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Vertical Line

Delving into the psyche' of O/one's self can lead into a self discovery unlike any other. W/we often wonder where certain feelings come from and more than often that wonder goes uninvestigated. When the question is asked what makes you tick?...what do you say?...I had that same question posed to Me by a friend who shall forever remain nameless. I responded that I am a strong Black Woman with a deep rooted allergy to lies, deceit, and foolishness. I am kind, fair, and strict with a flare for fashion and a disdain for dramatics. I feel that I have a place in the world where others have not dared to dream. I believe in the age old montage of " My way or the highway". There is never a dull moment in My prescnce as I seek to live and die on the edges of stimulation. Those with the ability to hold My attention with be granted the honor of having My attention. I am young and while Im sure thats not a problem for some of the more perversive individuals, some much as I do veiw it as a gift and a curse. I am here to tell you NEVER let the age fool you as you will be making a fool of yourself.

When contacting ME make sure to use complete sentences and try to say something a litle more compelling than hello. I am not a fan of your fetishes as your pleasure has nothing to do with Me. My pleasure is First and Last priority, it shares an importance with breathing for you. I am not now nor have I have been a fan of cyber sex, I want nothing to do with you or it. Race, Age, Height, Weight, Sexual Orientation, relationship status, number of times a day you masterbate have nothing to do with how I choose who is worthy to serve Me and who is not. What is important is your submission, followed by how attentive to MY wants as My needs are already being met. The submission I seek is not a hard task to complete as long as youre willing to follow instruction and once again have a willingness to be molded in My pet. If you have been trained before that is also a gift and a curse because although you have been trained in one area or another you were not trained by ME. It is also a gift and a curse because those that have been trained have a general idea of what is required of them even if they dont have the slightest idea whats in store meaning the margin or error for such individuals is smaller in comparison to that of a true newbie. Any and everything that you receive from Me whether it be training, a few lashes from MY whip, or My favorite... a kick to the balls shall be veiwed, worshiped and adored, as the gift it is.

5/26/2011 12:25:52 PM

Im going to allow a few of you jerks to serve ME thuis weekend. Who is up for the challenge. inbox your request for consideration and include yahoo im information.

5/16/2011 7:53:12 AM

Not giving ME what I want is an instant way to get blocked and ignored. I take your word at face value and nothing less. If My word is to be taken as gospel then why should I have to decipher if your words are worth what you claim then to be? Understand this is real life for Me and just something I do to pass the time.

4/19/2011 12:11:00 PM
I HATE ignorance...if you don't agree with what I have to say or how I operate leave Me the fuck alone!...there is too many bullshitters so I have My way to decide who is real or do. Agree to follow what I want but don't get mad when I block you...I ask for honesty and integrity and insted I get fakes and then fakes making new profiles to be even more fake..its horrid...I don't want to be your can't tell the truth so why would - want anything to do with you..

3/2/2011 4:14:46 PM
its come to My attention that My profile text has been stolen by some so called domme halfway across the globe...I can only say that I appreciate the stern sense of admiration for me but did user name maamjenny really have to steal My profile text....I mean reallyM could you not come up with something of your own or is this a way for you to get some kind of attention from either way you major plagerist you have gotten it...I implore any reader of this post to take a moment to tell the bitch why its wrong to steal.

2/20/2011 5:09:01 AM
had a blast last night...started a production company with My best friend and Our first event went great...gotta get on the ball for the next event ...any artist musicians singers dancers spoken word artist comedians want to perform at our next event hit Me up and Ill give you the info..

12/12/2010 2:00:24 AM
what a night!!...headed never know where a new subby about an impropmtu ass kissing the club!!what!?..I love My life...

12/10/2010 8:38:37 PM
headed out with the many bitch boys will be in attendance tonight

12/4/2010 5:52:53 PM
im seeking real slaves not online play Me some of yall conversation isnt that great..there are alot of Dommes who want to play games IM JUST NOT ONE OF THEM

11/25/2010 5:03:00 PM

the adult baby things is kinda interesting

11/25/2010 2:55:30 PM

For those that actually care and have been looking for ME I have been off the map taking care of a few things that needed the proper attention..thanks for the care

11/4/2010 6:29:44 PM

out with the girls on a thursday night....last drink night special of the week...on a side note...I love My pieces of property who love to see Me have a good time..even better when its on your dollar and not Mine!!...I tease because I love My pets...

