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Single, sane, cerebral sub seeks...(susurration permitting...)While I do not expect absolutely
Hetero Male Submissive, 33,  South, UK, World, United Kingdom
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 Submissive Male

 South, UK, World 

 United Kingdom

 6' 0"

 165 lbs





Single, sane, cerebral sub seeks...(susurration permitting...)

While I do not expect absolutely to meet my future partner through this site (being the cynic wot I am), I do hope to establish more contacts and to communicate with like-minded people who share my passion for D/s. It would be nice to think that somewhere along the line, after some verbal dexterity and general chit-chat, I might meet a future here; but I'm all too aware that, quite aside from the unfavourable stacking of odds (reminds me, I must buy a lottery tocket for tomorrow), it takes just a little more than a personal ad and an HNG-mail to express my personality, and to figure out if two people are actually suited to each other.

If you do receive a mail from me, I apologise in advance if it seems rather anodyne when perhaps it should be the opposite! I am not a one for declaring myself as the perfect sub, when in reality who the hell can tell? I'm also not a one for emails that are begging, pleading, following of Caps conventions or full of past experience and future desires - not unless someone specifically asks me for it, and in most cases I feel it's rather irrelevant for the first contact...

I should perhaps mention that I'm fairly confident in everyday life, successful and ambitious, and I don't do the doormat thing very well; submission doesn't have to be like that - and it's as dull for this submissive as it is for many Dommes. I'm fit, active, intellectually challenged (or should that read challenging?), and yes, I DO have experience of the lifestyle, for what it's worth. I am single, open to almost anything (barring the usual), and keen to experiment, discover and experience as much as possible. I can't say what sort of arrangement I would ultimately seek - that's all down to dynamics and mutual desires, but I wouldn't rule out a permanent or even 24/7 position if I were ever to meet the right person.

Ok, that should have quashed any chances of successful matching! But please feel free to contact me, regardless of whether you are actively seeking or not; I am talkative and approachable and enjoy communicating on all subjects. Who knows, it might even lead somewhere?!

BTW More than happy to supply recent pics; please just ask.

Also, if you're wondering why on earth my profile is called 'teacup', it's simply that when I wrote this, my mug of tea was closer than the dictionary.

Oooh yes, meant to say - I have a base in the southern UK, and another in France at the mo. I'm fluid and flexible in terms of location and time (although please don't ask me to fly to China on the morning flight)

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