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Hetero Male Master, 58,  Nashville, Tennessee
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All things progress and evolve. We are no longer seeking subs for both of us. She had found her girl. It didnt work out after 3 years. Daddy is still looking for the right fit. If you are a sub and are curious about the reality of a DS Ddlg relationship, lets talk. I can speak with a good level of authority on the subject. If youre just looking for talk thats nice and Ill honor that limit. Not specifically what Im seeking but good conversation is always a plus.

If youre a daddys girl with a strong sub side and you want that attention, I can help. Thats more the goal now. Youd be for Daddys pleasure and now it would be our little secret.

Either way, dont be afraid to say hello











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 1"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:

 Exhibitionism (Expert)

 Swinging (Expert)


 Anal Play (Expert)

 Blindfolds (Expert)


 Collars (Expert)

 Corner Time (Expert)

 Corsets (Expert)

 Lifestyle BDSM (Expert)

 Polyamory (Expert)


 Begging (Expert)

 Canes and Crops (Expert)


 Eye Contact Restrictions (Expert)

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Journal Entries:
9/21/2013 11:29:05 AM

We havent blogged in a while but have really found a thing that makes us laugh like hell on here. The 19, 20, up to about 26 or 27 year old "Doms" and "Dommes." Who are you kidding? You haven't lived an iota of real life yet (sure you had a hard time after you dropped out of school, college, did all that silly shit that was really self entitlement...but that isnt having it rough, thats acting like...well..."your age") 


There is no such a thing as a 19 year old dominant. Those are just spoiled bratty children that think by being bossy, petulant and taking that to an extreme they are somehow entitled to servitude. You little idiots, grow up. Realize that dominance and submission are a willing exchange of power. Truly, you give those of us that have let time and experience shape and mold us a bad name. 

8/11/2012 11:38:06 AM

Finding real "Daddy's Girls" on here is difficult. It is unfortunate that a lot of the "subs" on here really aren't. If anything they use their supposed submissiveness for self esteem issues. Im afraid I don't see how garnering attention with a cute picture only to use that as a means to get compliments is being a sub.


The true submissive daughter's are the ones that enjoy both sides of the equation. Its a power exchange. A sub isn't a doormat. She is a treasured possession. Like any other valued thing, she is to be protected and nurtured. Used, without a doubt but that lovingly and at the end of a session, maintained and returned to her vanilla life with care.


The familial aspect comes into play with the authority and respect given to a father. In exchange she should receive adoration and attention. If she has misbehaved then punishment is in order. That, should be firm and immediate. Once the Dom has meted out his punishment it should be clear that the offense has been atoned for both he and his girl should move on.


Oh to find that perfect Sub/Daughter that fits into that picture. We, unfortunately, are still looking.


1/8/2012 5:22:19 AM

Time to start outing the fakes and the supposed "slaves" and "submissives" that are really just looking for a meal ticket. lonellycarson is definitely a fake looking for money. Three sentences into a chat, "but that is if you really care for me and not make me lack"

1/2/2012 8:04:04 AM

Well, we found found one of those delightful little sluts. What a treat. We spent 5 hours with her yesterday and had a lovely time. Now, the real question: will we ever hear from her again? Folks...its simple..those of us with open minds, naughty imaginations and the balls and ability to keep our our kink life but keep it separate from our vanilla, are rare indeed.


If you find real folks, cherish them, protect them, above all else, nurture them. Sure do hope she gets back to us. (We believe in the old adage about "If you love something...set it free.."

12/25/2011 5:32:56 AM

LOL...where are all the delightful little sluts that we see in porn vids. We especially like the amateur stuff where its just a naughty girl being her naughty self. Girls that are all prim and proper to the vanilla world but when they get a chance to be there nasty freak selves they let go and enjoy the sensory input. Thats what we want. Being a sexual safe-haven for a little slut. Allowing her into our vanilla lives as an adored friend or family member but when Mom and Dad have alone time with her, in an environment that is controlled and relatively risk free, we help her find that inner slut. The girl that will allow us to use her as we see fit and pleasurable. There can be no doubt that she exists, the evidence is everywhere on the internet. We just have to get her here and let her get comfy. What a delightful Christmas gift that would be. Unwrapping our naughty little fuck-toy daughter in the living room right beside the Christmas Tree.

12/24/2011 5:23:11 AM

A few fun encounters from here in the past month. Mostly the same old fake crap. The thing we dont get is why people so abruptly cut off contact. We are sane, rational and adult. If after speaking for a while a person decides "Eh...not for me" Thats cool. Why not tell someone that rather than just go along making them think everything is cool then poof? Doesnt make a lot of sense. Relationships that one would find here have to be based as much on trust as anything. If you dont feel like its a good fit, say so. Why would anyone be upset by that? Its just being honest. I guess folks just arent sued to real people on here and its just an anonymous screen name to them. Too bad, you end up missing out on a lot of fun. Then again, if youre a fake we suppose theres only so far you can go without tipping your hand. Ah well. Merry Christmas folks. Maybe 2012 will be more fruitful

11/2/2011 3:57:31 PM

Things are looking up. We been talking with a lovely submissive that as it turns out seems genuine. This is good! Have met a few more on here that we're a little less enthused about when it comes to our believing their claims of whom they are. Ah well, we cant understand why folks would be less than honest in affairs like this but it doesnt diminish the pure joy of finding the select few that are truly genuine. These we would give our lives to. Isnt that what its really about? Sharing. One can not share with an illusion. So to the ones that are genuine and have been in touch, thank you. We think youre great!