10/31/2010 10:22:14 AM

Having fun on cam today...seems the dark holidays bring out the submission in some of you bitches

10/23/2010 1:09:34 PM

I so need one maybe two of these..just thought you needed to know that


10/22/2010 2:55:36 PM

Ive grown tired of the all around bullshit that comes from the "lifestyle"...if lies and deceitful natured instances are what you desire then count ME out.. I got into the lifestyle to share ideals with like minded people and for the most part Ive only met bullshitters..

10/17/2010 11:44:38 AM

Funniest Question Ever : MzCreole why are You so mean to me?...answer..youre an insignificant piece of mass that is misled in your daily life because youre inner most thought consist of fantasies of being used like a tool

10/5/2010 7:35:49 PM
So it turns out one of My little fuk boys is really not for the lifestyle. "It" has come to the conclusion that it does not really want to be a slave. The dumbass tells Me that he is so sorry.Fuk dat!!!! I so hate My precious time being wasted by losers. So Mr. "Hot_shot007" is a fake! Just thought everyone would like to know.Sleep tight my pretties!

10/4/2010 9:32:23 PM
I thought this would be fun...I'm holding a contest for the piggies puppies and sissy bitches that are witness to this journal entry..I want a picture of you in your piggy puppy or sissy bitch attire or activities..if you are not comfortable with your face being shown then dont show should be inboxed..There will be a weekly drawing for each category on a Sunday..THANKS and let the fun begin...

10/4/2010 8:06:41 PM
Seems like a repeated journal I have dropped My phone in some water again..UGH :(...Im not able to tease you faggots on mobile messenger as I do while going about My day so youll have to wait until later at night to speak to Me. funny thing is that how most of you sissy bitches have to do it anyway after dinner with the family the real bitch in you comes out...hope this was enough for you to recognize who you are.

10/3/2010 4:26:11 PM
Wish I had a local slave to chaffeur me around and take me shopping..Tired of these fake ass people!

9/26/2010 9:27:41 AM
Theres never enough time in the day to accomplish anything..I need a local boy to come and do laundry..who wants to be of service..bring your wallets with you rolls of quaters for the machines arent free...CIAO!

9/23/2010 1:59:30 PM
Surprise Surprise I have run into another liar..take time to note the sarcasm for all that didnt catch it the first time. I on the other hand have found a few submissive who have a great deal of submission within and want to get under the rule of Greatness..

9/19/2010 12:18:48 PM
sending a friends request before even saying hello is a no no

9/19/2010 12:18:48 PM
sending a friends request before even saying hello is a no no

9/19/2010 12:18:15 PM
Nice to be appreciated...winter is coming and what fun can I have with the cold..local boys the national bitches are becoming more and more of My favorite

9/14/2010 10:42:00 PM
been way for awhile now back and better than ever..yes your Queen is a full time student and in need of good bitch boys to ease up some of My work..

9/7/2010 9:28:38 AM
I have not been on the site in quite awhile as I have become very busy with My life and what it is bringing into it. I wish all of you with tue intent the best and I will be back soon enough

8/14/2010 10:10:16 AM
Effective Immediately I am only accepting session requests via My site..this will also provide you will any questions you may have. I have gone Pro although I will still have openings for miscellaneous duties.

8/12/2010 4:04:46 PM
The beauty of Me is deeper than My almond amber eyes and curves oh so succulent..maybe its the way your face begins to take shape and then displace as I take My size 10's and step across your face...dealing with My style and grace makes you dictate to your inner thighs waste of space that I AM GODDESS

8/5/2010 11:03:32 AM
Y/you will never know who practices in truth if Y/you are not doing it yourself..Real will always recognize real..Its just a shame there are a smaller number of real people left..Playing games only gets the game played on you...

8/5/2010 6:32:30 AM
where are the cuck boys

8/5/2010 6:32:30 AM
where are the cuck boys

7/25/2010 6:41:06 PM
Im on My way to the subbies job to humiliate him for fun..had fun with the girls today!!

