Vertical Line


Sapphic , sensual, salacious sadist seeks sublime slave. Age, race, size , educational level , political views, religion and your marital status do not matter. Gender does . Please be born a female . Please be real and local/willing to travel. I am ONLY INTERESTED in REAL TIME service and REAL TIME encounters . REAL being the operative word . This means be ready to voice verify within a realistic amount of time and meet shortly there after. Experience dictates that if you are not willing to speak on the phone , you are not willing to move from fantasy to realization . This is 2017, you can block your number when you call . I am REAL are you ? I am happy to provide you with as many pictures as you would like after the voice verification . So sorry --but too many fakers , posers, wanna bes, and confused men have forced me to make these "rules". Newbies are very welcome -we all started somewhere . Older and experienced -much appreciated . I am NOT a foot fetishist --- anything else is open for discussion. I am not a player --- My intentions are to find the perfect little girl to call my own .... mentor and guide her into becoming the proper young lady --- slave couples are welcome when the female makes the initial contact and BOTH want to submit . I appreciate service in all of its forms ---and at all its levels . I would EVENTUALLY like 24/7 should sufficient time and intimacy dictate such . I am open to part time , full time, weekends only , every other tuesday etc. I used to own a stewardess who would fly the friendly skies with a smarting bottom from her most recent spanking under her uniform. She would visit /stay with me during her layovers . I'm very busy with reality --let's save us both some time --- 1-- NO , your current Master can't watch/participate/ approve contact etc. I WILL NOT email him , or message him, or go through him , if you are that co-dependant , I don't want you . 2--I do not "lend" nor "borrow" 3--NO, I am not interested in training "your " husband, boyfriend, neighbor, friend etc 4--NO, I am not a "pro", there is not enough money in the world to make me be with someone that I don't desire to be with --and if you do have "that much" , then you can "buy" someone much more convenient than I am . 5--NO, male dominant friends,, I do NOT need your "help" or your "tools" in order to proceed with my endeavor , just as you do not need mine . 6--NO, I will not send pictures until we have moved to direct email --here's mine ,,, msellegiordan at gmail dot com and spoken on the phone for voice verification. 7--NO, I do not want to "save" you from a deplorable basement in thailand and pay for your trip to America via western union . Things can't be too terrible for you if you have internet access . Some people in third world countries don't have clean water or food or immunizations . you are doing quite alright if you have email . 8-- NO, I will not relocate you from a deplorable basement in Ohio, or Texas or Montana , or whatever base location in the US you choose . Again, things can't be too bad if you have internet access . 9--YES , I was born a woman , am still a woman , and will die a woman . I am not trans, nor gender confused . I love being a girl . Lace, silk, heels, lipstick . And I love being with girls, straps ons, paddles, plugs and floggers .. 10-- NO , I will NOT whore you out , see Number 2 -- you can be the nastiest little slut you want , WITH Me. 11-- This is the toughest one ,, be honest ,,, with yourself and with Me . Be emotionally , physically, mentally ready for this . If you are still grieving over your last Master/Mistress/Marriage then its not time to seek another one. Be ready . Proceed with caution , I am a scorpio, and my bite stings . M E Thank you .
Here's the REALITY ---

if you aren't going to email me directly , off site, or call me/text me on the phone to voice verify , then you are a fake, or a man .  very simple . 

If you aren't going to email me , or call me, then you definitely are not going to meet me in real life, so why am I wasting my time with you ??? I don't live in cyberworld,, I live in the real world , I want a real person ,, 

If you contacted me on THIS site,,, why do I have to go to ANOTHER site to contact you ??? 

The internet has created an epidemic of stupid posers . 

Argh !