Vertical Line


Irish HAND CUFF OWNING Dom here. For those who are looking to be ony humiliated and abused, look elsewhere, I know you will find a match, it just wont be me...Blindfolds, Gags and rope bondage often, tight and ....did I mention often?

Im looking for the good looking, well manered, interesting woman who wants to be bound by her man in private, proud of her man in public and can still go out and have fun on the weekend nights.

Must be a minx when it comes to role playing games and is self suffaciant in self bondage..... If you are lookng to be whipped, then you should probably look elsewere, the ocasional spanking and a lot of ropes and scarves is what I offer.

Have no doubts, I am king of this castle, but as my maden, you will have many rights over others!

I have my own home, two cars , a job that pays the bills and then some more. But I still want a woman that can hold her own....

If you think you can match this ... send me an E-mail and we'll chat....