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i am in a relationship with the wonderful Sardoboss xxx She is my partner and my Domme, and would only meet if She instructs me to.
Until recently I only ever self locked in chastity, however after self locking on the 1/4/2023 a few days later Sardoboss took my keys and I have been told i will always be kept locked from now on and yes Sardoboss is my cuckoldress, she plays with whoever She wishes, both as a Domme and sexually x
always willing to chat.
things i like
long nails
heels (i do have a big shoe fetish)
foot worship
but i will try almost anything

Been in chastity now for over 7 weeks longest ever lol


i think i need some new pics doing lol

are there no Dom/mes in the south west, it seems to be a wasteland lol

been messaged by someone telling me he was going to convince my better half to keep me in chastity haha, i doubt anyone could convince her of the benefits but he could barely convince me of his ability to converse in an intelligent manor lol
Chat doesn't work so don't bother even if it did I'd only chat to people who have messaged me
i keep being asked if im in chastity, no im not i sadly dont have a device that doesnt give me a bulge which as a transsexual isnt a good look lol
2 of my main pet hates are when trans girls put "female" as there gender, yes i'm transsexual so yes i feel i am a woman but im pre op so still have male equipment, if your not post op dont put female ffs, we are on a site where we actually have trans as a gender option so why lie.
that leads me to my second main pet hate. the term "trap" as if us transgender girls are trying to deceive people and trap them into doing things with a gender they dont want to
why does it always seem to be from 1000s of miles away lol no one in the uk ever wants to chat 
Evilest thing a domme has ever done, made me eat seaweed lol was like green wire wool painted green
2 rules for messaging me first have more than a couple of words on your profile and second 3 words isn't a message
A transgender slave CONTRACT Article One (1) Scope and Purpose: a) It is the purpose of this document to establish a lawful adhesion contract, between slave and Master, it applies to the person, __________________________, (hereafter referred to as the signee, slave, she or her) whose National insurance number is ____________________________. It is the specific intent of this agreement to voluntarily create a binding contract that is completely and heavily restrictive upon the slave and; which will institute upon the slave a permanent, irrevocable status of ?transgender slave?, which is mutually and collectively defined in Article Three (3) Definitions of this agreement. b) It is also the purpose of this document to establish a completely non-restrictive title and ownership of the slave. Hereafter the slave will be the personal property of a Master also herein defined in Article Three (3) Definitions of this agreement. c) It is also the purpose of this contract to establish the proprietor of the slave. Only one (1) original copy of this contract will exist. Whoever is in possession of this original contract, will be the undisputed owner of the slave by right of possessing this original contract and thus be in the rightful position to exercise and enjoy the terms herein established. Article Two (2) Principle Established Terms: a) It is hereby established that the slave has voluntarily, and with her own free will and without coercion of any kind or deion , entered into this agreement. All authorities should now recognize that the slave has surrendered herself to her rightful possessor, the Master in possession of this contract. With the act of signing and entering into this agreement the slave has abandoned, and surrendered to her Master, any and all exercise of her personal rights, freedoms, choices, decisions and thus here and now, is indoctrinated into permanent servitude as a transgender slave. In signing this agreement, the slave declares and accepts her status which is specifically; ?a bond transgender servant divested of all freedom and personal rights, who is owned by and wholly subject to the orders, directives, rules, and will of a Master who hold this Contract.? b) It is hereby established that there will be no time limit, nor period, nor date in time, which can be reached, which will release the slave from her instituted bondage. Once this contract is in force, there will be no cancellation requirements. This contract can only be canceled under one circumstance Article three (g). Once the slave?s signature is affixed to this contract, this contract will remain in force for the duration of Masters choice and may be amended by the Master at any time without notification. The slave will, for the duration of this contract, have no true equity of bargaining power; nor be capable to obtain or enjoy accommodations derived from mediation, bargaining, or negotiation; nor be in a position or status to exercise any privileges, other than those granted by her Master. c) It is hereby established that the slave being the rightful and lawful property of the Master, hereby grants to her proprietors, full authority to employ or use any means necessary to secure, maintain, or detain the slave for the aim of exercising and