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I ll be your dirty little secret.Greetings! Looking to see what come May. Totally bottom submissive. Will add more as the mood dictates. Photos coming soon. Is my ass cute?if you do, drop me a note and let me know. Just curious. Based on all the positive feedback I would say the answer is yes. And thank you! I am an open minded bisexual submissive. That means I enjoy the moment and quality of the moment I am not hung up on gender. With that said, when I dress the part, I am very much the girly girl. And totally bottom. Not to say I wont top you if thats what you want, but generally I dont. I enjoy who I am and like others to enjoy it too. I do get pleasure out of pleasing others. And through their pleasure please myself. Looking forward to meeting new people. Open minded. 128139 for all those wishing to chat. It doesnt work here. Email me and if we hit it off I may give you my yahoo! 128139 If you like what you see, let me know!128139 P.S. Say whats on your mind. Chances are I wont be offended. Do you have what it takes to satisfy my lust?! 128139

What would you do, or have me do, if you owned me for the next 48 hours? Interesting question posed to me today.

A few things I've noticed lately


ive noticed a lot of men looking at my profile lately that identify as heterosexual. And that's okay. I love you. But I'm confused. Doesn't that mean your naturally draw to or looking for a woman? I understand I am attractive, but my profile clearly says I am trans. So why not just call yourself bi or poly?


next when I venture into one's profile to get to know one better I notice choices. And if trans is at the bottom of the list, especially below male then I feel I would be your last choice.


reading some of the profiles some are clearly bi. You may be a top, but if you enjoy a trans you are by no matter how feminine we are

What an awesome weekend! 

I was informed that it's been a while since I edited my journal. Have had problems adding to it here. So this is a test, and if it works I have so much more to add.

A question was posed to me.

what would you do if you owned me for 24 hours? 48?
Currently unattached
Back on the market, as it were. All good things...
Something is Wrong here
signed in as me, but when I go to mail it says I’m somebody else
You girls missed out! I don't know why this man wasn't scooped up?! Ladiepleaser 237 is the total package! His name says it all! This guy is amazing!! He does everything to please. And his stamina is impressive! Talk about talent, he could teach a class in it! 
This guy is amazing! I think I've finally met my kinky match!💋 So willing to please! And stamina off the charts! Lp237 you're the bomb!💋
For subinala

Heather, a knockout blonde, casually lay off the couch. I kissed her gently and slowly made my way down to her ample breasts as her terricloth robe gently parted revealing her effect nipples.  I sucked and nibbled them. Gently she pushed my head lower. Kissing and licking her jeweled stomach as I grabbed handfuls of her lush ass under her robe. Further downward she guided me, until her robe parted revealing a cock bigger than mine! Before I had time to react she parted my lips and forced her"clitty" slowly and deeply down my throat! Until I was gagging and convulsing. Slowly she pulled me of gasping for air before forcing herself deep down my throat! It didn't take long before a rhythm was developed, and she skull fucked me! She came down my gagging throat and held it there until I swallowed her load. I couldn't believe how hard this made me! She gently grabbed my ridgid cock and lazily led me upstairs to the bathroom, saying "you're my bitch now". I silently followed her into the shower. She lathered me up, and carressed me. Then she pressed against my hole, I was surprised at how easily she entered my hole. I arched my back to take more as she kissed my neck and tweeked my nipples. I moaned
How I became Heathers bitch

this is a journal entry from my early years.

i was doing an installation on a home that had been converted to three apartments on each floor in Atlanta. It was a big job, would take about 3 days. And that's all it took for Heather to make me her bitch.

