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Pan Female Slave, 39,  New Jersey
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i am now owned, so most interested in other subs/slaves and some old friends.

i am interested in speaking to:

other sub and slave females for general information and exchange of ideas especially about actually achieving goals on this site. i am experienced in the lifestyle and will attempt to help if someone has questions.

No Single Male Dom's or Male Sub's

my only real limits are how my children are treated in the home, scat and underage children. I request you say something about how you expect or how you separate the lifestyle from them in your home if i was to serve you.

Yes currently certain aspects of the life are known, they know that i am bi-sexual and serve women and men. They know i receive punishments for misbehaving or not performing my duties, although these punishments are not administered in front of them nor currently is nudity, and while i can consider nudity if it were say a nudist house, it would be difficult, and i could not accept a house where only i as the slave was nude.

Any reference though to my children being in the lifestyle or assumptions that they are a slaves because i am will result in blocking and reporting your profile. i know this doesn't sound slavish, but i cannot believe some of what i get in emails.

i know many of you will not want to involve yourself with children due to the restrictions it does place on the 24/7 aspects of the lifestyle. i do work and can possibly transfer within the firm to most any major metropolitan areas.

i am looking for FIT owners, no more than 30 lbs off HWP standards for women 40 lbs max for men please.


I prefer to be in a situation where i am with both

sexes, so i probably do not fit with pure lesbian Domme's

or single Dom's as while i will serve as instructed i want the

house to have both a male and female presence.

slave jody

i am not new CM or to BDSM having served my original Master 4 plus years while also working for him, and now over two years with my most recent Owners following a 8 year gap.

i was owned for four years, just over fourteen years ago by a very wonderful Master who was also my boss, yet he was kind enough to release me so I could marry within my faith and have children. i have done that, but now life outside my children has become only my desire to live what I gave up.

i am divorced as of 2011 and i have custody of my two children, and my ex has no knowledge of this life for me. He does have visitation rights, yet has not used them in the year and a half i have been serving. i perceive no problem with relocating out of the state if that be where i find my new owner(s). i do have a preference to stay on the east coast but anything is open.

i am looking for full time real owners, live in, it can be 24/7 or i can work as well.

If i interest you, contact me, no rude comments please.

Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, You Do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/ or the comments made about my photo's or any other "picture" art posted on my profile.

You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel... under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.










Last Online:


 Female Slave

 New Jersey

 5' 2"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Femdom Couples

Mascdom Couples

Friends Only

A Poly Household

 Lives For:


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Journal Entries:
11/3/2017 4:40:07 AM
Been a while since i added or updated anything on here, but suffice it to say i am still enjoying being owned, and staying in touch with friends, looking for those who would be interested in visiting, both for nsa, more permanent trial or a full time sister slave role in our household.

Open to most true females, although overtly obese does raise a question of the persons personal values. 


3/12/2017 12:41:06 PM
Will be traveling with Mistress to Tampa/Clearwater.  So local to the area only.

Looking for other Females to meet for drinks/dinner,  possibly for us to play with. 

Timing Early April.

12/7/2016 11:53:29 AM
Hope everyone is having a good holiday this year.

Interested in anyone who has a training program, meaning real written book or outline that covers puppygirl training, equipment, lifestyle, orders, how much is puppygirl how much is slave.  

Complete submission into the role is what is of interest.

slave jody

12/16/2015 5:02:57 AM
Happy Holidays to all my friends and all you other kinksters on here.

2015 has become the best year of my life, and look forward to a great future. 

10/4/2015 6:24:45 PM
slave jody

9/23/2015 5:27:59 PM
Hmm, lost the last post saying this, but will repost....


6/4/2014 4:15:05 AM

Just wondering what happened to all those who live this life, and the philosophy they live by.  

Why is it so hard for you to tell another on here what that means, and what life with you would really mean.

Not the physical activities, we all pretty much know what they may be just look at the checklist one has prepared, but the mental aspect, what are you looking to achieve in your life with a sub or slave, what is she to you?  What is a typical day like?  

What other expectations are there?  Do we work in the home, on a farm, how much of a day i serving directly or are we working at a normal job as well and only serve when at home?

How much time to you spend on training or teaching or discussing what you need and how we served?  

Are we just there for waiting on you? Do you spend any time actually managing us.

i know, rants again, but somewhere there has to be one looking who can articulate in a message what they live and desire.  One who will match what i feel is needed. 



