Vertical Line


Under revision. Hopefully will have something soon.

Sadistic. Seeking part-time Ms-Ds relationship.

Also seeking hypno subject (s).

Been in lifestyle to various degrees for a long time.

I am what I am. What I am defies definitionclassification. Now what I am can be interesting for the right person, couple or group.

Ive lots of varied experience and interest.

My armor is dented, tarnished and well used, I am no knight in shining armor, nor am I a dark knight. Some times I feel more like Dom Quixote battling his dragon, why is this wind mill here?

My humor tends to be off kilt, a bit sarcastic and often ill timed.

While far from being a member of the grammar police, I dislike text speak, even in text messages.

My life is complicated at its best, and it is rarely at its best.

I am low keyed and very far from a social butterfly, but while I am a bit of a geek, socially I am not awkward, just perfer to deal with small groups of people I know. I drink socially and selectively.

More to come, if I think of more to add
== Results from == 100% Bondage Giver 100% Degradation Giver 100% Dominant 100% Master/Mistress 88% Sadist 80% Experimentalist 75% Daddy/Mommy 73% Primal (Predator) 66% Brat Tamer 59% Exhibitionist 52% Pervert 51% Voyeur 40% Primal (Prey) 38% Non-monogamist 25% Vanilla 17% Brat 13% Girl/Boy 13% Submissive 9% Switch 0% All-Rounder 0% Bondage Receiver 0% Degradation Receiver 0% Masochist 0% Slave