enjoying fully the terms of this agreement. Additionally, the Master can freely use any forms of training, punishment, reward, torture, bondage, all for the aim of satisfying the whims, pleasures, desires or needs of the Master. d) It is hereby established that the slave, is the rightful property of the Master. The Master has the right to lend, lease, sell, trade, or give the slave away to any other person that they as the slaves owner may wish. e) It is hereby established that the slave will be maintained as a transgender slave. The slave agrees that transvestism is the permanently selected gender and proper dress of the slave and the slave may be required to commence hormones and permit castration or any other body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, brandings implants and any other cosmetic surgery the Master decides. It is, in the case and authority of this Contract; ?the slave, who is currently of a male gender, will and must live, dress, and be kept as a transgender slave.? The slave will be required to dress accordingly, and will be provided funds to purchase female clothing for this purpose. The slave will dress in accordance with the codes of Article Four (4) Hygiene and Dress Code of this agreement. Lastly, the slave is hereby designated to be Bisexual at the commands, desire and or whim of her Master, and will be required to perform sexual service to anyone, without regard or concern for the slave?s own true personal sexual orientation or preference. f) slave?s limits are safety from death, all other limits will be determined by the Master holding this contract g) One penalty clause, if the slave isn?t appropriately trained, basic needs looked after, maintained in slavery, slave can end the contract. Article Three (3) Definitions: Bondage: Any means or devices that are used to restrain the slave for the purpose of discipline, punishment, torture, humiliation, augmentation of confinement, sexual act, training or service. Chastity Device: A device that prevents or limits the slave?s access to the slave?s genitalia by confining or covering the slave?s genitalia, this should be secured by peircing and include spikes to ensure discomfort upon arousal. Confinement: A place, room, cell, container or other storage facility that is used for housing, keeping, or controlling the slave?s movements and limiting freedom for a duration that is arbitrarily determined by the Master. Bisexual: Defined that as a transgender slave, the slave can be required to perform sexual service to either gender and without regard or consideration to the slave?s personal sexual orientation. Master: A person who owns, by the authority and possession of this Contract, the herein designated transgender slave and rules over the slave having complete control, authority, and power over the slave. Slave: In the case of this Contract, a bond transgender servant divested of all freedom and personal rights, who is owned by and wholly subject to the orders, directives, rules, and will of a Master who hold this Contract. transgender: The selected gender and only appropriate attire of the slave. It is, in the case and authority of this Contract, a slave who is of a male gender prior to signing this contract, but must live, dress, and act as a female when with the Owner. This includes wearing all types and forms of female clothing, make-up, and use of female hygiene products. Uniform: A minimum standard of designated feminine attire required by the Master for the slave to wear at all times unless and until directed otherwise by her owner. Article Four (4) Hygiene and Dress Code a) Hygiene: The slave is assigned by virtue of Article One (1), Section a) and Article Two (2), Section e) of this agreement to maintain her hygiene according to this Article, Section, and Sub-Sections. 1) Shaving: The slave will be required to maintain her body from below her eyebrows to her feet in a completely hair free condition. Electrolysis maybe used at the direction of the owner to insure a permanent hair free condition. 2) Finger and Toe Nails: The slave will maintain her nails painted in such a manner as her owners may direct at all times. 3) Hygiene Products: The slave will be provided with a bar of feminine soap, deodorant, toothpaste and perfume selected by the Master. The slave will use these products only, for hygiene. 4) Toilet Privileges. The slave will always ask for permission to go to the toilet. The slave is never allowed to stand when urinating. The slave will never close the toilet door. b) Dress Code: The slave is assigned by virtue of Article One (1), Section a) and Article Two (2), Section e) of this contract, to dress according to this Article, Section, and Sub-Sections. 1) Minimum Garment Requirements: The slave may never again wear any male clothing. The slave will also wear whatever clothes the Master decides upon any occasion no matter how revealing. 