5/1/2014 3:16:37 AM

i have been wondering at all the supposed Dom's who are contacting me who have a photo of a female slave either on their profile or that they send to me, then tell me that is not their sub and was just some random photo from the web.


If it isn't you, i am not interested as there are plenty of photos on the web, to me it shows me you are not real, and do not even begin to understand the dynamics of owning a sub or slave.


Please, if you write me have something material to say in the email, these one line "hi, beautiful pic's" or "lets chat" do nothing to interest me to spend my limited time getting to know you.



4/3/2014 12:09:01 PM

Just a brief note to all of you looking.


I am not really looking for relocation unless you have the ability to meet and get to know me in person here in the TriState area. 


Currently I am in discussions with two couples who are not local that I was introduced to at a recent event.  For me that has been the most productive and realistic way to meet and discuss this life.  


I have a core group of people I have met and played with in this area, and they are the only ones I am really accepting referrals from.  Other than that I do hope to continue to make friends, although mostly I must admit that seems to be female friends who I can help in learning about the lifestyle or who are in similar straights to me.


I thank all of you who have approached me whether I have responded or not. 



12/24/2013 7:32:13 PM
Happy holidays to all and especially my friends on here. Speak to you all soon. jody

8/29/2013 10:11:11 AM


hello, Well in my own place and more able to have real conversations and verify who i am for those that earn that both cam or call, but that will not occur until i have a sense that what you offer fits what i have tried to indicate.


one last try here and just maybe my frustration level with the fakes and those who are unreal won't kick me off the site, and lose what i want at a minimum.


New Requests:  Sorry but yes a slave with if not Rules for Owners, at least requests for courtesy that she is willing to give the Dominants and so called Dominants on this site. 


If you do not have a photo on your profile that is you, and you do not include it in the first email, and i reply it will be in the second email or i delete and block you.  No exceptions and obviously no second chances.  This should cut down quickly on waster emails to me.  The email better not be one off the web that shows up from some web site or porn site unless you tell me why it is really you in the email, and back it up with a non-porn site photo. 


That means if you are a couple, a picture of the both of you and  each individually


If you are not offering me a place in your home to serve, and just want me to relocate and live near you work pay my own bills and also act as you slave, don't bother, i have more than enough local offers to do that here without the domestic extra you are proposing, nor the hassle of relocating.


If your home as it is when you contact me cannot accept a family of three, two children of opposite sex, and me, don't waste our time. The kids can share bedroom with your kids if the same sex, and i can share with the owners if that works, but that would be the type of limits i see. 


If this is not a serious lifestyle choice for you where you have owned slaves and have real rules and protocols in place on a daily basis, and are just playing at this, we are not compatible.


If i am working and doing Domestic work, the majority of my income is going to a trust set up for me, not to the house. We can discuss splits until such time as i am convinced this is a real long term choice on your parts. 


i seriously doubt that this will cut down as much as i would like on the wasted emails, nor will it really improve the quality of the emails i receive.  


Best to all,


slave jody

8/17/2013 9:08:45 AM



Served my last party for my owners last night.  Interesting if a bit melodramatic from everyone's point of view.


In any event i am formally released as of August 21st and will be moving to my own apartment with with the children the 28th. 


I expect to take some time to settle in and return talking to a few i have identified as possible owners, although i am also starting to talk to a friend about some Domme training as i have an interest in something more towards an alpha or a switch when controlled.


Even found a few friends on here to discuss maybe more formal situations.  Can't wait to see where this goes. 


best of luck, 


slave jody, soon to be jody again.




8/12/2013 5:24:05 PM

Good evening for those of you who read.  

i will be editing my profile in the next few days. 

Since i  have not seen anything that is really compelling that justifies my moving quickly and with the consent of my owners i am requesting and being granted an earlier exit than they initially discussed so i can establish my own place while i continue to search.  

This is being done for reasons for me stability in the family and children for the school year.  

My owners will continue as ad visors for me after this point but will not control my search as they have been doing.  They and others who have used me in the past will continue to be available as references for me as well. 

i continue to desire to be part of a MFF triad if you will, who is the Dominant is less important than the mental connection that i submit to. 

It is doubtful that anyone i ultimately agree to serve will have my unconditional surrender walking in the door, it isn't the way my mind works.  Yet if they are what they claim, i will quickly become fully committed and as close to unlimited as most claim to be.

For a few of you who were talking to me, and i either dropped the ball or in someway balked, you are welcome to come back to me, or not if you feel i am to difficult.  

