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Hetero Male Master, 50,  Austin, Texas
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** My profile has changed, and has been updated **

(Note I keep a rule for myself of only speaking when spoken too. I usually do not initiate contact, except in those rare cases when I have found a profile that piques my interest in just the right way, or if I have been tapped by a viewing of my profile, or being placed on a Favorites list.)

(I also have an account on FetLife under the same username.)

What is the truth of stubgrub?

I am married to my wife, OneFeistyRedhead, and we are currently in a poly-amorous relationship. Her with her boyfriend that she visits every other week, and me seeking a partner with more interest in the BDSM aspects of the Lifestyle.

What does stubgrub want?

To correspond with others of like-mind in the BDSM realm, and hopefully, the local community. I am a notoriously long-winded cuss, and I absolutely *despise* one-line communication. If you have nothing to say that is not at least a paragraph, then please, Please, PLEASE do not bother communicating with me.

We have a Rule in our Household
Open, Clear, Honest Communication

I give this in ALL my communiques, and I expect the exact same in return. Lying and Dishonesty are deal-breakers for me, as they should be for you.

We also have a Second Rule of our Household

I and my wife are in this to network and have relations with like-minded people, but not to get embroiled in whatever drama that others have going on at the time. We have enough drama and hysterics in our own lives, we do not need it from other kinksters that we engage with. My wife watches Real Housewives reality(?) shows to get her weekly dose of that bullshit. So please be chill and open-minded, and check your baggage at the door.

My wifes interests in BDSM has waned somewhat, and she finds fulfillment of her sexual needs to be more in the vanilla portion of the Intimate Spectrum. I, unfortunately, still have a very strong BDSM aspect to my psycho-sexual makeup, but since my wife has found a partner that I share her with, I am also free to find a more Kink-oriented partner to help satisfy and satiate those Urges of mine.
Communication channels need to be open first. If there is chemistry, and if you are not adverse to engaging with a straight male and sometimes Domsub couple, maybe we can meet over coffee or dinner, and see where it goes from there.

So if you like what you see, please drop me a note of *at the very least* a paragraph in length, and then we can see if there is any common ground for us to stand on.

Experience of stubgrub?

I have been steeped in BDSM ever since I was a teenager. There is little that I do not know about BDSM or Kink, but I am always willing to learn. I was stuck in a previous 10+ year marriage with a woman that was unconcerned about my needs and wants (my first wife), and only had interest in my paycheck, and what chores I could do around the house. Luckily, I discovered that that hellhole did not need to be my Life, so I did what I had to do, asked for a divorce, and I have not looked back.

For the last five years, I have been in a Domsub dynamic with my wife, OneFeistyRedhead, so I do know the ins and outs of being a Dominant, and I enjoy playing a womans body like it was a musical instrument.

If the stars align correctly, maybe you will get the chance to be strung up by me, and I can play your body to determine what lovely notes can come from it. I find that each woman is rare and special, and the sounds they make are exclusive and unique to just to them. I hope to one day hear your music too.

Why the handle stubgrub?

Yes, there is a somewhat secret joke to my account handle. I am sure if your mind is salacious enough you can probably come upon the meaning quite easily.

If not, and if you still have questions, drop me a note.

I will be happy to share.

Picture of the back of stubgrubs head?

What in the world am I doing looking at a set of blinds?

If you added a floating green apple, and a bowler hat, what 20th Century French painters style would it emulate?

Impress me by guessing, because you managed to read my entire profile to the end.

Floor me by guessing correctly, or telling me you just Googled it, demonstrating your keen intellect and problem-solving skills.

Yours truly,












Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 257 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


 Bondage (Expert)

 Breast Play (Expert)

 Collars (Expert)

 Gags (Expert)



 Anal Play (Beginner)


 Body Worship

 Cages (Beginner)

 Chastity (Beginner)

 Hair Pulling


 Massage (Getting)

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Obedience Training

 Role Playing

 Shibari  (Beginner)


 Tattoos (Beginner)

 Taoism (Expert)


 Martial Arts (Beginner)

 Canes and Crops


 Electrical Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Local BDSM Community

 Domestic Service


 Housework Service

 Masks (On Partner)

 Maid/Butler Service

 Outdoor Bondage

 Sensory Deprivation (Beginner)


 Speech Restrictions (Beginner)

 Theatrical Scenes

 Whips (Beginner)


 Corner Time


 Masks (Wearing)

