Vertical Line


I hope you'll be taken with me, and then taken by me... repeatedly.... Here's a little about me: I'm tall and big [6'2", 225 or so] with blue eyes, brownish/reddish hair, and sometimes bearded, sometimes not. People generally ask me if I play rugby, which I don't. (But that's the kind of build I have) I do swim and work out (I try to swim a mile a couple of times a week) I've been told I'm handsome (by people other than my mother) I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you'll just have to decide for yourself. I'm a smart guy who makes my living by my wits. I'm well-read, creative, intelligent. Let me tell you what I like about BDSM.... What I like best about BDSM is pushing my partner's boundaries. I like to think of myself as the boy scientist of pain, testing, pushing, prodding, pulling my partner to see where her boundaries are, and then pushing them a little bit further. It's a joy to feel the trust that develops between us, to be relied on, and to understand that we can go a bit further and farther than we were last time, to walk into Nietzsche's abyss and emerge unscathed. It's exciting. It's also hard, and scary, and fun. Ideal Person - For me, the biggest erogenous zone is between the ears. I want you to be smart, funny, creative, an individual, and turned on by submitting to me. Hopefully this means that you have other interests besides the sexual. (I sure do!) Naturally, I'm interested in your physical characteristics, but it's not the only thing (or even the most important thing) To me the most important thing is who you are and what you think. Love the mind, and the body will follow. (I'm also interested in what's between your legs-- but that will follow, my dear!) BDSM Things I'm into: Bondage, humiliation, domination, nipple and genital torture, sensory stimulation/deprivation, hard/rough sex, and orgasm control, to name a few of my sexual interests. Not into knife or blood play or scat. I'm also into safety (which includes safe sex, safe words, and safe feelings.) I want you to give yourself to me, totally,and feel comfortable doing it. If it all works out, I'd like to move to 24/7. Having your body and your mind at my disposal 24 hours a day. But that will take some time and development of trust to make sure that it's the right move for the both of us. Interested? Excited? Want to know more? If so, send me an email with a brief fantasy (say 300 words) of how you imagine our first meeting going, and a photo. I'll return it with an emailed photo.... and my response. If you like where we are going, we can talk on the phone, and go from there.