Vertical Line



The physical aspect is interesting because it's fascinating to discover how much the mind will force the body to endure. That is where my interest falls. Not with the body but with the mind .. the psychological aspect. I'm not looking to hook-up.
I'm not going to hook-up.
I'm here to talk, that's all.
Ready? Go! {If you think you're interested in me, please, go read my journal. I am confident you will lose interest before you read the entire thing. If not, let me know. I can easily be more repellant.}

WOW, I've just had a reality check which was a little demoralizing. I pride myself on not being a wimpy chick. However, it would appear that .. if the spider is large enough and willing to chase me .. I did, do, will and can ... run, freak, shriek, squeal, climb, hide and generally spaz out with the best of them.  

{Yeah, you're laughing at me coz you didn't see the size of this beast. In what altered & clearly twisted, apocalyptic dimension from the 9th circle of hell .. was it ever evolutionally necessary for such a creature to exist?!}

From time to time you people offer up so many WTF moments, they need to be addressed. Unfortunately, most people are too polite to be honest. Being a bit of a shrew I do not have that problem, so here we go ..

Bitching about CM features or a lack thereof. Here's a thought, CM is 100% free .. it costs you nothing. Under any circumstances, you're getting your money's worth. STFU or GTFO.

If your entire persona is designed to sound demanding/hardcore/militant about begging strangers for money ... grow thicker skin. Get your paper, boo, just don't come here crying to us every time someone calls you a mooch/parasite etc  {Put on your big girl panties, and deal with it. }

Monochromatic journal's. .. green on green, blue on blue, pink on pink, red on orange etc  If it requires highlighting to read, you've instantly lost half of us. Why the fuck should we bust ass to read your drivel when we can skip it and read 5 more entries in the same amount of time. {Hintus Maximus ~> We wouldn't.}

I won't bother joining the masses in begging you to rethink your genitals as a profile pic. However, if your cock looks diseased, your cooch looks like roastbeef or you have bologna nipples.. COVER THE FUCK UP.

That's enough for now.

Is something wrong with my style of communication? 'They' seem to lose interest so quickly, and I cannot figure why.

Him ~ how are you this evening
Me ~ Delightful, thanks.
Him ~ wish you was here to give some discipline
Me ~ Of course you do. You're you and I'm fucking fabulous.

There really is nothing in this world like a sub stripped, spent, on his knees, glistening head to toe while thanking you for what he has endured, drawing those deep heavy breaths as his head rests on your hip.

Ever have a moment when.. even if you don't want or need a thing .. it's so visually inviting, you just have to take a peek?

I beat my inner child.

Firefighters are hot.
{No pun intended.}

Loyalty is a helluva quality. Unhesitating compliance motivated by the desire to please .. priceless.

Dharma is totally on the job, and so .. the natural order ensues.

Summer is delightful .. bare chests, glistening tanned flesh, every outdoor activity available. But, that crisp weather has arrived, and the pigskin is in the air. That's right, baby, it's football season!

Alrighty, here's a thing ... I enjoy clicking the "journals" tab to read what the masses have to say. There once were many entries inspiring me to laugh, smile, nod or think. These days, for the most part, it's a colossal waste of time. The sheer volume of bitching, whining, and crying is mind-numbing. {Stay tuned for a crash course in reality..}

Quite often, in the real world, you meet people who pretend to be more than they are. People lie. They lie about education, finances, employment, parenting, relationship status, living arrangement, etc  {Reality, is not only the place the pizza guy comes from, it's also where lying humans flip a button to log onto CM. Get it?} Is it truly that shocking, to some of you, to discover there are liars on the internet as well? So shocking, that you expend time and effort in typing up entries/threads about fakes/scammers? Get thicker skin, and a clue. If you can't wrap your mind around this, the line for future Darwin Award recipients is on the left. Get in it. Please.

