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About Me… I believe - it takes a Real Man to make a great Master. Any man, no matter how dominant, should first prove he commands respect, earns authority and exercises it responsibly before claiming to have what it takes to "own" another, to inspire a woman's submission, to truly master and possess her.. I’m a natural alpha male known for integrity and ability, highly-accomplished, athletic and healthy, living a full and balanced life I want to share - in fact I need to share - with a bright and devoted submissive or slavegirl (it's not the label that matters but the spirit inside). I’ve been firmly rooted in the lifestyle for many years, and am adept at maintaining it on a 24/7 basis that's both real and realistic. The girl I take will share a rich, balanced, exciting life by my side. A committed D/s relationship creates the greatest passion and the deepest bond two people can form. I've earned the ability to have it all in life, and there is one submissive girl longing to be claimed who will show me by her devotion, her responsiveness and that look in her eyes that she is the one for me.

I’m willing to invest the time it takes to find that gem in a million. she is a girl of character who knows she needs the structure, control, leadership, security, protection, discipline and more that a natural Master can give her. Whether trained or in need of it, she hears the calling to devote herself to a man and joyfully serve him, and she will thrive on the pride she earns in pleasing, supporting and submitting to His will and fulfilling her purpose in his home.

What I Enjoy …
The beauty of a naked, collared slavegirl on her knees, eager to serve. The contrast of steel and chain on soft, fair female skin.
The purity and simplicity of being obeyed.
The challenge and satisfaction of training.
The humble acceptance of discipline.
The security, commitment and success of a well run D/s household. The sweet whispers my girl makes in the moment... The affirmation and joy every time I hear "Thank You Daddy", or "Yes Sir". What I provide….
Security and Commitment.
A very comfortable and positive lifestyle.
Travel throughout the US and abroad.
Strong hands and a firm grip.
Confidence in every move I make.
The special collar my girl will wear with pride.
The opportunity to live your fantasies.
Support for a girl’s goals and dreams.
Realism and good judgement she can trust.
Adventures, music, art and the outdoors in abundance.
Appreciation and sharing of life's finer things - good food, great company, and a full day, every day. Approach sincerely and you will always be treated with respect. I look forward to it. Until then, be well and be good..