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Bisexual Female Mistress, 29,  Suffield, Connecticut
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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix



 5' 4"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

 Lives For:




 Obedience Training

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Knife Play


 Massage (Getting)

 Orgasm Control

 Plastic Wrap

 Sensory Deprivation


 Speech Restrictions








 Body Worship



 Corner Time


 Hair Pulling

 Masks (On Partner)


 Public Play

 Wax play



I LOVE went i feel power in my veins. I just want to play.
i have puppy/age play on my mind. omg its driving me crazy.
I am a BBW and love i t. 

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Journal Entries:
6/22/2014 4:41:17 AM
So for the first time in my life I went to lthis little dive bar to listen to a country cover band and i loved it. I really need a local pet/toy that has some free time to do things like that with me.

1/1/2012 10:46:30 PM

I think its funny when you turn some one down and they "worn" others that you are a time waster. dude get over your self you bore me. but unlike you i will not put your name here. 


9/3/2011 4:23:51 AM

its my b day yay!!!!

8/16/2011 7:04:46 PM

If its not fun don't do it!!!!

8/6/2011 9:29:23 PM

its been a long night. this place is so crazy.

8/4/2011 4:40:56 PM

one month to my b day!!!!

7/27/2011 1:16:57 AM

August- do Dommes ( or Doms i guess) have the right to more than one sub, when subs must be faithful ( emotionly and guided sexuly) to one domme?

7/3/2011 5:49:51 AM

there are so many fakes here i m leaving a question for you to answer. No need to answer it but the ones that do are way more likely to really meet me.


July- what does it mean to serve on a Dommes terms?



this is working so nicely i think will put up a question every month

6/29/2011 5:24:07 PM

if you are in chasty or have a cage or willing to get one and wear it 24/7 and prove it write me. i knew i liked it but finnal play with a boy with it and now im in love with it.

5/20/2011 4:17:18 PM

trying some thing new we will have to see

5/2/2011 6:02:31 AM

my new wish list idem


i could vearlly keep some one on there toes with this

4/17/2011 9:04:34 PM

do not send me a chat request if we have never talked i will never  say yes

1/15/2011 4:09:54 PM

 i want presents. i know its sad but i deserve them

10/22/2010 5:53:02 AM

who is going to beg to be sodomize by my purple dick?

10/22/2010 5:33:50 AM

i finnal got my (first) dream strap on. its perfect in ever way. i hate taking it off. i need to thank a special sub for it and don't worry your genorsty will be rewarded. but now i get why boys play with there dicks all the time. mine is fake and i do too now.


9/28/2010 8:17:49 AM
found this site with sexy girl puppy play pics. warning some insinuate bestiality so if you can not get past that plz do not look

9/24/2010 7:35:49 PM
day one-to all that know what im trying to do im going to give updates and keep track on here plz help me and encoraged me. 10-10:20

9/2/2010 8:08:59 PM
im walking away from cm for a while. i will be back i always come back.

8/1/2010 7:30:31 PM
I need others thoughts if you have to teach you sub/slave the 5 most important things about being a sub what would it be? plz email me your response both dom and sub responces are welcome

7/10/2010 10:08:40 PM

7/9/2010 8:01:36 AM
i hate my cm. it will not let me respond to emails only let me see them ugggg

6/8/2010 5:52:34 PM
i need a "sub" for me to power over. i had a great thing that should of been and did not. you must have a place to play. i normally have 2 weekdays off so you must be able to do that. and i do not want to drive far. even if you responded before you can talk to me again. no need to be a AB. in you email add "try 46" so i know you read this and understand my requirement

5/19/2010 7:32:04 PM
left a new task in the nursery.

5/17/2010 11:40:49 PM
i need a strap on and an ass to practice on

5/17/2010 9:10:39 PM
lonely. power can not get you happyness

5/8/2010 8:20:54 PM
i really need a new gf just official broke up with the last one. :(

4/20/2010 4:01:27 PM
I broke my phone again today I want to cry.(yes domme have feelings)

4/6/2010 3:24:02 AM
life is very crazy. i did not plan it like this. it will clam down in a few weeks sorry if i upset any one that was not my goal.

3/22/2010 8:36:15 PM
note to every one out here.. no matter how much you think your vannail friends will understand they will not and they will tell every one you know. and live will never be the same. suck that we can not just be happy being ourselves

3/15/2010 9:32:53 PM
Please answer and send this back to me Manda hello I'm tying to understand the subs. i hope that you will take the time to answer a 5 quick questions for me thank you. 1 What is your age?_______ 2 Are you in to any of these? age play baby(acting 1-2) _________ age play preschool (3-5) _________ age play school age( 5-10)_______ being a sissy____________ medical play _________ puppy play _________ 3. Have you ever used a Pro Domme? _________ 4. Would you ever pay a Pro Domme for any of the above?________ 5. What do you think is a fair rate for a Pro Domme? ________

9/2/2009 9:15:28 PM
its my birthday yay 25!!!!!

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