And about those scammers... HolyHell .. do you honestly believe every 18-22 y/o femme on the planet suddenly turned hot for older men? Not likely. If 27 very young, chicks look at your profile, never contact you, and they all miraculously have the same location and personal stats ... YES..  someone is tweaking their scam-ware. It happens. Accept it. Move on. {OhEmGeez, peoplez scamz on the interwebz? Who knewzit!}  ..*points left & mouths*.. {Darwin}

If a plethora of females .. so unreasonably young .. claiming skills you know it takes years to develop  .. are advertising to discuss .. for a fee .. how eagerly willing they are .. to instruct you .. to do, to yourself .. whatever you tell them .. you want done .. YES, they want your money. Block them, ignore them, curse them, pay them, play with them.. do WTF you want.. but, please, for the love of Pete, stop bitching about their presence. The rest of us already know they exist, and we don't give half a damn about your righteous indignation. We also do not care about your call to arms or one wo/man effort to 'clean up' CM. The practice of scamming for profit is second only to prostitution in terms of longevity. Luckily, you can be smart without being a whining little bitch .. don't give away your money, dumb ass.

Now that we've got that covered .. get the sand out of your vaginas, and get back to writing the type of quality shit which entertains me. {Bitching about bitching. Ironic?}

In addition to: giving great massages, a propensity toward tidiness, and an ability to occasionally make a fantastic meal, and takes a beating like a champ .. I am adding .. "must be able to figure out what that roaring noise from the back of my vehicle and the tickticktick noise from the engine" .. to the "qualities a sub must have" wish list.

While browsing along, reading journal entries, I spotted this little nugget-o-gold ...   

Yeah, just a thought, if you're profile picture looks like you spent more on your nails and hair than you did your education, probably not going to work for me. ~ Unshriven

Props to you, my good man, that is fan-fucking-tastic.

Too .. what is with the fascinating fascination men seem to have with a chick in scrubs?? 

Have you paused for a moment to consider every filth-tastic, shag-nasty, don't want it near you much less on you, germ and/or contagion we're exposed to on any given day? It happens and believe me when I say we are exposed to stuff ajax won't take off. So, stop winking ... we may have cooties! 

{Our scrubs don't seem quite as sexy now, do they?}

I enjoy working with leather. {mmm, the scent. I do love the scent of leather. I do, I do, I do!} But, damnit .. why is braiding flogger handles so rough on my fingernails?

All Winter long I complain about the cold weather and can't wait until Spring. Now, Summer is here and it's too damn hot. I'm ready for cooler weather.

Wading through the pages of CMail I've found 2 questions I'd like to respond to.

1. Would you ever dominate a female? <~ I can and have: topped, bound, gagged, iced, waxed, penetrated, slapped, bit, spanked, pierced, cropped, punched, flogged, caned, scratched, humiliated, pinched, paddled, and suspended females with no problem what-so-ever, princess. Your gender is a non-issue within the scope of domination and submission.

2. Why do you keep declining my invitation to be friends? Because we are not friends. To worship/ adore/ ponder/revile me is your choice. To befriend you is mine. You'd have to impress me and prove you're bringing something to the table for me to consider that 2nd conversation.

With regard to answer #1 ...  jess, you're still my favorite little pain slut, and take a beating like a champ. You were definitely worth the trip to Tampa.

I had so much fun this weekend that I am tired, and sore. If I were looking, todays selection would be the type that likes to .. cook, and massage, massage, massage.

Some people have no sense of humor.

Why are men compelled to verbally attack me?

ABC's of Ex Girlfriends ~
A ~ is for Ass. She became a pain in this right away.
B ~ is for Bitter. Me? No way. I really hope things work out for them. Hope they get married - and have 2 kids that are little devils - and her hips get huge - and his eyebrows finally grow completely together - and they get fat and old together - and then DIE!!
C ~ is for Call ya later. She won't. She's a lying bitch.
D ~ is for Dumped ..*sigh*... Does D really need to be explained?

E ~ is for Eating .. like a pig. You remember when you took her out and she said "I'm not hungry" so you figured you could take her to a nice place because you were able to afford a nice meal at this fine restaurant. Then she ate more than your Uncle Roy (you remember Uncle Roy the one with the mustard stains on everything). So you flip the bill and are broke for the next two weeks and she wonders why you were unable to call her that week and go see movies.
F ~ is for Friends. That is what she wants to be. As if you can even stand to look at her.
G ~ is for Gun. Unfortunately, there is a waiting period.
H ~ is for Horny. Remember when she looked nice and even had a personality?
I ~ is for I still hate her. Odds are you always will, unless she calls.

