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UPDATE Finally owned and serving 247 again. Thank You Master, for taking me in, i will do all i can to serve You well, Sir.

Thank You Madame W. for all Your leadership and support throughout the years and for facilitating my final placement. Without Your help, training and guidance, this would not have happened. i am forever grateful and i miss You already, Maam.

To all my collarme friends, thank You for the times we have shared on this site. Feel free to contact me anytime, as i have my Masters permission to communicate on here.

Following is my old profile text. It is only posted here to give all of Y(y)ou an idea of what i am and what kind of position i had been searching for. Since almost 4 yrs i am owned again and i am not looking for a new Owner.

i would like to state clearly that i am not looking for a dominant lover or husband. Please contact me only if You are looking to own a slave (as in owned property). If You are looking for a submissive lover or romance please do not contact me, im not the one for You. Instead im

seeking a Master, Mistress or Couple to serve for 247 rt ownership. Real time ownership includes eliminating all freedom of choice from the slaves daily routine as well as real confinement of the slave. i understand that this is not every bodys cup of tea, however this is the only situation i am looking for. An Owner Who would be willing to femme me further as in castration, hormones.... would be a plus. i have experience in the following maid duties including cleaning, washing, ironing, dishes...Have received significant training as a bondage, discipline and humiliation . Not looking for online servitude or occasional play. Please contact me only if You are looking to own a 247 live in slave and if You are at least 35 yrs old.