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61yo male with a good right arm and knows how to use it! Several years (over 30!) rt experience, I would consider Myself to be a considerate, caring Dom, but I dont suffer fools gladly (or indeed at all) Located north of the border...but still prepared to converse with those unfortunate enough to be confined to EnglandSo, if you wish to explore your potential, or just to learn more about the wider aspects of the BDSM Lifestyle...feel free to get in touch.

Whatever happened to the fine art of conversation? Sighs....

12/25/2010 4:31:31 PM

What is it about the phrase "under consideration" that annoys me?  hmmm...not sure...maybe it just smacks of insecurity or lack of trust on behalf of the Dominant partner.  A kind of...back off please in case she thinks you are better than me...? Does he not trust the sub?  Does he think all subs string Dom/mes along for the fun of it?  *shrugs*  beats me! 

3/19/2009 1:44:25 PM
Sometimes this site, and its members, amaze Me...I noticed one sub the other day that joined (as a newbie) on a Monday, by Wednesday was "under consideration", and on Thursday was looking for another female sub to join her and her Master for fun sessions! Is it Me????   *lol*  How do you get to know a sub, and understand her needs etc sufficiently to then consider introducing a third 24 hours?????  I must be doing something wrong.... 

Vertical Line

 Age: 18
 Indianapolis, Indiana