J ~ stands for Johnny. This is her new boyfriend. Doesn't Johnny have a nice car ? Doesn't Johnny have a good job? Why does Johnny want to date her? Johnny could do much better. You hate Johnny. Johnny is your mortal enemy.
K ~ stands for Kill. {Johnny!}
L ~ is for Love. It's a great euphoric feeling that exists between two people and is shared upon by both parties.
L ~ is also for Lunatic. Lunatics are crazy. Lunatics are the only people that believe in love.

M ~ stands for Mephistophiles. That is who she worked for.

N ~ stands for Necropheliac. Towards the end she didn't move very much, did she?

O ~ is for On top. When on top she had another 'O' word.

P ~ is for Pill. She said she was on it. She lied. She is now sueing you for a few hundred bucks a month.

Q ~ is for Quitter. She couldn't last.
R ~ is for Rich little Bitch. She bought your love, but you paid the price.

S ~ stands for Suffer. That's what she made you do.
T ~ is for torture. Torture is what she did. She tortured you with the truth. She also tortured you with lies.

U ~ is for Understatement. Example: Saying, "I hate that bitch," is an understatement.

V ~ is for Voluptuous. That is the primary reason you were dating her in the first place.

W ~ is for Whine. She was a pro at this.

X ~ is for Xylophone. Because X is always for xylophone.
Y ~ is for You suck! Remember when she yelled that at you.
Z ~ stands for ZIPPER. This is what she got she hair stuck in while trying to get dressed too quickly while she yelled "QUICK! They're home!"

Life isn't always peachy, that's just the way things go. We accept it, we deal with it, we move on. Yet, many people struggle through small inconveniences with great difficulty. It often helps to simply put things into perspective, then things don't seem quite as bad. So, the next time you think you're having a bad day I'd like you to imagine ...

You're a Siamese twin.
Your brother, attached at your shoulder, is gay.
You're not.
He has a date coming over tonight.
You only have one ass.

See? You're having a pretty good day after all, aren't you?

A Gentleman once said {not solely to me}, "you should be as gentle as a lamb, and as cautious as a snake." How do you discern between too gentle/cautious, and not gentle/cautious enough?

I feel badly. I'm not sure I fully trust anyone - who is not me. {Outside a relative or two, and that's sketchy at best.} I'm confident others don't know this, or would ever know ~ if I didn't directly inform them. {Which I don't do. That'd just be rude.} I'm honestly nice, truly courteous, sincerely attentive, and yet - I find myself sizing up that other person. I'm not horrid to anyone, I'm simply stoical, and aloof if I'm not careful.

When I meet someone new, I'm suspicious of them. Their motivation. Heaven them if they try to be nice, or to become my friend. That's a red-flag, catalyst. It sends me directly into "what's their angle." I assume they want something from me. All I need do is figure out what that is. I assume they either want something from me, or for me to help them get something.

I'm really unsure as to why I don't automatically assume it's just that I'm a decent, witty person they actually like. I'll actually go on the defensive. Not rudely, mind you, for I've no desire to put them in a place of discomfort. Yet, in my mind, I'm scrutinizing, formulating trap questions, analyzing, and waiting for them to trip up. {Here comes the freakish part.}

I'm not always like that. There are moments when I couldn't define either stoical or aloof if my life depended upon it. You know, there are times that I really don't understand myself as well as I do at other times. How can I be so terribly stoical and aloof, when I can be also be authentically warm and engaging? Sometimes I catch a true break, and cease in thinking so much. Those moments, are really nice moments. Those are the moments when I can meet someone, and just interact with them at face value. No fear, no suspicion, no questioning motivation .. just 'be' human to human.

Eventually, I recall the flipside, then I feel horrible for everyone I've ever sized up. I wonder why I do that, and what right I have to do that. {The answers are I don't know, and I don't} What am I measuring them against... myself? {Hardly justifiable.}

So, I'm wondering .. is the preconceived suspicion, and sizing up akin to judging someone. I really don't want the answer to that question. I fear the answer. I hope the answer is no. It terrifies me to even entertain the notion that I judge people. I don't think I do, but.. assumption, you know? That's pretty much deciding before the final count is in. It seems very wrong to me, yet here I am admitting I do that. Because, I do.