7/25/2010 7:16:20 AM
I want a sissy slave to dress up and parade around

7/24/2010 9:30:29 PM
Im not looking for romance or anything of that nature..its the control of you I want

7/23/2010 8:39:33 AM
it seems as if more and more of you queers and spit catchers are realizing your place in the world, which is a great thing because I can spend less time training you wastes of life and more time shopping

7/21/2010 7:20:37 AM
Hey a few boys lately and it has to be some of the funniest moment I've had in a long time. One of the boys is slowly attempting to release his inhibition to public humiliation. I am making it My business to snatch his balls whenever W/were out in public as well as making him worship My feet not only in front of other people but in very public places including the subway and local parks. I'm thinking of taking it a step further by bringing his collar and leash next the end its My way or No way!!

7/17/2010 7:43:32 AM
Yesterday a fresh mani and a trip to get My hair done and finally tonight a face or two to trample in My new heels..see yah later CM

7/14/2010 9:18:50 AM
Im thinking that about time its all said and done Im going to have to block half of collarme...for some reason people cant read nor understand a few things...if you fucked My time over in the past then how can you expect to get into My present...

7/14/2010 8:57:45 AM
The slave boy didnt know what was going to come to him as I grabbed his arms to place the cuffs on him...he always claimed to want to try more and I was prepared to do just that. I grabbed My paddle as a threat for his resistance and he readily complied. I completed the bondage portion of My fun and forcefully pushed him to the ground. no sooner than he hit the ground did My soles his his face...he moaned constantly as I pressed down on his face harder and harder until the juices of My honey pot started to seep out..the more I crushed his body the more I began to realize that this pig is actually enjoying this as much as I am but Im supposed to get all the pleasure..I then commanded the subby to lick clean MY shoes that I had been walking in and once again he moaned in that point I couldnt take him getting any of the pleasure and it hit Me or should I say I hit him lol...the sounds of pain coming from his mouth as My paddle made it across his bare skin....hearing the sound of the wood hitting his flesh made Me even wetter than before..its a shame though I wish I had a little white boy to do this too....see yah next time bitches..Mz Creole

7/3/2010 9:40:12 AM

6/27/2010 11:52:13 AM
The time has come for the revolution to begin...who will bear arms and join

6/19/2010 3:51:36 PM
contrary to popular belief...if you approach Me with claims of submission with the intention of being a slave I will hold you to your word...yes I actually believe when people tell Me they will do something...if you come with dreams of being used and abused for My pleasure I will do just that...dont give Me your bullshit when told to do what you have already claimed to do

6/17/2010 7:08:40 PM

6/14/2010 7:56:25 PM
I want to have a faggot at My feet each night I get home from work...there is one there now..who will be tomorrows subby bitch

6/14/2010 7:56:24 PM
I want to have a faggot at My feet each night I get home from work...there is one there now..who will be tomorrows subby bitch

6/14/2010 9:20:58 AM

6/14/2010 9:03:59 AM
if you identify as a all means maintain who you are I dont care about your desires to serve because hey I dont want a relatioonship in the first place

6/13/2010 6:50:31 PM
I got a New Pair of Heels From a good pet of Mine!!..I think Im going to model them on cam!!...who has yahoo messenger

6/13/2010 1:30:07 PM
tsk tsk tsk!!..I see I have to change up the way I do things around here for the sake of maintaining some sort of care for the lifestyle. I have met some wonderful people via the site and more fakes than I care to deal with. There is some hope for the site yet the many fakes make it harder for the true submissive to be able to meet the true Domme. If I so choose to invite you for a r/t session there will be a deposit required for My time...This is to insure that you will actually show up..The reason being if I am taking My time to schedule a session for you I can gurantee those who have left a deposit will actually show up..I do not care what you think about this new rule because you dont have to appraoch ME in the first place

6/9/2010 9:58:39 PM
New Pics Added!!

