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Delightfully Kinky. Rampantly Bisexual. Geeky As Fuck. Charmingly Inappropriate.

I am a sadist, but I no longer choose to identify as a Dominant I have no need to swing my dick around, preening like some Domly peacock just to prove myself thats just exhausting. I dont believe Im everyones Dom. Dominance is an intimate thing to me, shared between two people. I guess you could call me a Switch? I lean heavily toward D-type, but Im cool with handing the reins over to a partner, too. Im an incorrigible flirt. Ive always said Ill try anything once, and honestly Ive not found very many things that I havent liked.

I am who I am, unrepentantly.

Theres a lot of things I am, and a lot of things I am not. I am a cross between the freak your parents warned you about, and the nice guy theyve always wanted you to find. I am smart, funny, sarcastic, loving, and fiercely loyal. Im kind of a nerd. Okay, Im a big nerd, but I control and hide it pretty well. Im kind of a freak, in many ways. I have a self-destructive streak a mile wide. Im a recovering ex-goth. I have been known to be a dick, but I am often apologetic later.

I like movies, music, and theres more coffee in my veins than there is blood. Im a pretty avid Redditor. I love to cook, so much so that I even attended culinary school. I love cooking for friends and lovers. People that eat my food often wind up making noises they would usually only make in the bedroom. Its a passion, what can I say?

Im just a big geek I like comics, horror, fantasy, sci-fi and all things nerdy. I am a huge gamer, both board games and video games. I grew up with video games and they grew up with me, and theyre one of my biggest non-kink passions. I love Marvel, Star Wars, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Repo! The Genetic Opera, things like that.

So if youre geeky, nerdy, artsy, creative, counterculture, gothy, punk, etc....we might just get along.

11/20/2013 9:56:12 AM

Oh look another post bitching about CollarMe!  Not my fault this place is a cesspool of scum and villainy.


This is regarding my recent changes to the profile RE: sub men.   See, I have no issue with sub men in principle.  I respect their choice and/or nature to be submissive.  I can even see the appeal; I've switched, it's fun.   However, I've recently received quite a bit of email from jaded submissive men who were upset that while my "seeking" still listed submissive men, the top of my profile said in all caps that I no longer wanted sub men and their creepy emails.


First off, you guys are right.  I took off "sub men" from my "seeking".  It was a simple mistake, didn't even occur to me.


Second off...the emails I received were creepy, I'm not calling all submissive men creepy.  Most of them clearly didn't even take a second to read my profile, they just saw "Dominant Male", and fired off a message.  I got emails from men around the freakin' world begging to be my "cum pig", my toilet, asking me to piss and shit on them, etc.   Sorry, not my thing, at all.  Humiliation is one of those fetishes that falls under the category of "I respect your right to be into that, but it goes against every fiber of my being".  Yes, sorry guys, I find it creepy.  The fetish itself, that is; not judging YOU for being into it, everyone has their kinks.  Just my opinion.  Lord knows if I were ever to switch for someone, and they tried even the slightest bit of humiliation?   The scene would be done, and quite possibly our relationship/friendship over.


And the toilet thing?  No.  Just.  No. 


Besides, with guys?   I'm a power bottom.  I don't want to fuck you.  I want you to shut your mouth and fuck me until I say you're done.

11/18/2013 1:18:32 AM

Great.  Now this is the SECOND time I've been approached by an escort on here, offering their services for "p2p".  This place just keeps getting classier.  To all future escorts:  NO I DO NOT WANT YOUR SERVICES, PISS OFF.  I will never pay for sex.  If I ever have to resort to that?  I'll take the money I would spend on sex, go buy a gun, and kill myself.

10/2/2012 4:24:31 PM

Ugh.   What the hell is wrong with people on here?   Can't you just say HELLO first?   Can't you start with a normal damn introduction?   Is that so hard?   Why does everyone have to start right off the bat with something super submissive, or something pervy?   I am pretty explicit in my profile that I'm NOT into that.  


