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Last Updated June 7 2023

I have come to realize that I may be in the wrong place. I’m not in the lifestyle but rather I’m a curious bystander. My intent and hope in joining this site was to use it more for dating purposes but I’ve found most profiles are less about this aspect. I’m not judging, I’m just someone that more often needs a foundation of trust and mental and emotional intimacy before a physical one. Still plan on sticking around in the rare chance I can find what I’m looking for. I’ve also made friends here that I’d like to keep in touch with. With that said, I am NOT looking for anything online. I don't mind friendly vanilla chat with anyone from anywhere but anything more will require local to me. I have my distance preference set at 50 miles and while that is not 50 miles exact I think it's the most reasonable. I'm not interested in submissive men, I have no interest in topping you so don't even try. I identify more as a lesbian to begin with so my attraction to men is rare to begin with. While I don't have anything inheriently wrong with couples or people that are attached, I'm currently not interested in that dynamic right now either.
I also want to point out one more thing: I'm the type of trans in the LGBTQ+ sense, not the type of trans that's fetishized. What I mean by that is I'm not interested in certain terms that are used among those in the kink community. I don't mean to disparage those who enjoy it and I think the trans umbrella is big enough to fit all types, my gender is female and she/her pronouns.
 Age: 46
 Ontario, Canada