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FTM (he, husband, on T, had top surgery) and MTF (she, wife, on hormones and the wait list for bottom surgery) married couple. Be careful with your pronouns, not because we are easy to offend. - we aren't we're both very easy going trans people, simply because it's confusing if we aren't all on the same page. Both switches. Both dirty little perverts. Looking for an interesting, amusing, creative third. We like swinging, rubber, anonymous, strapon, bondage, cage, chastity, adult baby, diaper play, maid, cross dressing and poop play.

It would be nice if you fancied us both sexually but neither of us is particularly possessive and we really enjoy watching each other have a good time. We are both calm, emotionally mature, philosophical people. We're attracted to good communication skills and people with a plan. Love to top and to bottom. We've a long kink list - have a read. Happy to explore. Happy to limit our interests to ones that are compatible. Having been through the pain stuff neither us is now into anything more than mild spanking Then again Sarah enjoys giving a good thrashing from time to time. We are poly.. we love like cats not dogs - thats not a reference to sex ... just a rejection of power play and co-dependency found in many Heterosexual relationships. Come, be yourself, stay yourself, love us for being ourselves. Don't change on our behalf; don't try to change us to suit you. Other interests, reading, skiing, sailing, walking, cycling, cooking, architecture, antiques, theartre, holidays. Current desire: a sissy maid, a female sissy maid, a sex mad pan sexual male, a Dom who is calm and looking for a bit of conversation as well as a play partner. We've 2 cats.
 Age: 27
 Phildelphia, Pennsylvania