My profile states "I do not just assume because I am Dominant that I am YOUR Dominant, or every submissive's Dominant."   That should also go the other way.   Just because you're a submissive and you see that I'm a Dom, that does not give you permission to submit to me.  You have not earned that right.  If I want your submission, I will tell you.   Approach me like a normal goddamn human being, not some groveling whelp at my feet.   If I am going to take on a submissive, I want someone with a spine, not some jellyfish just flopping around on the ground begging to be Dominated.  

6/11/2012 5:23:05 AM

Things fell apart for a bit, but they're falling back into place.   Got an interview and a couple job options lined up, got a place lined up...I should be back in Orlando full time by July.  Only a month later than originally intended, not TOO bad!

5/5/2012 4:24:19 AM

Goddammit all the "financial dommes" on here disgust me.   99% of them know fuckall about the BDSM lifestyle, they're just gold digging whores that just want guys to pay for their shit so they don't have to work.   They are a blight on the kink community online and worldwide.   No wonder people call CollarMe a cesspool.

4/2/2012 10:38:40 PM

It's pretty much official.   West Palm Beach sucks, and I am moving "home" to Orlando in June!  Thank God....seriously, fuck this city.   I hate it here.   I hated it last time I lived here, and I hate it now.  Orlando is where I belong, it's where my kinky friends are, it's where I fit in.  And I cannot wait to be back!

3/11/2012 9:29:45 PM
Apparently people were having trouble viewing my profile. Support has fixed this, and now I should be viewable!
9/9/2011 1:26:25 AM

Things are looking up!  I found a job.  And what better job for a Dom than one where I get to carry a badge, handcuffs, and a gun?   No, I'm not a cop.  I have found a position as an armed security officer.  It's a night shift job, but pays decent, and will hopefully help me get my life back on track.


And none too soon either.  It's been MONTHS since I've had a good scene with someone.  I miss my old dungeon, the Woodshed Orlando.  Being able to walk in with my toybag and have my pick of subbies, bottoms and masochists, to beat and torment however I so chose.  Now it's like there's this gaping hole in my life where BDSM used to be.  All I want is an evening, a St Andrews Cross, and a beautiful masochist that can take my floggers and paddles and evil toys all night long. 


That's not too much to ask now, is it?

8/15/2011 6:41:30 PM

Sadly, my life fell apart a couple of months ago.  I took a risk on a job, leaving a modest position that was not the best paying job, but stable and guaranteed full time, in order to take a job that was flashier, with name recognition and star power (working as a chef in what is currently the single most popular theme park attraction in the world) that I thought would look AMAZING on a resume.   However, that job wound up screwing me over, and gave me zero hours.   I lost everything, couldn't pay my bills, and my life went to shit.


So I have had to move from Orlando back to West Palm Beach, temporarily living with family until I can get back on my feet.  I'm working my ass off to do so, and going back to school.  But in the meantime, I am in no place to have any kind of D/s relationship.   If I cannot manage my own life right now, it's not fair to involve someone elses.  So until I get my life back in order, I am semi-inactive.  I'm here only to make kinky friends, not to get laid or start a relationship.  It's just nice having like-minded people to hang out with and converse with. 


I will keep this profile updated with how things progress.

7/8/2011 2:29:41 AM

While I know this breaks a lot of hearts, I am not into ropework.  Yes it's pretty, but it's also tedious.    To those who are into it, more power to you!   But personally I just don't see the fun in starting out a scene with "Okay hold your arms here.  Okay.   Hang on.  All right this rope goes here...then over...under...STAY STILL!  Then loop back around....fuck hang on that's not right..." (undo everything, start over....)


I'd much rather just slap a pair of cuffs on you with a chain lead, grab a fistful of hair close to the scalp, and control you like that.  Quicker, easier, and rougher.

3/31/2011 8:19:30 PM

The amount of financial wanna-be dommes on here fucking disgusts me.  Most of them know nothing about the BDSM lifestyle, the rest are a goddamn disgrace to it. 

 Age: 27