When I'm like that I don't particularly care to be around others.. it's almost a paranoia-ish "it's easier to be alone" type of feeling. On the other hand, I like people. People excite me, intrigue me, and move me. Is there another person on this planet who, like me, feels half of them is socially graceful while the other half is socially inept? 


Unexplained Mysteries Of The Universe ~

Why is it that if someone tells you that there are 1 billion stars in the universe you will believe them, but if they tell you a wall has wet paint you will have to touch it to be sure?

Why does cleave mean both to adhere and separate?

When someone says "You know what they say..." Who are they?

If you hate all prejudice people, are you a hypocrite?

Who was the idiot that decided to put an "s" in the word lisp?

Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections?

Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

Why do banks charge you a "insufficient funds" fee on money they already know you don't have?

If you get cheated by the Better Business Bureau, who do you complain to?

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

How come there aren't 'B' batteries?

Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to?

How can there be self-help "groups"?

How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the morning?

If we call people from Poland poles why don't we call people from Holland holes?

If a rabbit's foot was actually lucky, wouldn't it still be attached to the rabbit?

What if there were no hypothetical situations?

Why is it called a "word to the wise?" If they're already wise, why do they need to hear it?

How do those dead bugs get into enclosed light fixtures?

How come we choose from just two people for president and 50 for Miss America?

Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?


Apparently, I'm polarizing and controversial. I'm so excited!

Perhaps, the best exchange in the history of movies .. from Addams Family Values..

Joel Glicker: Wednesday, do you think that maybe someday you might want to get married and have kids?
Wednesday Addams: No.
Joel Glicker: But what if you met the right man, who worshiped and adored you? Who'd do anything for you? Who'd be your devoted slave? Then what would you do? 
Wednesday Addams: I'd pity him.

Before I receive another email from Helpy Helperton blasting me for viewing this website incorrectly, allow me to clarify my position. I do not see that CM is here solely to find a sex partner/life partner/mate. I am allowed to believe this place can be utilized to find play partners.

So, am I the last person who does not equate bdsm to sex? I understand the notion of being "sexually submissive" or "sexually dominant." However, for 19 years I've been suffering from the delusion the two could be mutually exclusive.

To engage in a D/s scene, sex need not be in the mix. True? If I'm at an event playing with a stranger, I'm not going to bang the stranger. If I'm playing with someone elses dom/sub.. I'm not going to bang that dom/sub.

As long as I'm on a roll and effectively pissing people off {Thanks, "StrongOne" for thinking me so much an idiot you were compelled to contact me to say so.} I'm going to add another item I cannot get behind.

I came to log in and the homepage featured a "fem-dom." The first words she offered up were "I'm a financial domme. if you don't like it dont contact me, otherwise, go to ***** and but me a gift."  I have to ask, "are some people so desperate that their first thought is 'where's my credit card'?"

Understand that I am not knocking pro-dommes, I've a very close friend in Atl who is a pro-domme. She provides a service for those who may be unable, for a variety of reasons, to have their needs met any other way, and I get that. I do not get the concept of "We are strangers, I have a domme profile online, reward me." {So, what's the deal?}

This little entry may ruffle a few feathers but [[if you read my journal, you know that]] I really do not care.
Here are 2 opinions I've realized I possess...
1. "The 'gift' of submission" ~ A lot of you say submission is a gift. A gift, by general definition .. is an unrequested thing, freely given, with no expectation. That being said, I am wondering why so many seek to attain/offer up this "gift" .. with conditions.
2. "Female superiority" ~ You cannot have superiority without inferiority. Being dominant does not make you superior. It makes you one half of a whole which have agreed to a voluntary, shift of power. There is a world of difference between authority/power and superiority.
E.T.A.  ~ WOW! Apparently, a couple of random thoughts evolved into hot button issues for a couple of you. Do know that I chuckled with amusement and otherwise enjoyed how angry my opinion made you. Just remember, when I provoke you to anger .. I've changed your mood.. to change your mood requires an alteration in the primary emotion you're experiencing. Essentially, each time you get pissed, you've just given me control of the emotion you feel. Thank you, for making the power shift effortless for me.

Here are 2 simple facts as they pertain to me ..
1. I do not view the 'gift' of submission as anything more or less valuable than the gift of dominance. {Should such a beast exist.}
2. I can easily respect you and refrain from seeing you as inferior, and still retain the balance of power and control. {wow, who knew?!}

So, for the 2 gents who got sand in their vag after having read this entry, I can only say ..
..if you don't like it, you can get down on your knees .. and bite me.