 Mental Bondage



 Wax play

 Curious About:

 Orgasm Denial



 Pantyhose Fetish

 Plastic Wrap




 Fire Play

 Foot Worship

 Medical Play


 Rubber Fetish

 Hard Limits:


 Genital Punishment

 Knife Play

 Needle Play

 Public Play




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Journal Entries:
4/26/2017 7:33:51 PM
== Results from == 100% Dominant 100% Rigger 100% Sadist 100% Master/Mistress 100% Experimentalist 89% Non-monogamist 80% Daddy/Mommy 66% Primal (Hunter) 56% Ageplayer 43% Owner 28% Voyeur 24% Girl/Boy 8% Exhibitionist 2% Brat 1% Primal (Prey) 1% Vanilla 1% Degrader 0% Rope bunny 0% Slave 0% Degradee 0% Submissive 0% Masochist 0% Pet 0% Switch

4/22/2017 11:39:30 PM
So, for the first time ever, since I have been on CollarMe (precursor to Collarspace) and Collarspace, I have been blocked. My crime? Viewing a full profile twice, and adding the profile to my Favorites. I found out I was blocked when I attempted to send my usual informative message about how to find Munch/TNG events in a person's local BDSM community. I guess adding a profile to Favorites (you show up as an Admirer to the profile owner) is considered rude on Collarspace now? I mainly use that function as a 'bookmark' so I can find the profile again, without having to memorize the profile username. It stung; not even given a half a chance to pass on some useful information, and nothing more, except for the hope of further communication.... I can't really blame them, considering all the fakes and jerks and scammers on Collarspace that makes messaging on this site downright hostile. I wish them well, hope they find what they need, and I hope that they are already engaged with their local BDSM community.

4/19/2017 3:26:18 PM

You find some 'interesting' people on

I just corresponded with a female sub that has a very specific request. From August 31 to September 29 of this year, she wants to be locked 24/7, nude, in a jail/prison cell, or a close facsimile of one.
The sub is currently negotiating with several Doms that have cells that would suit her purpose, some with full toilet/shower facilities; others with just a chamberpot, bucket of soapy water & sponge; or a hose with a drain in the floor. Meals and water will be given in the cell, and her jailor is welcome to take sexual service from her, either through the bars, or in the cell.
I asked her reasoning in doing this, and she stated that she volunteers at animal shelters, and she wants to know what it feels like to be one of the animals that is stuck in a cage for months at a time, waiting for a possible adoption.
Her only stipulations are:

  • No BDSM (since animals are not bound and tortured in their cages.)
  • No anal play.
  • No animals.
  • No sharing with others.
  • No video or pictures.
  • Nothing illegal.
  • She will have a daily safe-call, and the callee will be aware of her physical location and address.

4/13/2017 7:23:23 PM
I am Baaaacckk, Bitc*

Umn...  yeah, not going there.  Just wanted to let everyone know I have returned.

It has been *5* years, how in the world do I update this in a condensed Journal form...   BULLET POINTS!!!

- Met OneFeistyRedhead on Collarme (Collarspace precursor).
- She liked what she saw, and trusted me.
- Decided to play a game of going to a public place, so that I could stare longingly at her, but not engage.
- Was completely flabbergasted when we made eye-contact, and she waved me over.
- We talked, and talked, and talked.  There was some touching of shoulders and thighs.  I was smitten...  The first touch of a woman that didn't find me repulsive.
- More meetings out in public, the distance between us gets shorter and shorter, until we are finally cuddling.
- Our first dinner date, and my first faux pas.  At her car, saying goodnights, she relents and lets me kiss her.  I eat her face.  No, I am not proud.  I hadn't french-kissed a woman in 6 years.  I was *HUNGRY*.  I let poor OneFeistyRedhead come up for air.  And she nearly ran away.  I count my lucky stars that she understood my starvation, and gave me another chance.
- This led to secret rendezvouses at hotels, me with my equipment bag, her with her luscious body.  I strung her up several times, and 'played' her body like a fiddle.  She return the same to me.  Ask her about my "Leopard Spots" sometime.
- She accepted my Collar of Ownership, and agreed to be my submissive, if not only my slave as well.
- Finally did the *HARDEST THING* I had ever done in my life:  Asked my wife for a divorce.  It was funny...  I expected the world to end.  All my wife was interested in was how I did the bills (one of my chores).
- Moved out and moved in with OneFeistyRedhead.
- 5 years of bliss and counting.

