a man's-man and you enjoy taking the lead and getting your way. Self confident enough to expect to be answered to, but appreciative enough to care for me in return. Financially secure, Tall athletic to averagely fit (no beer guts), and honestly I prefer white/Asian men. I do like silver foxes and prefer 35~60ish, just be energetic enough to keep up with me! Please be passionate with an above average sex drive, a love of intimacy and affection, and while we're at it let's be spontaneous/creative, too! Easy enough, right? "Notice me Senpai!!" =^_^=
I'm not perfect, but to the right man I offer him everything he could desire and I won't settle for any less for myself. No smokers, heavy drinkers, D/D free, SINGLE, and no overweight guys. I repeat: I'm looking for a FIT man (I have ZERO attraction to overweight).

2/6/2017 11:42:48 AM
I'm getting asked this quite a bit so I'll update my journal.

I'm living in SC now, moved 4 months ago and I'm still settling in here. I live reasonable distance (50min drive) from Greenville or Columbia. I am single and still seeking... why would I be on here if I wasn't so please stop asking if I'm still available LMAO! Also want to remind that I am not attracted to overweight men so please don't take offense I expect my daddy to be in similar shape to myself. Happy Fishing!

6/7/2015 11:49:35 PM
Hi there,

Back again! Only seeking local/biweekly visitors. No serious expectations at first. Willing to relocate with time, but if you don't already visit the Orlando area at least twice a month, don't bother writing me please! Thank you! Read the profile to see what I'm looking for and what I offer. Am pretty much an open book so write me with any questions and I'll gladly share photo(s) for yours.

I am currently single and currently seeking. No kids, no drugs, non-smoker. I work but will always make time for my Daddy, if I can find him >_< Not looking for emails or endless texting, CS seems to be filled with dreamers, let's meet please and see if we actually want to pursue something. Not looking for overweight, married, or men with young kids. My interests sexually are diverse and recreationally I take avid interest in my partners passions. No one likes to read anymore, so feel free to write me and invite me to dinner! :-]

Thanks guys and sorry that I have no patience for CS anymore, but sounding too nice is giving the wrong impression. Look forward to meeting an amazing man - maybe he's cautiously putting a meager amount of faith into this site like me and he see's something here he likes.

Tai Tai

2/24/2015 11:42:26 PM
Will be taking a little step back from this site, although I am still searching I'll be placing the bulk of my efforts somewhere else. Feel free to message me if you feel you're a match... I'll randomly be checking here =^_^=

Thanks for the interest!

2/10/2015 4:05:31 PM
I had a great three days with an awesome man who took a chance on me and on us. Sadly the chemistry was not there, but I appreciate him coming to meet me and doing something he has never done before. He was so freaking nice and genuine, I hope we keep in touch!

That being said, I am still searching for my Daddy! Please don't forget if you're not local to address the distance in your first email. Oh, it would be awesome if you included a clear and recent photo(s) physical attraction is very important to me. It's always the first thing I ask for anyways, so might as well include it from the start.

Thank you!! =^.^=

2/5/2015 3:52:52 PM
For those Daddy's with 1950's princesses check out ModCloth ~ Such gorgeous little dresses and she will be super happy and beautiful in them =^.^= 

2/1/2015 10:49:45 AM
So excited! I met an awesome potential Daddy last week and he has officially booked a ticket to come and see me!! I'm such a lucky little girl to have caught his attention =^.^= Can't wait for next weekend!! We're going to have fun, J, no matter the outcome =)

1/30/2015 7:00:51 PM
Hey Interested Parties!! =^.^=

So I thought it imperative to mention, I have two dogs who are apart of this awesome little girl bundle. I know some weird people hate them and some just don't like them in their house; I can understand the latter, the former you just should not talk to me ever lol! =^.^= 

If dogs are a no-go then thank you for the interest, but you're not compatible with me =^.^=

Hope this helps for those who skim over my journal!

1/13/2015 6:36:34 AM
Hey interested parties!! =^.^=

Here are answers to the top 10 commonly asked questions (in no particular order):

1.) Hi, I'm doing wonderfully! thank you for asking!

2.) No, I won't model your sex toys.

3.) No, I am not bisexual. I am not interested in poly. I am not interested in swingers.

4.) Yes, I am willing to relocate - with time. Long distance is a big financial and time sink. Please tell me in your first email how you will address the distance obstacle.

5.) No, I won't bear your children or mother the ones you already have.

6.) Yes, if you're younger than 35 I likely won't find you attractive... honestly mainly because you'll probably look too young and that's not what catches my eye ;-)

7.) Yes, I am seriously searching for a partner, lover, and Daddy - I am looking for a man who encompasses all three. I get so much mail and I don't respond to 85% of it - I always follow my gut when reading a message; if it strikes a chord, I will write in kind. I know my profile says "open" to LTR but let's be real, most of you are long-distance. If I am dropping my life here for you I assume you are searching for a serious relationship. Let's also realize most the mail I get are from northerners and I love the beach - now if my giving up sunbathing and jet-skiing for you isn't love I don't know what is! =)

8.) No, I don't need letters of reference; if you expect to be paid you should know I offer below minimum wage and no employee benefits.

9.) No, I am not looking for a Granddaddy. Thank you for the interest, though!

10.) No, I won't be a present for your significant other (REALLY!? where on my profile does it even HINT that I would be interested in this!!?? I can not tell you how many people ask this; I repeat I am not interested in swingers).

Also Thank you!! for the compliments! I appreciate them! I am not overly confident or sure of myself, so I appreciate the little notes saying how cute I am =^.^= specially from random women who find my profile =^.^=

Really hope this helps those who take the time to skim over it!

Vertical Line

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