Due to the children i will not be opening myself in a manner that would expose them so while i can and will cam, any calls will be blocked from my end or from somewhere not home. 

i will do trials for people who ultimately make this cut, my cutout and security will be my owners, and one other couple.  Both of whom i will require anyone doing a trial to speak to and provide details of what sort of trial and where you will wish it done.

Thanks again, and i hope to find a few nuggets in this site that i have not seen yet.

slave jody

7/28/2013 9:19:06 AM

For all the wannabe Dom's out there who insist on writing without reading my profile or providing any information in their profile or email about who they are, or how they managed their home.


It is also for all those claiming extensive experience.


My owners are here to speak to you about me. I also have other couples on CM who have used me i can refer you to as a reference. 


I will have you speak to my owners about me, and see me on cam if i can speak to one of your prior subs or slaves who have served with you and after you speak to my owners.


i am a slave, i do not wish to be a girl friend or wife.  


i desire to serve, preferably a couple.  A Mistress would be my second choice as they at least appear to be a little bit more realistic. 


slave jody


venting again.



7/22/2013 12:59:53 PM

After a couple days here again, it is obvious i need to make some changes.


i am looking for a COUPLE, or a Domme, who is BI, and should have men in her life, although i will speak to lesbian ones if they feel they can convince me they are willing to be with men.


i have no problems serving men at a Mistresses direction, but she should be willing to include herself in some activities with men.

i would also be open to sharing a house with a female switch or sub if the chemistry was right and we could together look to find a male interest.  


i am excluding single men as of this point.  The messages have been anything but intelligent, with one or two exceptions that i will get back to separately.


If you do not have a photo on your profile, or in the email to me, i will delete the message unread as of this point.  

If you are grossly overweight, and by that i define it as more than 30 or so pounds, i will not be interested in you as it generally shows that you do not care for yourself, so how can you care for me or for my children. 


i have decided if a so called Dom does not have a significant other or a slave at this point, he is not going to be able to convince me he is deserving of my attention.  There are a few exceptions, but in general i am inclined to err on the side of missing those who deserve a chance to cut down on the non-intelligent messages or pure abuse that comes across.  


Everyone, a one line message to chat goes to trash. i want to know something about you, your life, dreams, why you want to own me.  


i am college educated, this is my choice, i wasn't , and i can find men to have sex with if i am ultimately on my own.  


slave jody

7/17/2013 6:55:22 PM

been a while since I have been on or updated this profile as to status. 


While i have enjoyed my time with my owners and they have definitely been good for me, they have decide they wish to have children of their own so they will be releasing me before year end and they have told me to begin seeking a new owner, or they will arrange to place me with one of a the couples that have used me in the past.


i am therefore seeking a Couple, Dom/sub or Dom/Domme is probably best for me.


i remind everyone that i have two children who live would be with me, and no they are not part of any lifestyle package.


If you are interested i will be looking at emails and will have trial periods in October or November with those that are acceptable.  


mx owners will be involved in any final interview and will followup before any trial occurs.


Thank you,


slave jody

9/2/2012 6:02:40 AM

Just wondering if there are any real, able to meet females interested in learning more about the lifestyle, and having some experiences?

My owners are a couple,  and with my family and myself, are not looking to add, but would be happy to talk to and assist in training anyone interested.

As a side benefit, you would get to play with me!


slave jody

8/16/2012 12:42:41 AM

in case anyone does read anymore, i am owned.

i am interested in speaking to and making friends with females, sub, slave or Domme.

i may ultimately be allowed to meet with, and even play with these.

Males i will not speak to unless we have spoken in the past, or my owners know you.

Couples, only if you are swapping with my owners is there an interest, and again, they will need to know you. 



5/17/2012 9:25:23 AM

Interested in female friends who actually live this  lifestyle as i do.


Potential to meet and play even swap if your owners agree.


slave jody

4/25/2012 7:22:50 PM

No dominants, Master and Mistress say I can have female friends, and other submissives, unless they have approved of your profile, i will no longer be responding only deleting messages from those dominants we do not know.


slave jody

8/22/2011 11:32:49 AM





7/21/2011 4:47:54 AM

Having spent most of the summer serving two couples, both of who i must admit were fantastic, i now get to serve my old Master and his Mistress.  i admit to a lot of trepredation in this, as there are many questions in my mind as to how she will accept or treat me, and yes i know you are reading this Miss Nicole.


i will likely be back on at the end of August to close this account, as i have found those i can serve, although Miss Susan, you know my issues with how to bring my children into your family.


thank everyone here who has been so supportive.


slave jody

7/2/2011 8:18:51 AM

Just finished my first trial, and i find myself in awe of the couples knowledge, yet maybe we are not right for each other, i have a week off then i get to see what my old Master might have in store for me


i am happy and afraid, as i know the situation is different with his new partner and unsure how she will be.  i wonder if it is a mistake to even take this trial?  Yet my need to serve him outweighs my worries.


i have one other prospect that i will serve this summer, and hopefully from the three i can find one who can accept what i am.