i arrived at 8:30 am on the first day, Heather greeted me at the door in nothing more than a bath robe.  I immediately started about my job, after she showed me about her place.Laplace I'll have to admit, her place was a bit of a mess. In the one room that I needed to install equipment in there was a pile of costumes much like a show girl would wear.
i busied myself in installing the equipment. Needing to get something from my work truck, passing through the living room, I stumbled upon Heather, with a man s face buried in her crotch, her robe open exposing the most exquisite breasts.  The man, startled by my presence, quickly jumped up and fled. Heather, disappointed, through her robe over her exposed breasts? And sighed in disappointment.
 I apolofixed for the intrusion, and said if there were any way I could make it up to her, I would.(not expecting her to take me up on the offer). She said there was. I could finish the job her male caller had started... to be continued
My purpose: I enjoy getting you off by any means necessary
I am planning on starting training. In the next month
wish me luck
I've never degraded anyone until now. 
This guy is looking for a fantasy slut. 
Mastersonnyaz is definitely no master
he s a coward who is looking for a porn model 
fuck off wanker. You're not worth it
I was told , I relish in it
I love ❤️ the feel of s corset against my ski!💋 The time gut response the shape they give me!💋
If I took the time to read your profile, (I'm an avid reader), I found something about you intriguin. Say hello, I won't bite, unless you want me too.💋
I fear I've become too frisky for some. Lol💋
Ok boys and girls. While I can get you off online, I get nothing out of it. At all
I can't help it if I make you horny.
i can only offer some release.💋
I'm not here to make you money,(although I've been pimped out a few times, and I'm ok with that). Nor am I here to take your money,(I earn my own, thank you. i may occasionallay accept a gift around the holidays). I'm here to pleasure and enjoy Kink
He owned me!💋
Ok!💋 I've been getting a lot of responses lately about the pussy pic and piercings.💋 They are of a dear friend of mine, not me.💋 She has graciously given me permission to post them.💋 I will pass on your admiration to her.💋
When you look at yourself in the mirror are you happy with what you see? 💋. I am. 💋
This one goes out to all those so called Dom/dommes that demand I find them playmates. NOW!!💋. Grow up, and grow a pair!💋. After mentioning your names to a few friends both here and on other sites, the general consensus is that you need to look at yourself and determine what about you is the reason no one responds to you, and make the changes needed in yourself. Don't expect that just because you call yourself Dom that everyone is going to bow down and kiss your ass!💋. You have to earn a person s trust before they'll give you that authority!💋 End of rant
Added a few pics with permission, of my naughty friend Miss T. Feel free to message me and I may give you her profile here.💋
Road Trip!💋
There are those that play at it and those who live it! 💋. I'm the latter! 💋
OMG! It's national tequila day! 💋 I'm in trouble! 💋 lol
If you like what you see, let me know!💋
I have met someone, and we're becoming fast friends.💋 they accept me for who I am, and encourage me to explore further!💋 I am looking forward to the journey. Thank you for being you T!💋
Happy National No Panties Day!💋
Ok, for those of you asking me to join fetlife, I am now there as sluttyrory64
Someone told me today they were amazed at how flexible I am!💋
June 22nd is national no panties day!💋 I'll be out there sans panties!💋 Can't wait!💋 who's with me!?💋
Don't fight it! Embrace who you are!💋
Contrary to popular belief some of us do read profiles as a way to get to know you. 💋 so please write something even if it's just hi. 💋. Be natural be nice. 💋
To the few who have my instant messenger It crashed today and I lost all my contacts. So please please please send me your info again. Include the last three of mine and I'll send you my new info! The couple from Michigan I really need yours!💋
More photos just have to click on profile to see. Don't know why but that's how it is!💋
Any way you want it That's the way you need it💋
Wild horses Couldn't drag me away...💋
And tequila makes her clothes fall off! Thanks Tiffany and friends! For an awesome weekend! Nikki M for the wickedly naughty idea!💋 It wasn't what I expected it was sooo much more!
Any way you want That's the way I need it Hold on bay hold on
Yet another song stuck in my head! You keep pushing my love Over the border line!
Shout out to my gurl Tiffany! A weekend to remember ;) To my gurl Ellie Mae in Ohio! ( you know who you are!) glad to hear everything is ok! Kisses baby gurl!💋
Ever wake up with a song stuck in your head? Today I woke up with two. Good girls don't but I do, and Crimson and clover keeps playing in my head