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I am a 47 -year old divorced male. Top, Dominant, hopeful/hopeless romantic or otherwise depends on the individual's definitions. I don’t self anoint myself Master of anything.

I'm generally calm, stable, and controlled even when my life spirals out of control. For long-term interests, I need a deeply submissive woman who possesses and uses first class intelligence (NOT necessarily a degree) and can talk to me, not simply yes sir me to death.

I am working towards finding a stable partnership, be she submissive, slave, maid, or pain puppet. Person first, kinks second.

I don’t view submission as a gift, or Dominance as a right. Both are an inherent part of the person, just being straight or gay or bi. . If I am convinced the best thing is for slave to go take a hot bath, I will have her sit and wait while I draw one and place her in it. I will also take a cane to her if I feel it is appropriate, or tie her to a tree in a secluded area. Or (GASP!) sit quietly and hold hands while watching a video, since there *is* a wider life out there.

I am not a brilliant extrovert, but I am a caring and warm person after my reserve is breached. I don't see that or manners as conflicting with being a sadist. I am not obsessively controlling or given to micromanagement and focusing on every detail of a submissive's daily life. I can definitely be a sensual and sexual sadist with an ability to fulfill both my own and my partner's needs.

I have interests that range from SCUBA diving to auto racing to Japanese  animation. I have participated in the lifestyle since 1996, and would rank myself as mid-level for actual experience

The women who hold my attention are smart, capable leaders in their lives but submissive to me in our relationship. We can talk about a wide range of topics without necessarily agreeing but respect each other’s opinions.

UPDATE As of May 2009 pretty much everything is on hold. The economy and my personal situation are just not appropriate to trying to start a D/s relationship with myself as the Dom.

I should update this more frequently.
My current plans include going back to school full time starting in Spring '07. THis will involve my moving to the Savannah area come Fall '07 though for now I'm still in the Atlanta area and always welcome new friends.