{By the way, to anyone receiving an overwhelming amount of CMail, feel free to copy/paste #2 into your journal. It, immediately, cut my mail by half!}

Happy Canada Day.

I know I'm strange .. {hell, I'm positively twisted} .. but there are some damn weird people on CM.

I am seriously considering inviting a toy to come to DomCon ATL in Oct. If I'm in the mood to play I'll need a toy to play with. {Granted, I could just play with someone elses toy.}

The potential problem with inviting a toy is that the toy often thinks the invitation means much more than it does.

Just so you'll know .. I will not pay for your flight, transportation, fees/tickets, accommodations, meals and there most certainly will not be intimate physical contact.

Just a side note, here .. if I wanted a pic of a mans junk, I'd ask for it. No where on my profile do I ask for c*ck shots ... stop sending them.

Apparently, Jack Kevorkian died. If I'm brutally honest, {and I am}, I have to admit that I don't give a damn. However, I do wonder how twisted it makes me .. to admit that the dark little 'thing' inside me is burning with a white hot desire to post this link.

Did you know that Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table? It's true .. he only recognizes the element of surprise.

Addressing a question~
No, I will not perpetually reach out. If I reach out a single time, this does not mean I will continue to do so. {I weary and lose interest quickly.} If I continue to reach out, this equates to pursuing .. an action I will not perform.
To help you understand me, here are three little eye-openers.
1. If I spoke to you for more than 5 minutes, there was a reason.
2. If I contacted you, you should have suspected my interest and pursued it.
3. If you did not and/or we've not spoken in 48-72 hours .. the odds are my interest has faded. I hope this answers your question.

Have you ever hit up the website "Overheard In New York" ..? If not, you should. It's the verbal/textual equivalent of "People of WalMart." An example of their stellar archive ...

Guy: Yo, that Hamburgler's a scary motherfucker, 'cause you never know what that nigga be sayin'. He be all "robble robble robble robble" and shit!
--23rd & 6th

That archive entry is so far beyond bomb, the guy should be declared the "Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Awesome Irrational Fear."

There are two things on t.v. that I really like:
1. Those 2 little old men at the end of House
{.."that's some bad hat, harry" ..}
2. The little paper zombie/monster at the end of Angel/Buffy.
{I don't watch either show, but I'll tune in to the last 5 min's to see him walk by}

A dom friend of mine said my last entry seemed venomous and dripping with 'tude. I hadn't intended to be offensive, so I edited to make it a softer, gentler, more palatable version.

I am, what I am. It is, what it is.
This is not a rant, this is me explaining that I don't play well with others. Based on messages I've received, it appears some of you {both dom & sub} are having difficulty understanding the concept of "Switch."  Anyway, being the extremely sweet chick that I am, I'm going to help you understand me. {It may just save you from wasting time in writing that CMail!}

"Generally," being Switch means that you can/will take either role based on whatever factors pertain to you. {partner, desire, or just for shits & giggles}
"For me," being Switch means that {exactly} 3 times in my life I have encountered Doms who really, truly, honestly flipped my sub switch. This does not mean all other Doms are inferior or posers, simply that all the factors required to "click" were not present. {I accept there is a smoldering ember in me which holds the potential to be fanned to a flame under certain circumstances.}

Now, you can safely assume based on the exceedingly low rate of incidence that I am not brimming over with a submissive nature. I do not project an outward attempt to be pleasing to those with a dominant nature. Nor do I present myself in a manner so as to attract submissives.  But, if you're looking at my profile and considering contacting me to feel out the situation, I encourage you to reconsider and pay close attention to this part .. I will hurt you.

I say I am not a sadist because I receive no satisfaction, on any level, from inflicting pain. But I truly do not give a damn about what other people want. If you wish to play with me and push that until you get your wish, the furthest I will go for you is to find out your hard limits. I'll respect those, but otherwise, I will not give you what you want. I will not play with you to please you. I do, what I do. I do what pleases me. That may sound harsh but it's accurate and I am honest about this from the start. Your wants, and needs are not my concern. I play to please me.

