Vertical Line




I am intelligent, honest and open minded and expect the same of you. I have been involved in the "scene" for over 14 years, but privately "played" longer than that.

I am only interested in meeting honorable, bright, Honest submissives that do not take themselves *too* seriously, but understand etiquette and protocol. I am NOT seeking a LTR or "boyfriend". Please understand the distinction before contacting me.

My interests are greatly varied and depend upon my mood, but I have a special love for formal training, knives/cutting, canes, blood, impact play (ie: punching), etiquette, breath control, and whips of all sorts. I am able to play on all levels, but I prefer someone that is a heavy bottom and/or a masochist.
Last night I had a dream... in it was a boy in his 20's with very dark wavy hair...he was thin but athletic....a switch that wanted to submit to me. it was difficult for him to form the words. he couldnt make eye contact and I had to order him to look at me.

Funny how dreams mirror our desires at times, hmm? ;)

Im really just about to give up on cm. Is there anyone here that really *is* who they claim to be, other than a very rare few? Is anyone able to string together a coherent letter consisting of more than a few words or a question of what I would do to them?  Id love to be proven wrong.. but this is my experience here thus far.

My... quite a warm welcome I've received here. Greetings to all, I've enjoyed (most) of the emails Ive read.
Someone asked if I am not interested in a female submissive.
Yes, I play with women and as such am always interested in meeting them - however, as with male submissives, Im not seeking a LTR,  I have one..well, 2 actually. One of each gender. I also have a female slave so I am primaraly interested in finding a male plaything. :)