5/19/2011 12:34:41 PM

SEMI - TAKEN, not interested in further offers at this time.


After months, my divorce is final, and with the help of my Mentors i have narrowed it down to two couples as to who will own me. I will spend a month each with them this summer while the children are at camp and grandparents so i will serve full time.


i also am going to meet my old Master!!!



 Not sure where that is going, he was contacted by my Mentors.

2/21/2011 1:45:43 PM

While i will continue to see if i can find the "one" for now i have started serving a local couple from CM that i knew from the past.


They will restart my training, and will most likely become involved as a buffer in any future discussions with me about a full time position.  For some of you who i spoke to who they do know, they will be reaching out to those of you they feel could be a good fit to arrange for you to come and observe and participate in my training.


With regards to my divorce, it has finally started to progress to the end i hoped for.


i will be getting custody, although visitation rights are still under discussion.  In order to achieve this i have given up some finanical points that i had negotiated previously, which means i will be starting work now and will have even less time than before to be on line here.


There are a few of you that i spoke with in the past, and i will be getting back to you.  A few that i am still talking with will continue, but as i stated, you may find another involved in our discussions, if that is a problem, then i will say sorry up front but it will be the way future discussions will go. i found myself pulled in to many ways, with results not matching my efforts.


Thank all of you on here who helped, spoke with me, or just gave me the opportunity to chat with them. 


slave jody once again.

1/28/2011 1:04:58 PM

i have decided to take a break from here, so far i am disappointed in what i have seen or spoken to, while there are some very nice people, the few i attempted to explore with have not been what i wanted, and the difficulty with some and their idea of what would occure with or in front of my children has upset me more than i expected.


i am fully aware of what a slave is, yet that does not mean my children are slaves as well, and i guess that needs to be place out there, if that means i am a sub with few limits versus a slave then that is what i will be.



1/9/2011 1:50:13 PM
People please read my jounal, it will save everyone time. And for those like sirpaul, figure out that not everyone thinks your s__t doesn't stink.

1/7/2011 9:30:51 AM
Unless you are exceptional, and care to back it up in a detailed and thought provoking email with photos and some ability to reference what you claim, i will not be responding to any other emails. Quotes of experienced Master or Dom, and let's chat or meet will now just get blocked. This life is about making a connection, i tried very hard to give everyone a glimpse into my soul and needs. If you cannot give me at least that level, i will not be interested. Claims of experience will require access to chat to your old slave or sub. If that is not available then again, i will not pursue a conversation with you. For those i am speaking with, i thank all of you for your time, guidance and continued interest. slave jody

12/24/2010 3:05:05 PM
A comment, i do not need money, nor will i upon divorce, and i am fully capable and qualified to work should my Owners require it. But if you need me to provide a home we are not compatible. Again, if you are involved and have not seperated or have their involvement, we are not compatible. A lie will have you blocked. slave jody

12/20/2010 5:10:13 AM


i am uncertain how much this should be a peeve of mine, and since i am not soliciting any more contacts for now, it does not really matter, but it is nice to know who i am speaking to.

If after a couple emails we continue to chat, and you are not willing to share a photo, then there is an issue that raises a large red flag.  I understand professional issues, but claiming those are also why you won't disclose much about yourself is ridiculous. 

In addition, asking for nude photos, when we have not met, or established a relationship, or demanding an immediate phone call is an issue if there is no connection.

i understand how to block my number for a call, and have done so for the few i am speaking with, but demanding a call immediately sets you up as a stalker in my mind and gives me the chills to deal with you.

slave jody

12/18/2010 10:30:49 AM

This has been an interesting week, lots of emails from new people and a few old, i have attempted to respond to those i felt interest or at least who read what i have stated in the journals and in my profiles.

i will not be responding to any more emails except from those of you i am speaking to. 

i will be doing more off line than here and visiting this site less often.  i have also opened a profile at as it was suggested that many of the more serious and experience have moved there by one i have trust in.

i have meet a couple off here in safe meetings, and it is interesting how dated profiles and photos can be.  Neither will progress to ownership, one is a friend, and will stay that way, the other who knows who he is will not be responded to again.  It is one thing to meet, but quite another to attempt to force obedience when you don't own.

i have a number of people i have developed friendships with, a few i have not heard from lately and i do want to stay in touch.

best wishes,

slave jody

12/12/2010 7:17:28 AM

i need to make something clear it seems, i thought i had.  i am willing to serve a Master, or a Mistress, or both and their subs if that is what is desired.

