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We are a Domsub couple looking for many different possibilities. She is a switch who can be dominant with women given chemistry. As a priority we are looking for a woman to build a real relationship with as a partner to us both. We are polyamorous and looking to build a triad a live-in, permanent threesome. She should be mature and grown (21+), feminine, educated (this does not mean college but college would be preferred), willing to move to GA, intelligent and fun loving. I am clean, feminine and bisexual. My partner is masculine, dominant and straight. We are looking for fun and pleasure with good friends as well. We are seeking intellectual, happy and playful couples and single women for friendship and adult fun. You certainly dont have to be perfect in looks or weight, but a mutual physical attraction is required. We are open to a submissive couple for a permanent relationship. We are not currently seeking submissive men.

Robin Williams

-"What matters a man who does not make the world a better place."-
 You made the world an exceptionally better place Robin.  Blessed Be

We have both lost 30 pounds now and still pushing for more.

We have both started to change to a healthy life and become more fit.  So far we have both lost 20 pounds.

We would like to find a female slave to live with us and be our personal home, domestic and body servant.  You must be Poly and understand that there are and will be other subs/slaves in our home.  We are very open, honest, kind and strict when needed.  We can give guidance, control and purpose.  We are college educated professionals with careers.  If you are only wanting to stay at home and not have a vanilla job outside of the home then we are not for you. 

Unfortunately things did not work out with the lady we were talking to about joining our home. We know we will find the woman who will fit in our home. We just have to keep looking.
I am so very glad and happy to see the ladies getting along so well and bonding.

We have begun talking to a wonderful, beautiful and vibrant lady.  She may be what we are looking for in a wife and we may be what she is needing.  We are taking our time and we will see what develops.  Hopefully a life long wife and partner.