6/9/2010 6:44:20 PM
I still see some of you pathetic worms cant fucking read well...1800 abcdefg

6/6/2010 5:09:03 PM
I am not looking for a relationship in which you are My lover...I want a slave..someone to Control and order around... I want someone at MY beck and call... If you bring home the bacon..thats great..then it will be no excuse when I want a new pair of shoes to kick you in the nuts with I WILL NOT ANSWER MESSAGES FROM PICLESS PROFILES..IF youre SO DISCREET AND DONT WANT A PICTURE ON your PROFILE THEN SEND ONE IN THE MESSAGE...

6/6/2010 8:50:06 AM
need a laundry slave..Today

6/5/2010 3:24:58 PM
shopping on for a new strap...any suggestions?

5/29/2010 5:11:50 PM
Ive decided to collar another slave today. It was an interesting moment as this slave has been in My service for awhile and the excitement that covered his face was unbelievable..and then to top it off where did the faggot go to present Me with a darling present...yes!! he went to jared's!!...ttyl

5/19/2010 8:53:16 PM <>My New CLip of a foot worship slave!!

5/16/2010 2:50:05 AM
What A Night!!...The greatest play party Ever!!...Hubby and I had a BLAST!!

5/9/2010 4:57:08 PM
I am currently accepting submissives for must agree to All of the following for consideration: be open to serving a Couple be willing to come to Us for a session( We are in chicago and host sessions be over 30 years of age be true in your attempt to be a collared slave have yahoo messenger if you have no pic on your profile you must be both willing and able to produce several on request

4/25/2010 2:13:29 PM
is pissed....I dropped MY cellphone is in some water

4/25/2010 2:13:27 PM
is pissed....I dropped MY cellphone is in some water

4/7/2010 8:30:25 PM

the following will get you blocked and your message unread:

if you dont not have a face pic

if your main pic is of your penis

if you do not read Myprofile and ask ME
anything alerady in the profile

if you do not have anything intelligent to speak about

if you send ME a one liner ie (hi hello)

3/25/2010 6:39:38 PM
oh Im definately looking forward to this weekend!! The Hubby has gotten Us a subby for the weekend in a posh hotel!!I know this is definately going to be a good time...Now I know I have a few of you dirty piggies that troll My page on the dailly looking for wack off tell Me?...what would you want done to you if you were in the hands of a Young Black Dominant Couple?...would you crave to lick the shoes of each?...would you pray to receive a few lashes of the whip?...or maybe have your balls stepped on?..what about you subby women and nasty tranny sluts? would you want your slutty little clitty teased until you just couldnt take it anymore?..and then whipped for cumming without permission?...or bound up with a fresh rope while the scent engulfs your nasty little mind teasing you even more for whats to come!...send your ideas and thoughts..and there is not a cutoff time for this because there will be many more subbies and there is never enough ideas.....


3/21/2010 5:06:26 AM
My website is nearly ready for launch

3/14/2010 11:49:45 AM
do not contact Me claiming to be willing to do anything I want yet when you are given a command you all of a sudden you loose all the submission you claimed to have in the first place..bottomline I practice in truth and hope you do as well good day!

3/7/2010 9:26:18 AM
where r the foot slaves ...ME and Hubby wanna have fun today

3/4/2010 6:20:12 AM
Me and the hubby are taking some pics of My sexy heels tonight..Im sure some of you creepy shoe lickers cant wait to see them...ciao!!

2/25/2010 5:50:18 PM
I am seeking a cucky play thing for Myself and MY bf..apply within for details

2/25/2010 11:20:22 AM
"Humility is knowing your place in the W/world, while humiliation is when you are Put in your place."

10/26/2009 6:48:25 PM
Ahhh!!...the sabbattical is complete and I have decided to allow MY boyfriend the right to Dominate you little dicked bitches right along with if youre not into serving the both of Us at My discretion then W/we have nothing to speak about

10/10/2009 10:51:25 AM

I will be going on a short sabbattical for personal reasons. I still implore any willing submissive to write in an effort to actually serve ME. I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you for the words of admiration as well as the pleas for the privilege of serving ME. I have gotten an overwhelming response to My profile and ask that you show the propr patience that is required of a submisive. I will get back toy ou at My earliest conveinence...

Vertical Line

 Age: 32
 Berkshire, United Kingdom