Vertical Line


Traditional, Old Guard Sadistic Master.
Experienced in controling the most inportant part of the slave, the mind. Very strict disciplinarian.

Requirements for slave:
Ready and willing to serve 24/7.
Must be local or wiling to relocate when directed to.
Be willing to surrender everything at the point of acceptance.
Willing to complete a evaluation period before acceptance.

if you wish to apply send a full biography and photos.

Collareme does not seem to like the photos I post, and since there is no point arguing with the guy with his finger on the delete button, I will email the selected slave the photos I feel she needs.

Ok to answer your question what is a old line Master? It simplly mean that I train both the body and the mind. It's one thing to bend over in the bedroom and holler whip me master and another to kneel at your Masters feet and say I am here to serve you master and mean it with all you heart and mind. So if you just want to play keep looking. If your ready to make a lifetime comittment then contact me.