10/22/2011 5:45:49 AM

We've had yet another eventful week. This time a girl that seemed perfect, had verified by phone and made plans to meet. All seemed right on course. Then, out of nowhere, poof. Had it been a couple of conversations, a little sharing of lifes secrets, that would be one thing. This was far more involved and we were quite sure. We dont understand that. Why go to all that bother? I suppose it could be someone that just likes "Mind-fucking" people but she sure didnt seem that. Live and learn we suppose.  So, if you are a delightful little sub/fuck=toy with a bent toward incest, we're still looking. Sadly so. But we are optimistic. The old adage of "one door closes and another opens". Were looking for that opening door as we type.

10/2/2011 2:30:46 PM

The last couple of weeks have been a little better. We have been talking to a couple of lovely subs that may or may not work out as 'daughters'. This is good. That said, were still mystified by the level of falseness here. We think were going to start a "dont bother' list. If a person isn't interested, we get that. Not everyone's taste all the time. But why add friends, chat, insist that you're ready to commit to a LTR in a poly-household and be nothing of the kind? I mean seriously, you're "ready to commit" and you cant even verify that you are whom you say you are. Please, give us a break.


In other news, have been talking to our adult niece and shes admitted to wanting to fuck 'Uncle" since she was...younger. Now that was an odd turn of events. We might just have to make this happen for all concerned. LOL.


Physically, Mommy is getting quite used to being fisted. This is a thing that our 'daughter' will be asked to do regularly.


Thats it for now. Stay kinky and have fun. Fakes, quit being fakes

9/4/2011 6:36:09 AM

Yet another bitchy journal entry but what is the process for if not to vent? Interests: "joining a poly-household" First, why would you check this if you dont know what it means? Secondly, even if you understand the concept, why would you check it if youre not seeking that?


The other is friends requests. If you accept the request, why in heavens name if youre not going to chat with the people you list as friends. We have sent literally dozens of messages to people that have accepted friend requests to never hear anything back. We just dont get that. If you arent going to reciprocate with conversation there seems no point in adding friends..unless youre just looking for a tally to give yourself a feeling of self worth and accomplishment. That in itself seems pointless. 


Finally, again with the fakes and the requests for money. Folks, no one is going to open their home without first knowing that youre real and secondly compatible. That you would ask to have money sent to you before youre even verified is just silly. I mean, who does that?

8/31/2011 4:05:16 PM

Finally! Weve met a few adorable females that were willing to verify that they actually know something more about having a vagina than just having seen a few pictures of them. Sadly though weve only met two that we feel might be the girl we're looking for. Heres the question, we are offering a home and care. What in the name of hell makes anyone think that with the possibility that MAYBE the person on the other side of the screen has a Va J.J. we will send them money to come visit us? Surely you jest. The basis of a poly relationship is trust. So the first thing you suggest is that we should send you money? WTF is up with that?

8/11/2011 4:26:43 PM

Weve been on here for a few weeks now and getting the lay of the land. It seems like a lot of the time youre walking through a pasture and dodging the bullshit. One thing thats turning into a peeve is how many seem to be of like mind but dont discuss it. Whats the deal with not answering notes to you? We are very real and sincere. Not at all the "Bullshit" people. Yet we get responses and of those most are fake. Now, to our new friends that arent, Great to meet you! Really. We enjoy this and like the poeple that seem real. I guess thats the big part. Just be honest for fucks sake. It goes a long way.

8/9/2011 4:50:42 PM

Once again looking at how many folks express and interest then once you've made initial contact turn out to be as fake as 4 dollar bill. Come on people. This is a site designed to put like-minded people in contact. If you arent really looking for anything more than getting someone to look at your profile, why bother? Be real for the love of God. If youre not interested say so. If you are, really are, then be ready to back-up the stuff you put in your profile. Is that so much to wish for? A little honesty.

7/30/2011 5:57:36 AM

It's Saturday morning and we soo need a break from work and real life. Went out with friends last night and people watched for a while. That is so damned much fun. Wife and I were really hoping to find a naughty slut to take home. Why is it that we see and read so much here and elsewhere on the internet about this or that girl that professes to be a real slut but when it comes time to put out or get out...there really arent any? Weird. We have noticed that 19 yo girls seem to be the official 'freak-age." thats perfect for us. We'd love to find one that we can introduce as our niece or daughter and take her out to create some truly naughty experiences. Ideal would be to go to a bar and tease a few guys...eventually have both she and Suzanne lead a few out back and let them totally slut themselves out. Really. And why not...that is after all why they make condoms. We tried last night. There was a delightful young thing that struck up a conversation with us. She claimed that she was into public and actually did a little flirting and flashing. When we suggested that we take it a step further she backed up. The whole point is, girls, theres a world of naughty fun out there but if you arent going to embrace your slut side...itll never happen. The simple truth is you can have it all ways. Just be careful and discreet. The funny part is that we have numerous times taken guys out back and let them fuck both my wife and on a couple of occasions our niece. It really does happen so what is it about the girls that talk a good game but when its time to really get naughty, they freeze up. Just a rant. But its a legit one.

7/29/2011 4:22:40 AM

We've enjoyed our short time here. There have been some distinctly interesting emails from female subs. Those, we adore. There are also some from males. Fellas, NOT INTERESTED. If youre interested in our desires, please drop a note. If youre nearby and dont feel that a 24/7 live-in situation is right for you but youd like to meet and even just talk about lifestyle issues and experiences or want to explore and make some new ones, that works too. Lets talk

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