2) During Service: The slave will as a minimum wear her uniform, collar, and chastity device with a leash. The slave will only wear other garments specifically directed, required, or allowed by her Master. The slave will be required to wear full make-up, wig, as required by the Master 3) During other times the slave will normally wear a standard uniform determined by the Master 4) Clothing: The Master will select all clothing that will be purchased by the slave to wear. Only female clothes, under garments and shoes will be allowed for the slave to purchase and wear. 5) The slave will only wear female swimsuits and workout outfits for the appropriate activities. The slave will wear nightgowns or her uniform or other attire as directed by her owners when the slave is directed to sleep. Article Five (5) Sexual Service: a) Genders: The slave by virtue of Article Two (2), Section e) of this contract, is assigned to bisexual gender orientation. The slave will provide oral sexual stimulation for the purpose of providing pleasure to anyone at the direction or command of her Master. The slave will perform oral hygiene service upon her Master?s penis and testicles before and after intercourse and after oral stimulation . The slave will perform oral services as prescribed above upon any person the slave has been directed to provide such oral service. b) Slave?s Sexuality: The slave by virtue of Article One (1) Section a), Article Two (2), Sections a), c) and e) and Article Three (3) of this contract, is assigned to live as a transgender. Therefore, it is the primary intention of the Master to maintain and use the slave in a manner that will never allow the slave to enjoy the pleasures of intercourse or use her penis to have intercourse with any gender or other slave. The slave will live under the rule of ?Sexual Deprivation.? As defined below by the four conditions that are the only means and definitions of the slave?s sexual satisfaction. 1) Orgasms: The slave may never experience sexual reward, by orgasm, permanant chastity must be enforced, only through prostate milking, via insertions or an aneros massager, for health reasons only. The slave must consume the ejaculate. At the Masters descretion the slave may be castrated 2) Performance of Sexual Stimulation for Males: The slave, for this purpose, will be sodomized by her Master or by those allowed or directed to do so by the Master, the slave will have no rights to decide if this is bareback penetration or if a condom will be used, the slave may then be required to clean Master?s (or anyone allowed?s) penis of any of slaves faecal matter. The slave will perform oral sexual stimulation upon her Master or other males allowed or directed to do so by the Master for the purpose of bringing them to a sexual climax, tasting and then swallowing their semen. the slave will have no sexual contact whatsoever with any person not directed by the Master. Article Six (6) Living Quarters: a) The slave will have a confinement room convenient to the Master where she will be normally kept/caged and/or confined. The slave will be allowed to maintain only female oriented magazines in this room (Playgirl, Cosmopolitan, etc.). This room can be a shed, room or other out door structure used for the purpose of keeping and confining the slave. The slave will not be provided nor is entitled to privacy in this room. The room may or will have methods to observe the slave by the Master. The room may not have, nor is the slave entitled to, a bed, heating or any form of entertainment unless decided by the Master. Article Seven (7) Rules: a) A separate set of rules known as Part Two (2) of this contract will be established for the slave to follow, adhere to and live by and will be provided to the slave by his owner. These rules will be an extension of this agreement; and are not subject to any form of discussion or negotiation with the slave. They are to be dictated by the Master; and will or can be arbitrarily enforced by Master. The slave will be required to write these rules, maintain and make commanded changes and read and become familiar with all the rules including the changes upon command. Any discrepancies in writing or retelling of the rules by the slave or with what the Master has dictated will be dealt with harshly. b) The Master can use punishment, incarceration, torture, humiliation, or any other means available to assure adherence to and strict obedience of, these established rules. Punishment or other corrective measures may be arbitrarily applied by the whims and discretion of the Master without any opportunity or method of appeal by the slave to insure present and future compliance with these rules. c) Punishment or other corrective measures can be arbitrarily applied by the whims and discretion of the Master without any opportunity or method of appeal by the slave even if there are no apparent violations of established rules. Article Nine (9) Offer, Consideration, Acceptance: Offer: The slave offers this contact as evidence, conditions, grounds and terms of ownership which the slave is in agreement with to surrender herself through her own free will choice, in order to become the property of the Master. Acceptance of this offer will provide to the level of and degree of the terms herein, the slave as the sole property of Master. This ?offer? of the slave and the terms herein contained are the only inducements and promises made by the slave for consideration and acceptance of ownership of the slave. By signing this contract the slave agrees that this offer meets all necessary stipulations both current and unforeseen that the slave seeks, through free will and in exchange