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I'm a little girl in search of the perfect daddy. I'm a saucy, sassy, spoiled lil brat in need of some overdue discipline. I have had a fantasy about living as a constant Daddy's little girl. I need to be able to call you daddy in front of others even when you are using my little girl body for your kinky pleasures. I prefer my Daddy to be taller than myself and without trying to offend anyone, I prefer my Daddy height weight proportionate or with meat on Him, this lil girl does not like her Daddy to be thin. He would be into giving of pain to correct my naughty habits and bratty attitude. And ready to open his lil girls eyes to new and exciting things.
I want to dress and act like a sweet, innocent little girl (10 - 14 y/o) all the time. I'm very high maintenance and need a daddy to maintain me as the princess I am, and sometimes like a nasty pre-teen/teenage sex kitten. I want to learn everything there is about this lifestyle, except for truly dangerous play. Everything else is at the very least open for discussion. I am clean and D&D free -- please be the same. I truly love older (more mature) men, so if you are not old enough to be my biological father please don't bother, you will be deleted. This girly seeks love, acceptance, guidance, and a Daddy who can teach her all the things lil girls need to know to be healthy and happy. The lil girl prefers a Daddy with some experience within the lifestyle, with a great imagination, and a longing to protect and cherish. The lil girl is searching for a Daddy who does not have multiple lil girls, this one is enough to handle. This lil girl does not submit to just anyone. It is very important for the lil girl and Daddy to get to know one another to form this bond for sane, safe, consensual relationship.
I am seeking a true 24/7, Daddy/girl relationship. Not a Master/slave, if you are not a Daddy dom please don't bother you will be deleted. If interested, check out my pictures at

Daddy...please come find your lil girl, she is so lost without You...