That is about it.  Any questions?

8/12/2011 5:12:41 AM


This is for those that still wonder if I am alive, still kicking...

Let me assure you, I am still with the living, though it feels like Paradise to me, where I am now.

As of this writing, there are these two incontrovertible facts, that I can no longer deny:

1). I am NO LONGER an "Armchair Dominant".
I have experienced, first hand, the Domination of a submissive woman.  My 'victim'?  She is the woman I wrote about in my previous journal post.
In my vast vocabulary, there are NO words that come even close to describing the feelings that come from exercising my Nature, and having someone sumbit to My Power.

2). I am NO LONGER just a "Dominant".  I am a MASTER.
Beyond all conceivable reason, this submissive woman as accepted My collar, and once I locked it about her throat, she became Owned property.  her body became Mine, to do with as I please.  she is no longer a free person, because I now make all the decisions.
And yet, that is the conundrum, the puzzle of BDSM.  My woman is Owned, yet she is Free of any mundane responsibilities or duties.  she is free from worry, guilt, or doubt, because she is Owned property, and her Master doesn't care about her concerns, her hang-ups, her tensions, her internal strife; He only cares that she is pleasing to Him, and all she needs to do to DO THAT, is to submit to His Will.

Again.  I have no words.  Ask other Masters.  They may be able to come up with some paltry words that might hint at the sensations of Ownership.  Their best and brightest words will pale in comparison to what I feel when I see My property in My collar, locked on her throat.
Nothing describes the exact feeling when I take the D-ring of My collar, and I pull her close, and she cannot pull away from me, has no choice but to come close, and feel my ragged breath upon her face and throat.
Nothing comes close to the feeling of grabbing one of her magnificent tits in a maul and claw, because they are MY tits to do with as I please, and she cannot raise her hands to protect her breasts, but has to bear my 'attention', because her tits are no longer hers, they are MINE.
Astronomical distances between adequate words and the true feeling as I reach between her legs, and grab her cunt, claw at it, spread its lips, and feel the sopping moisture there, and know that it is my mere presense that does that to her, and she cannot push my hand away, because it is MY cunt, to do with as I desire.


I have a habit.  I cannot write simple one-line messages to my Owned girl...  I have tried, many, many times, and continue to fail.  There is simply too much to write about, and 2-3 hours in the morning is never enough.

Want a 'taste' of what I write about?

Here you go:

You are a special, amazing, wonderful, talented, brilliant, smart, vivacious, bratty, sexy, slutty, out-of-this-world, remarkable, spectacular, desirable, extraordinary, supernatural Old-Soul of a woman, My Owned girl.
You may not believe that, but I DO.  Your Master DOES.  Accept it, if not for yourself, then because your Master KNOWS and COMMANDS it.

I would not lock My collar to the throat of just any woman.
I would not lock my leather cuffs onto just any woman.
I would not torment and thrill just any woman.

The woman I do that to, has to be special.

I do those things to you, My property, my innocent girl, my good girl.

Ergo, you are special.

In more ways than you will know or will admit to yourself.

And know you this:

There is One close by who wants to rip the 'armor' clothes from your body, because they hide what He Desires.

There is One close by that wants to lock you in His cuffs, and secure you so there is NO ESCAPE.

There is One close by that wants to cover your body in kisses, bites, licks, mauls, grasps; Taking what He wants from your helpless, submissive body.

There is One close by that wants your fine ass in the air, and will beat it unmercifully, with all manner of implements, making you scream and thrash, until your buttocks are a patchwork of bright red, yellow, black and blues.

There is One close by that wants you chained at His feet, being tormented by His cock, making you beg for it, making you choke on it as He shoves it deeply into your mouth and throat, making you Worship His member, forcing you to drink deep of his ejaculate and suck out each and every drop.

There is One close by that wants you secured, your cunt exposed and open to the air, so he can nestle between your legs, His head at your crotch, and lick, bite, tongue, suck, finger you into delirious oblivion, time and time again.

There is One close by that wants to shove his turgid manroot deep into your cunt, His cunt, and pump/plow you in wild abandon, pistoning it in over and over, Taking what He Wants, until He hutches, gasps, moans, screams his pleasure, squirting his juice all into your body.

Yes, there is One close by.  And He WANTS YOU.

And that is just a snippet, a small section, of the things I write about.

