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Pan Male Master, 62,  Massachusetts
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What It Means to Be A Sissy - Being a sissy is a feeling that one has that can overpower you. It is wanting to give up control, wanting to be obedient, wanting to do as told, and most of all wanting to please someone else. This particular sissy's sissiness has developed over the years from her crossdressing. It first started out as having a large nylon fetish and then to wearing nylons to finally dressing more and more femme as she learned that these things excited her like few other things. Thinking all day about nylons and panties and maid's uniforms and wanting to wear them is what it means to be a sissy. . Wearing old stockings over one clitty as they get excited is being a sissy. Getting excited and wanting to touch one's self as I type this is being a sissy. Sissies have very strong urges and very few understand them to allow them an outlet for these urges. This is in part why sissies become so attached to this side of them. It grows and grows over the years to a point that most can barely control it. Most sissies as result don't know what to do and dress up in secret . All the while thinking about what their favorite roleplay scenario would be and what they and the Dominant figure would be . That is most definitely being a sissy. Seeing a lovely woman wearing nylons and nice heels and wishing you had them on yourself, that is being a sissy. It is rare that a sissy is so lucky as to find someone who understands what makes them tick and that can give them guidance towards being more femme or a better girl. Even if they wanted to be more femme or shaved they are held back as others would ask questions. This is not even beginning to think about others ever accepting this side of someone. All of these things are part of being a sissy. Yearning to find someone of a like mind yet knowing that due to other things in their lives that this is not possible. Sissies end up unable to balance both worlds always living in fear that the conventional side of life may find out about their other side. And then their world would collapse. So a large part of being a sissy is about living a double life all the while knowing it can be quite risky. Most of all though as comes through from the words above it is not easy being a sissy. Being a true sissy is something that a very small percentage of sissies can achieve for a variety of the reasons alluded to above. In an ideal world a sissy would be able to dress, behave, and serve as she wished while receiving guidance and even punishments or correction from a stern hand overseeing the whole process. For sissy's who achieve this and have a balance in their life this sissy can only imagine how intoxicating that feeling is. If you read this far. I AM LOOKING FOR A SISSY LIKE THIS








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