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Thanks for taking the time to read my listing. First and foremost, Im an alpha male to family, friends, and folks at work. Im masculine (not metrosexual, or frilly - although I have no personal problem with folks that are), funny, witty, intelligent, mix well in any social setting, and a great conversationalist.

Im 61, 200 pounds, medium-athletic build, brown hair, and eyes. Most would describe me as a height-weight proportionate, attractive man. My vanilla interests are many, and varied.

I love sports (basically a sports nut!!), reading, working out, running, and just chilling out with family andor friends. Ive never been married, nor do I have any children. On to the BDSM portion of my listing.

Im seeking a FML (female led-relationship). Im seeking a MistressOwner, as Id like to be a submissiveslave. You can command, and I must obey...or punishment will occur. You are demanding, strict, beautiful, sexy, sadistic and powerful. Exerting power over me can include humiliation and punishment. Many activities involved in an FLR, that Id like to experience are...but not limited to being naked while you are clothed, kneeling at your feet, pering sex acts on demand, wearing a collar, being held in chains, having to obey you at all times, being in bondage so I cannot resist, being teased sexually, being whipped, being tortured, being caged, being leashed (led by a leash), being kept in a dungeon, addressing you as Mistress, being forced to submit sexually, being forced to service your friends or other lovers sexually, sexual chastity, wearing a chastity devise, prostate milking, and orgasm denial, being slapped in the face, spanking, genital torture, required to wear genital fetish wear, forced to wear a butt plug, etc...

You are sure of yourself, you talk down to me, commanding me and belittling me to remind me of my place. You may enjoy wearing sexy, tight, leather outfits, or business attire. Your power is enhanced by being able to control my orgasms. You deny me release, teasing me - sometimes painfully. You flaunt your power and control with whips, riding crops, canes, and many ways of restraining me.

You may have sex with others, while I am teased sexually and forced to watch then denied. You are in complete control of my sex and pleasure. I wantneed you to take control and am willing to submit, but need to become a much better servant by forced and very strict training. I desire humiliation as a teaching tool and am willing to beg and worship. My willingness is unlimited, I want you to use me in many ways. I want to be used as a servant, sex and for your sadistic desires. If you feel I may be what you seek, I look forward to your reply!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!! Without the wonderful women kmown as moms, none of us would be here!! ☺️