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As you can see, I joined this place quite awhile ago. Throughout the years, Ive met some good people amongst the hoards of fakes and fantasizers, as well as learned a lot about myself. Ive also found myself on more than one occasion, settling for vanilla girls and vanilla relationships. Like most of us here, such relationships leave a major void within us. I recently met a special little girl and took a chance that I thought might take both of us off the market for good, but things dont always work out like we anticipate, chalk it up as a learning experience.

That being said, I am very real and very much desire a Ds LTR. I do have some experience in the Ds realm, and I know very much the type of girl and relationship I want. You could say it borders somewhere between Masterpet and Daddylittle girl (really hoping to find a DDlg dynamic). I tend to be more drawn toward a cute personality, a tad on the timid side, and definitely obedient, a good girl if you will. Of course, physical attraction is important, as it is with any relationship. I dont havea type per say, but I do tend to like shorter girls.

I am not interested in associating with the community. What I want is a very special dynamic between myself and my girl, 247 in nature, but vanilla appearing to the outside world, and of course lots of vanilla time activities are always involved, the Ds aspect forever present. I wouldnt make her give up her friends, family, job, etc., though Im definitely her priority. I do not plan on having kids, so if you already have them or cant live without eventually having them, move on. Im single and you should be too.

I have my own business, which does command a lot of my time, but also brings with it a certain flexibility when it comes to time off and travel, not to mention financial stability.

Im not at all sadistic, so a pain slut or masochist would not be a good fit. I definitely dont believe in abusing my most precious possession! Im not a mean person by nature, but I can be quite controlling, strict, and disciplinary. Im quite set in my ways, and I need a girl who will go along with that, follow my rules, and generally do as I say. I enjoy telling her how to dress, do her hair, nails, makeup, etc. I have plenty of other interests, kinks, and fetishes, which will be discussed as we get to know each other (as will yours).

I dont have any photos up for privacy reasons, but Im happy to share as soon as we begin communicating. Please feel free to send me a message )
I was just updating my age to 40, only a week or so after my birthday, and it occurred to me "I wonder how many people remember (or intentionally) forget to do that here."  Most people are probably their posted age plus the number of years since they've joined......... deep thoughts