And I am continually amazed and saddened by so-called Dominants that can't even string a complete sentence together...

No wonder s-types continue to write in scorn, and derision in their profiles and journals about not accepting "one-liners".

As you can see, "one-liners" are not in My Nature.

Maybe, in my next journal post, if I feel a desire to do so, I will write about the Word...
The Word "Master", and what it does to me physically, when it is on the lips of my Owned girl.


7/24/2011 9:22:00 AM

Some of you may be wondering where I have been for the last two weeks, and 4 days...

Maybe some of you, not so much.

Let's say that my 'head' has been turned again.

The 'bait' in my profile, of tempting s-types to ask the meaning of my handle, worked to hook another one over two weeks ago...

A feisty red-head.  Let me tell you...  Red-heads are *BIG* *Trouble*.

And I positively adore and love that...

What can I tell you about this submissive girl?...

Let us say, she is the first that actually made me break my shell, and meet her face-to-face.
She is a luscious, delectable, brilliant, intelligent, vivacious, bratty, haughty, demure, submissive, wonderful, giving, nurturing Old Soul, and I am completely head-over-heels for her.

flattened into a puddle of goo at her overwhelming power to send me into paroxysms of pleasure with just her look, her smile, and her barest touch.

My beast rages in his cage each time we meet.  It is all I can do to keep him under control, and we haven't even engaged in *any* 'play' yet!

I have devoted my full, undivided, and complete attention to her.  Because she deserves it, and then some.  More than I could possible give alone.

I used to be a cynic and harsh pessimist.  I thought parts of me where long dead, buried behind vitriolic bitterness over my circumstances.

This red-head (*Big* *Trouble*) reawakened everything. 

Especially my devotion, and my deeply Romantic nature.  My White Knight with a dark streak.

You other s-types that glance by me in passing and then move on.
You don't know what you are missing.  Too bad.

I hope and pray that My red-head realizes how gut-wrenchingly lucky she is.  My being is dedicated to her happiness, including turning her fine ass black and blue, gripping her hair, locking my leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, clipping my collar to her throat, binding her to immovability, and sending her into oblivion...

Don't believe me?
I don't care.  My feelings are real.

And example?  Here is a text I recently sent her, when she asked me "What am I to you?  What do I do for you?":



You make mw feel wanted, adored, appreciated, desired, loved, powerful, insane with passion, and lusted after...

You are my best friend,
my submissive lover,
my wanton slut,
my bratty upstart,
My haughty wench,
my nurturing healer,
my viscious biter...


Real enough for you?

7/6/2011 5:52:37 AM

Did you know?

'Kink' is a spectrum...  Ranging from Dominant to submissive, with all the perversions/deviancy running in-between the two extremes.

In a sense, we are *all* switches...

I have known female s-types that can wield a harsh and cruel whip, Domme-ing with the best of them.

I have known male Dominants, hard to the core, that willingly and gladly submit as an abject male slave to their Significant Others.

And do you know why?  Because each is fully aware of what they want in the other.  The s-type knows how she would like to be treated, and the Dominant knows how he likes to treat his property.
It isn't a hard mental exercise to 'exchange' places for them...

Whether it is genetics, or a nodule of wired neurons formed in childhood, the 'Kink' doesn't force one to be submissive or Dominant, the person chooses for themselves where they land on the spectrum, what part that gets their 'juices' flowing.

Yet, your place on the spectrum can be fluid, and can shift, if you desire.

This is true for me.  I can feel it...  In my core of Dominance, I can feel the streak of submission...

But I lack the trust to ever submit to anyone, right off the bat.
Because of my experiences in the past, I can only ever express that part of myself with someone that I trust implicitly and completely.

I have only ever met someone like that, so far, once in my time in this sphere, and she wasn't particularly interested...
Turns out, her interest in the Kink was only superficial.  Her interest was only to attract me at first, and long enough to sink the claws into a solid hold.

And you wonder why I have 'trust issues'...

- stubgrub


6/29/2011 8:59:15 PM

"Add me to the pile, boys!  Just another body in the destruction and wreckage of her wake..."

- stubgrub

6/29/2011 7:45:51 PM


Hhmn...  Did you hear that?
It sounded like the call of a she-sleen I once knew...

She was a hot bit of slavemeat, I will tell you!
Vivacious, intelligent, lascivious, and a skilled kajira, with her words, her poise, her grace, and her movements.
Her ardent stare could get your blood racing, the pout of her lips would your heat to rise, and her sighs could turn your loins into a raging inferno of passion, barely kept in check.

