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i have been in the lifestyle long enough to acknowledge what i desire. i seek to serve. Not be used as a sex toy, to the redundant who cannot take sex apart from Ds. To have someone who cannot seperate the two, nor see my reasonings behind this issue need to look on.

Do You seek someone to adore You? Make Your life easy for You by having the tedious tasks tended to with ease?

i enjoy a couple, as i love to work so the girl can enjoy the time with her Male. i will not be involved in a poly relationship where the male only wishes more girls in his tribe to screw. Please do not make me tainted with this bullshit. i want to respect the Man. So often used by other girls as a trophy for their man, and nothing annoys me more.

First and foremost i am a real person. Not a needy chick desperate and taking hits by people playing in BDSM who lack the self esteem and find this the only way to get attention.

i am attractive and very much in great shape. Your physical beauty is not what is most important with me, as i do not wish this to be what is important to You. i see deeper into a person's soul, and seek someone on the same level. Someone to for once, stimulate my senses. i have had this recently and it sparked inside me, something other then the mechanical emotions i have had to adapt due to cyber dom's and wanna be's.

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3/28/2009 8:46:16 AM
hmmm,    i read my emails...

and have found.    global abortion is what we need.  

Most people,    are just fcuking stupid.

2/8/2008 10:01:44 AM
Do Not. 

Waste my time with stupid redundant emails of your pathetic sexual desires.

11/28/2007 9:15:34 PM
i sit and wonder ...

of a life of slavery.  is there truly such a life?  such a freedom?   

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