For me .. you would rigidly kneel in a very specific position until you're muscles were on fire, your chest straining in an effort to breathe .. your flesh glistening with the sweat of your effort .. I would humiliate you.. I however, I'd not only tell you that you're worthless, I'dexplain why you're such a staggering disappointment .. you would crawl, beg & have your hair pulled .. you'd be my ottoman .. if I'm in a good mood maybe, just maybe, I'd let you kiss my feet, {doubtful, since I consider touching me to be an intimate act} .. you'd be bound {with anything from rope to duct tape}, gagged {with a proper gag or whatever I choose to shove into your mouth}, suspended {partially, fully or inverted}, flogged {full body, with every one I own}, cropped {full body, with every one I own}, caned {with every size I have} .. penetrated {with whatever I decide} .. then coated in wax which would later be removed with a meat cleaver.. and unless it's a hard limit the level of tt/cbt you'd experience would possibly leave you wishing it had been a hard limit.

I would discover the things you do not enjoy, and those will be the first things you experience. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the word "Switch" where I am concerned.
If you are dominant and pondering a note to me to flame me .. do not read this entry as intriguing or a challenge.
If you are submissive and drooling .. do not read this entry as an invitation or enticement.

Surely, my number of available brain cells are dwindling. I've already been forced to purge every episode of Gilligan's Island I'd ever watched, to free up more space. If I have to memorize 1 more bit of information.. I fear you'll find me the corner, banging the rocks together.

For those who watch Metalocalypse .. "If Jack Black and Charles Bronson had a baby, it might be Murderface."  {T.B.D.}

If you can't say anything nice, come sit by me.

ahh, my quasi-stalker has written me again.[Thanks, for keeping in touch, assclown.] Yes, I do realize I come off a bit shallow in my last post. {I prefer men with an attractive face and body, to whom I can be physically attracted. Sue me.} Here is a red hot tip ~ if you truly find me "violently offensive" STOP reading my journal!! Just so you'll know ..  I'm not going to block you, I'm going to begin employing copy/paste so as to publish you here in the lil journal which irks you so. {Last warning}

{{Sincere question ~ does anyone else receive hate mail for things they write, or does this only happen to me? If this happens to no one else, then the problem IS me.}}

{{Perhaps, I should tone it down. Or try to force a kinder, gentler version of myself to the surface. Be perky, and thoughtfully receptive to each and every person who CMails me. Maybe get a sharpie to scribble "please contact me at your whim" across my forehead then post a nice face pic. Too, I could purchase a box of furry kittehs and fat puppehs to offer as welcoming gifts!}}

{{Or, I could offer this advice: if you don't like me, you can always get down on your knees.. and bite me.}}

Oh, fellas .. bless your hearts. So very many of you should really cease is describing yourself as "attractive" .. "goodlooking" .. "handsome" .. "cute" .. "easy on the eyes" .. etc {Trust me, your mother only told you that because she had to.}

Tonight I need ..
.. a foot massage.

I truly love the moment when ... I close my eyes and lift my face skyward, smiling as the sun warms my cheeks to the point where I almost think "wow, its hot," but a split second before the thought finishes crossing my mind that fortuitous cool breeze shows up and carries the warmth away ... it makes me smile every single time.

I am from: the South.
I work: in the medical field.
I have: a rather impressive toybag, and an occassional penchant for younger men.
I enjoy: music, cult classic movies, silence, and novels by a guy in Maine.
Things that make me happy: wild sunflowers, fat puppies, cartoons, gummi bears, and thigh high socks.

I like poetry ~ long walks on the beach ~ the gentle sea breeze ~ and poking dead things with a stick.

Today is a lovely day. A gray, raining, gloomy, thunder/lightning filled day of flooding and general blech-yness. In spite of this, it's still a good day ..
If you disagree you need to remember .. any day "above ground" is a good day.

WOW! Once again, I've had my ass handed to me for my personal opinion. Look, if I do not have the right to tell you that your personal opinion is wrong, how can you tell me that my personal opinion is wrong? It's both personal, and an opinion. If you're entitled to yours, aren't I entitled to mine?

During a conversation earlier this evening I mentioned that I did not believe all men and women were equal. My friend flipped out and called me every possible kind of traitor to all womankind. I did concede that certain "types" of women could be firefighters, officers, soldiers {etc} and successfully rival any male in each arena in spite of physical and emotional differences.

