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***Daddie And Kitten***

We are a Dom/sub married couple looking for a female submissive. We have been doing BDSM for over 3 years now. We live on our own. Daddie works full time as hotel maintance which allows us to live on site. Daddie also attends college every other night. Daddie is very busy most of the time. Kitten is a stay at home wife/sub/and soon to be mother. Kitten is due Dec. 15, 2009.
We would like to have another submissive. We are interested in the poly lifestyle. If there are any female subs out there looking to join a Dom/sub couple, please messege us. We can share our ideas and thoughts and maybe work something out. If not, that's quite alright.

Well, we thought we found a submissive. Unfortunately we have not heard from her in a while. We think she may have decided against us. If anyone else is interested, please contact us. Recently, we have been finding other women on here who seem very interesting and we would like to get to know them better.
Daddie and Kitten have found a submissive. She is wonderful. Her name on here is Wept just so you other Doms know. We couldn't have asked for a better submissive. Just in case things don't work out, we are keeping out profile on here so don't be shy to add or message us.