When I Owned her, her submission empowered me, made me feel strong and vital.
While it lasted, it was...  Fantastic and indescribable...
She was the best kajira I have ever known.

Hhmn?  What happened?

She had all the makings of a truly great slavegirl, except she had the tongue like a venomous ost...
It struck Men where they would hurt the most, in quick, precise strikes, and filled with poison.

First, it was with the idea that I was untrusting, and before I could recover from that, it was followed immediately that I was untrustworthy.  I reeled at such toxins that coursed through the veins of my soul.

One strike I would have been able to handle and recover from, but a second so soon after the first was too much for me to bear.

I did what any Gorean Master does with an unpleasing slave they Own.  I sold her off.

I tried to not be unkind.  She had previously expressed a desire to be a White Silk Girl for the Silk_and_Steel_Tavern, a fine establishment, with many quality wenches.
So I sold her to one of the Tavern's partners for 15 gold tarns.

The Tavern should take good care of her, and look to her continued training, which is well.

The money?  After the sale, I strode from Tavern to the village green, where a Display Bar is kept.  It was there I first instructed her in the Kiss of the Whip, and tested her slave responses.
As hard as I could, I dashed the coins on the dias of the Bar, since I wanted nothing to do with her anymore.
It was a lucky set of peasants that would become rich on finding those coins the next morning.

Still...  I should thank the girl...

With her, she made me aware of levels of strength I never knew I had.
For the first time in a long, long time, I was able to stand, and face others with my power and vitality.  Food tasted better, drink was sweeter, air was fresh and clear, and I was a Man among earthmen.
I was a true Gorean Master, an Owner of a kajira.

For as long as I live, I will always remember her...  All other slaves will be in comparison to her...

Her name?  No, no, my friend.  To say such is inconsiderate and impolite.  If you ever meet her, you will know her from my description.  She is unmistakable.

Let us continue on, my friend.  There is much further to go.  My thanks for letting me bend your ear.

- stubgrub

6/23/2011 8:07:14 PM

...  Just when I start to get a 'good head of steam', and start to really enjoy myself, this sort of thing happens, and I just want to crawl back into the mundane world...

- Master StubGrub

6/19/2011 6:27:23 AM

Please tell me, that we in the dominant community, are not that dumb...   Please?

I just read a journal of a dominant complaining of several s-types into online play that would not follow commands, would not complete assignments, would demand money/gift cards/items, and could not access a digital camera or webcam.

Maybe if I make it a bit more clear...

If the submissive/slave's profile publishes a chat address (typically '') *directly* in the profile text, that is your first warning sign.

If the submissive/slave's profile has a single picture of a nice model in a semi-lascivious or lascivious pose, but no other photographs, that is your second warning sign.

If the submissive/slave's profile states that they are looking to relocate, this is a 2-alarm-fire warning.

If the submissive/slave's profile states they are in a foreign country, especially Africa, but they have placed a profile in your state, this is a 10-alarm-fire warning raging out of control, and will burn you to a crisp.

If a s-type profile matches one or more of these attributes, they are a scammer.

Let me repeat that for effect: The profile is of a scammer (most likely a male) if the profile has:
- a chat address in the profile text
- there is only a single profile picture of a model
- the s-type indicates eagerness/willingness to relocate
- they claim to be in a foreign country.

Of course, if you are a dominant aware of this type of scam, then you could also have some fun and 'scambait' the fools, if you so desire.

Read up on the practice:

My favorite site that publishes documented, successful scambaits of typical online scammers:

But please, spare me the 'facepalm moment' by journaling your complaints over uncooperative s-type that have profile elements described above.  You, sir, have been *scammed*.  Please learn from the experience, and move on...

- stubgrub

6/17/2011 7:58:03 PM

You need to face reality...
We are -all- damaged and broken in some way.  No one is 'normal' or 'perfect'.  We all have skeletons in our closets; some we are willing to face, and be stronger for it.  Other skeletons we deny even exist, though that doesn't make them go away.

One of the goals in Life is to find someone whose damage is the -most- compatible with your own broken state.  Their broken ends mesh well with your broken fore.

If you are lucky, your individual damage fits well together.

