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hello A/all. im nick, aka brink. my old account got hacked and then deleted. i used to be "theyoungone" on here. im a virgin and im FUCKING DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!!


i guess i could say im looking for a Mother like Domme. and no i dont mean to call Her Mom, or Momma, or Mommy!just someone that is loving, caring, protective, who can teach me right from wrong in this lifestyle, but yet firm when it comes to a punishment.

i currently live in Boonville, or what we like to call "Boonvegas" or "Boontucky". There not really much to do here in town anymore since the bowling alley burnt down, except on friday nights in the fall. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? lol. we got a Wal-Mart here. well call it the boonville mall! i currently work as a maintence man at Arby's. (YUMMY!!!!!! curly fries!!!!!) lol.

im big into drag racing, i have been ever since i knew what a car was. im big into NASCAR also. DALE SR was my hero! Dale Jr is my favorite and only favorite driver. im basically a redneck! i love to go out trail ridding on 4wheelers, muddin, hangin out with my friends around a campfire, listen to The Blue Collar Comedy Boys! "GIT-R-DONE" my favorite quote from a movie is "There's heros' and there's legends'! Hroes' get remembered, but legends' never die! Follow your heart, and you'll never go wrong!" that quote is from the movie The Sandlot.

right now my dad and i are trying to save up some money to hopefully buy or rent a house that has a barn. ive lived here my whole life, and it gets kinda boring here sometimes. but i get used to it!

the picture that i will have up is of me, but i dont have the same hair. im trying to get the Lex Luther kind of look going. lol. that reminds me! if A/anyone watches the show SMALLVILLE. the guy that plays Lex Luther, his sister owns the Arby's store that i work at. NO JOKE. i can even give You the number to my work and You can ask my manager! if Y/ya'll got any more questions for me. just ask!!!!! i dont bite. least i dont think i do! lol.

hey Y/ya'll! i might be moving to Utah with my friend from work in may. im not sure where he said. ill have to ask him.
i dont know if its me or what. but no matter how nice i am to others on this site, they are still a bit rude or hateful to me. there is only 1 person on here who isnt rude to me. maybe W/we can get to know eachother on here and then chat on yahoo sometime and then phone a few months from now. i dont know.