She took offense to the insinuation that there may be "physical and emotional differences" while staunchly proclaiming this is not the case. I proffered extenuating factors such as female emotions, a nurturing nature and "the monthly cycle" etc {To which she took genuine offense. She was appalled.} Needless to say, we agreed to disagree.

My question .. does someone have the right to say, "you are wrong" with regard to your personal belief/opinion? Certainly, they can disagree, but can they deem your opinion wrong? {I'm voting a big fat negatory.}

I admit that ...
I have never... liked my feet.
I have never... gone skydiving.
I have never... been to Canada.
I have never... placed needles in my own skin.
I have never... outgrown being scared of the dark.

I've got a fever, and the only prescription ... is more cowbell.

It's a  decade later, and it's still clear to me that we are all inferior. Vastly inferior. Not as men and women or in any sense of BDSM .. but as humans. We all suck and this man still rules ~~>


 Remember~ "Techno-Viking does not dance to the music, the music dances to Techno-Viking.

Please, refrain from offering yourself to me as a sub/slave/uber dom. I don't feel compelled to beat you, because you're into that. I will not allow you to kiss my feet, because you're into that.  I am not yearning to receive a massage from you, because you're into that. I am not tempted to submit to you, because you're into that. You're a stranger to me, and I don't give a rip about what pleases you. 

Edited To Add ~
I've already received hate mail for the above entry.
Yes, I do understand the honey/vinegar analogy.
Yes, I do understand it comes across as harsh.
Do you understand how offputting it is to receive the following message upon INITIAL contact ~ "On ur knees beeotch ur muh slave now" .. "describe your body to me" .. "tell what you like sexually" .. "I can beat that alpha attitude outta you" .. "oh most enchanting goddess, queen of all women, I am but a lowly maggot may i lick your feet" messages?
If you don't receive crap like this 5-6 times per day, please don't judge my waning tolerance.
The original entry stays.

I wish I could sell tickets to my profile, because it seems as though a couple of you are frequent flyers. What keeps bringing you back? My profile is bare minimum information with no butt, boobs, or cooch shining. What gives?

I am convinced that  a combination of ... Myself and many of the "men" on this site + 7 minutes in a small room + a cane the size of my thumb, would ... 
1. Do wonders for their demeanor.
2. Properly adjust their diminished level of respect for anyone outside their little microcosm.
3. Profoundly impart the full meaning of "basic common courtesy." and the concept of "personal boundaries."

Has the internet made people socially retarded? Or removed some concept of personal boundaries? Perhaps, it is the age old "keyboard commando" mentality? I have no idea what the damage is, but I do know that it's extremely unattractive.

For those who spend so much time hunched over the keyboard and not enough time partaking of actual human interaction, I shall offer this reminder .. "if what you have to say is SO inappropriate that you wouldn't walk up and say these things to a total strangers face, then it is equally as inappropriate to do so online."

Based on the behavior of some of these self-deluded douche-bags, I have to assume this is why some animals eat their young. If you are one of the offenders.. then you should be monkey stomped and have your brains mailed back to your mother. {and now, I remember why I left CM the first time.}

On a note of personal preference, here's a general thought ~ Let's say there is a sub. And the one thing this sub loves more than anything is kneeling. Wants it, needs, it, craves it, gets off on it, would love to be kneeling 24/7. If they are this to eager to kneel .. what's special or unique about it when they do?

Now, you take a cooperative person who would rather not kneel. Look into those eyes and see a battle waging. An epic internal struggle ... true conflict. When that person conquers their own ego, bends their will to yours, then hits their knees .. that is a thing of beauty.

I love people watching. Public settings, private settings, on the net .. it doesn't matter. Humans are fascinating, and yet, after nearly half a century of observation I still do not understand us.

*rant* Some people in this world {like me} exercise a modicum of decorum because we have children {albeit grown} and employers who may not embrace alternative lifestyles. I'm not advertising my sexual proclivities along with a pic of my face to make myself more appealing to the teeming masses, and potentially jeopardizing my livelihood in the process, to please total strangers whom I owe.. nothing.

If the only reason you write to me is to crawl my butt because you have decided I need to show more of me, to you.. then you can kiss my ass.