But if you are like 75% of us, the broken ends do not fit well, and just rub against eachother, causing friction, irritation, anger, hatred, scorn, wrath, jealousy, envy, fear, sadness, disgust, disappointment, contempt, rage, exasperation, torment, suffering, shame, neglect, horror, embarassment, helplessness, trapped, powerless, suffocated, doubt, worry, guilt, despair, suicidal, bored, etc.

Until it gets so bad you cannot communicate with eachother, much less even be able to meet eachother in the eye.

Most people just put up with it, and go on to die bitter, spiteful, vitriolic, and full of regrets.

If you have found your One/Many, then kudos to you, you can at least attempt to have some modicum of happiness and possibly satisfaction.

If you have not found, then please don't give up.
Do you -really- want to be that crotchety old man, or that old maid spinster, that you joked about when you were a punk teenager?

And remember that your primary concern is number one...  Some people strangely do not want to be saved but would be gleeful to take you down with them.

There are times when it is best to simply cut all ties and run.

Just some advice.  Take it or leave it.
- stubgrub

6/16/2011 8:16:04 PM


Not feeling particularly nice today.  There are days when life is just full of little and large disappointments.

Going to re-post something I wrote back in 2005, which usually makes any male dominant squirm and whine a little bit upon reading.

Enjoy! :D


October 6th, 2005

In a way, it is kind of sad...

I am fascinated by the act of fellatio, but, so far, I have found little enjoyment from it, so that I really don't understand the appeal.

Of course, that is not saying much.  Ever since I became sexually active in my teens (25 years ago), I have only engaged in serious sexual play ("third base" and higher) with one woman, my wife.  So, as you can see, I don't have much to make a comparison with.  It simply could be that my wife may not be particularly good at "giving head".

Plus, I am circumcised, which cuts down on sensitivity (but improves 'stamina' and 'holding power'), so it could be that my 'equipment' is simply not sensitive enough to enjoy the subtle pleasure of a 'loving mouth', or for you Goreans, a slave kiss.

Again though, I am still fascinated by the aspect of fellatio, and the kind of conundrum it represents in the BDSM world.

For one thing, you are taking one of the most important organs of the male body, and placing it into a moist, wet, orifice, lined with sharp, pointed, ceramic-encased cutters, slicers and mashers, and a dexterous manipulative appendage in the center.  This is suppose to be an act of a dominant over a submissive?  One quick snap and jerk, and the dominant isn't "dominant" anymore, but an emasculee, gripping with both hands a fire hose of gushing blood.

With that possibility hovering in the air, having a sub/slave perform fellation is not an act of dominance, but an act of supreme trust.

But the scene conveys a 'sense' of dominion: the sub kneeling, the Dom giving directions, clutching the sub's hair to help maneuver the head and time the thrust/stokes.  Bondage and restraint only enhances this dominion 'sense'.  But, for me, there is always that idea that the sub, at any moment, could 'express their displeasure'...

Ring gags and oral dams[dental gags ] would prevent such a nasty occurrence from happening, but there is a drawback.
Those devices may protect the 'Johnson' from toothy evisceration, but they also prevent the use of the lips, which is part and parcel to the act of fellatio.  I've been told, without the lips involved, the act of fellation is more akin to sticking you manhood into an open wound.  Sure, there is a tongue to give some sensation, but without the lips involved, there is no caress, no kiss, no engulfment, which supposedly makes the act of fellatiation so special...

So...  Without more experience, the act of fellatio will just continue to remain a mystery to me.

6/13/2011 8:50:17 PM

Well, -that- was depressing...

Just started 'getting-going' on an Email exchange with a s-type, and I felt it was going rather well.

Unfortunately, I mentioned my penchant for Gorean philosophy (John Norman's 'Gor' novels), and I am suddenly slammed in the face with a proverbial 'brick wall'.

Her words(paraphrased): "Got to the part about Gorean, and didn't bother reading the rest.  Not interested."

Didn't realize that Gor topics are such a stigma here, and it is not like I am completely Gorean in demeanor; I just like some of the concepts...

Would have been nice to get a little more information on why she was so repulsed, but the sense I get from 99.9% of the s-type profiles here is that they can't be bothered for explanations and other 'time-wasters'.

Can't really blame them...  Considering the sheer weight of garbage (liars, scammers, players, one-night-standers, wannabes) on this site, female s-types have to build up a pretty thick armor with all the shit and plays they have to put up with.

Still, it would have been nice if she could have at least given me half a chance, or at least let me know what it was that put her off so completely.