for becoming the property of Master. The slave acknowledges that she will never request any other inducements, nor request any other expressed recompense other than those established in this contract and the consideration that follows. Consideration: The Master promises to use the slave in the expressed desires, needs and terms established within this agreement, which is summarized as: Providing the slave a lifestyle of transvestite slavery. This will be accompanied with the promises of, but not limited to extremely harsh discipline, humiliation, bondage, torture, and sexual deprivation. The Master and/or Holder of this contact additionally extends to the slave the requirement to be feminized, dress and live as a transgender during the full term of her slavery and servitude. This Consideration and the terms herein are the only inducements and promises made to the slave by the Master. By accepting possession of this contract the Master agrees that the slave?s offer meets all necessary stipulations that the Master seek in exchange for allowing the slave to become the property of said Master. The Master and/or Holder of this contact will provide NO other equitable consideration other than those stipulations listed in this contract in exchange for the slave surrendering herself as the property of the Master. No monetary, nor tangible assets, nor real properties are offered to the slave as recompense for the slaves services to and for the owners benefit. Nothing other than the acceptance of the slave?s offer, the generous consideration of the Master, this agreement and terms herein established will be understood by both parties as an equitable exchange for the slave's permanent status of servitude. Acceptance: I, ________________, National insurance Number_____________, the slave, have fully read the Articles One (l) through Seven (7) above, understand and completely agree that the offers I have made, namely the signing of this contract, in exchange for the consideration generously provided by the Master and or Holder of this contract and the terms as specified and established herein are a fully equitable exchange. I waive with sober free will, any and all future considerations of my personal rights and freedoms and humbly hand them over to my Master. In exchange for my personal rights and freedoms I willingly and voluntarily submit myself into the condition of transgender slavery, and permanent servitude as outlined and established in this agreement. I agree to become a bond transgender servant divested of all freedom and personal rights , who is owned as a possession and/or properly of, and wholly subject to, the desires, orders, directives, rules, and will of the Master who hold this Contract. I agree to wear only female clothes and live as a female when with him. I promise to surrender myself to my Proprietor. I agree to adhere to the established gender orientations in this contract. I affirm that I will sexually serve any and only those as directed by my Master. I hereby fully release any and all Masters that may own me by right of possession of this contract no matter how temporary that possession may be from any legal liability for any injury, that I may be subject to, or act that they may chose to perform during the entire time this contract is in force. I hereby agree now and for the future, to forfeit any and all reprieves, releases, or relief from my obligations of this agreement to time indefinite ,except bar Article Two (2) section g). PROMISE: With the signature and upon the date below, I abandon all freedoms for the sole purpose of becoming the slave and the property of my Master or who ever may be the Holder of this agreement. With my signature on this contract, I become a transgender slave. _________________ Signee?s Signature of Agreement Date Signed by signee : I certify that I, the signee, have read, and signed and dated each page at the bottom right hand margin of each page. signature __________________________________ date____________________________________
Need my nails doing :-(
great another day trip to london in a few weeks lol
bored and cant sleep lol
ive just worked out how 19 year old fin dommes can be experienced as many claim, they started in nursery ripping off the other kids milk money lol
always looking to chat to those interested in chastity i would love to know what the longest you have locked someone for or would like to lol
ok does my profile say "fucktards apply here"
does no one read profiles and journals except me????
a little note for everyone who has become jaded and thinks this site is just full of fakes and findommes who are barely out of nappies (thats diapers to you americans lol)
i messaged an amazing person on here  (yes She is a Domme but now i have got to know Her to just call Her an amazing Domme would be an injustice as She is an amazing and inspirational person) we can and do talk for hours and She never fails to make me smile

so i guess what this is really saying is im not looking, sure if you know me feel free to message, hell even if you just want to pay a compliment thats fine but thats all as i wont be playing and i dont add friends unless we have chatted xxxxx
isnt it just amazing how the most wonderful things can just creep up on you and catch you by suprise :)