What i am not willing to do is attempt to help someone who is involved go around their partner.  If you are involved, in any way, with another who is not involved totally in this with you, please do not contact me and waste my or your time.

i am a relatively normal person, i do love to serve and that includes all forms of sexual service, humiliation and some fair amounts of pain.

On the other hand, scat, animal sex, or just plain cruelty are not something i am interested in in any shape or form.  For those of you who think that caging me and not allowing me to have something of a life where my brain is used, and i can interact in life i will not be for you.

i thank all of you who have read, and do attempt to give me a picture of yourself and your version of how i would live in your emails.

i am having talks with a couple of people from the site, since my time is limited, while i may be interested in what some of you have to say, in fairness, i will follow through with those i am speaking to before i commit time i do not have to chatting or meeting.

i also will not meet someone until i know enough to feel safe doing so, and my first meeting will be vanilla, coffee, walk in the park, or a shopping mall, not some bar or club.

slave jody

10/13/2010 4:51:50 AM
For those of you i am attempting to find time to speak to, please bear with me as i have filed for my divorce.  Things have become very hectic in trying to deal with the issues and recriminations from family this has created.

i know i have not spent the time i owe each of you, and it appears that while i will be better able to spend some time, i obviously allowed my own needs to get ahead of reality.  i am stilll progressing down this path but it may be slower than originally planned.

10/3/2010 5:54:45 AM
i have choosen the few i wish to start conversations with.  So far i have not done any of them justice as my time is so limited.  i would request that if you have not written me before, recognize that it is very unlikely i would deviate from my course now without having at least followed through in attempting to get to know those i stated i would find time for.

9/26/2010 4:58:24 AM
It is funny, or sad really, how so few here can write anything in their profile, or in an email that shows any insight into who they are, how they live, or how they would train or interact with this one. 

i am a slave, i know my place, and yet there are differences in how i would be used, and how a household would be run.  Most of you seemed to have no real idea what it is, and you throw out 2 line emails saying Choose Me Choose me, my children have a more elaborate vocabulary and chance of getting what they want by explaining why.   i am starting my discussions with a few i did find of interest.

i am in no hurry, i will take time to learn them, and to meet with a few.   If anyone else wishes to contact me, please please Sirs, attempt to capture this one with what you say.

slave jody

9/25/2010 10:22:22 AM
i have completed 22 pages of emails many multiple entries from people.  i will be starting discussions to know a few of you.  There are many who expressed concerns about my situation and i thank you. 

i have some preferences, and i will state them now for any late comers who wish to write.  i am not interested in anyone of my faith, i have my reasons, they are not necessarily right or logical, but they are mine to have made.  i am also not interested in serving a black Master, from those i have seen there are some very nice Masters who i might be able to serve, but i have also seen some of the nastiest and most degrading emails from this group.  For my own sanity, and that of my children, i will avoid having to deal with this.  thank you, slave jody

9/24/2010 10:20:57 PM
i have attempted to read all the emails and reply to those who i felt were nice, or of interest.  Some i have blocked for reasons i said.  Rudeness, not giving me anything to base a decison on due to blank profiles and one line emails usually resulted in a request for more information.  Failure on that ended up being blocked. 

For those of you i have not read yet, i will try to catch up, for those few i have an interest in, give me a couple days, and i will try to communicate better with you. 

9/24/2010 8:49:39 PM
i am attempting to go through all the messages i received.  i will narrow down those i care to speak to. i will obviously make mistakes in eliminating some who are good for the wrong reasons, and including some who are bad for more obvious reasons.  if i do not chose you, and you continue to contact me i will block you.  i appologize to some of you i have done that to already, but 5 and 6 messages is annoying even to this slave.

i would request that if you do not have a profile filled out, that contacting me is a waste, i need to know and hear you and what you see in this lifestyle to know if there is likely to be some connection when we speak.

thank you.

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