6/13/2011 8:02:44 PM

Since this was asked of me, I will go ahead and regurgitate it to my journal:

The Top Ten BDSM activities that really get my 'juices flowing':

1). Bondage, in general
2). Breast bondage
3). Gags and blindfolds
4). Ripping/cutting the clothes (armor) off a female slave
5). Quality steel handcuffs and leg-irons
6). Domination (control of another)
7). Shibari (rope bondage and body harness)
8). Ass play
9). Gorean themes
10). Bound fellatio
Feel free to ask me for clarification on any of the above topics.
I am -always- happy to answer questions.

6/12/2011 7:14:46 PM

Going through my old journal entries from the last time I was on.

This was a good one:


As the great John Willie stated:

"Unlike a blindfold, which prevents sight, a gag, regardless of its form, does -not- prevent 'noise'.
A gag simply prevents speech."

Next to breast bondage and torment, gags are my next item on the 'Kinky list' that really gets my 'juices flowing'.

Something I have always wanted to have in my bondage equipment collection is a nice 'trainer gag'...

Most standard manufactured gags are simply a strap, with a ball or 'insert' in the center, which buckles in the back of the head.

A good 'trainer gag' will have at least three more straps (over the head on either side of the nose, under the chin), including the main strap.

Here is an extremely nice example of a classic 'trainer gag' from

Just the idea of strapping one of these into place on a female s-type...   Mmn!  Just sends shivers and tingles up and down my spine!

6/10/2011 11:22:27 PM

Your particular kink is unique to you...

There are things that get your 'juices flowing' better than others.

I have determined a long time ago, that my particular 'bend' leans towards Gorean concepts.

Not the testosterone-filled, declarative/imperative-announcing, saber-rattling concepts of John Norman's Gor, but these:

- That women should be subservient to men, as likened to a natural order, providing themselves, by force and/or bondage if necessary, to service men.

- That punishment (whipping, caning, torture) is for the sole purpose of correction/modification of inappropriate behaviour, and for the reinforcement of appropriate behaviour.

The infliction of pain in and of itself, with no rhyme or reason, for the implicit purpose of deriving sadistic/masochistic pleasure, runs counter to Gorean philosophy, as far as I understand it.

So, for me, I can provide pain, but it has to have an object lesson to it, otherwise it is just the pointless infliction of suffering for no purpose (other than getting a sadist's "rocks" off, or satisfying a pain slut).

Case in point:  I read a Dominant's blog posting on a particular treatment that he had for his 'talkative' female slave.  The slave had an unfortunate habit of speaking out-of-turn, speaking before being spoken too, and using speech to gain the attention of her Master and other Dominants (as is normal in the mundane world).
To correct this incorrect behaviour, but with an object lesson woven into the correction, the Master situated the slave's low, rectangular, wooden cage beneath his computer desk.  The slave was forbidden to speak at all while within the cage; if she spoke, it brought a single zap from a cattle prod.
While the Master cruised the Inter-webs, the slave was allowed to reach through the slats of her cage, and furtively touch and caress the Master's feet and legs.
However, just this wasn't enough to gain the Master's attention.
To do that, the slave had to reach, with one hand, to her Master's crotch, to unzip/unbuckle his fly and reach his 'manroot'.
The cage was situated such that the slave would be unable to reach the 'sensitive area' with both hands, but had to fit part of a shoulder through the slates to -just- reach...
If the slave could managed to get her Master's cock to full tumescence, then she would have his undivided attention.  Failing that, the slave would be in the cage for a long time.
This Master's slave eventually discovered that the -best- way to gain her Master's attention or the attention of other Dominants was not through talking, but by kneeling down before them, undoing their pants/covering, and take their cock in either her gentle hands or mouth.

Personally, I really can't think of a better way than that to gain a man's complete, whole, and unwavering attention...  Can you?

- stubgrub


6/6/2011 9:47:30 PM

*sigh* - I really should write something here every day...  Every week, at least...


But I play too much WoW, and when I finally log off, there is only about an hour before bedtime...


I play female avatars...  I used to tell myself and others that it was because when I play, I like to enjoy looking at the character I am playing with.


Now, I am not so sure...  Maybe, it is an aspect of my dominant nature...  Having a female toon under my full control.  Go where I want her to go, fight what I want her to fight, crawl through dungeons I want her to crawl...


HHmn...  I wonder...

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