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  ****Read my profile carefully before responding.  SPAM and/or disrespectful comme
Bisexual Female Dominant, 47,  Detroit, Michigan
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 Dominant Female



 5' 8"



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Sub/Sub Couples


****Read my profile carefully before responding.  SPAM and/or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated and result in your being blocked from further communication.  I'm not interested in online, video or cyber relationships.

The act of submission is something I take very seriously, and the gift of your submission will prove your trust to me.


I am a beautiful, sexy, sensual, juicy, thick, caramel-brown African-American-Latina DOMME. I am a fabulously full figured woman (very curvaceous in all the right places). I exclusively seek mature, sincere, polished, professional, articulate and orally talented male and female subs.


I am an ideal DOMME for the corporate/professional sub. I am discrete and very, very private. I am not trying to ruin your family/private life, job or take you from your significant other. I am dominant by nature and a corporate professional in the vanilla world. I am skilled in many forms and levels of dominance, ranging from sensual to extreme discipline(no torture, markings or other severe forms od discipline) and training. I feel that it takes just as much skill and training to be a worthy sub (bottom) as it takes to be a worshiped DOMME (Top).  I love dominating men and women! I'm a sexy, thick, full-figured, attractive, sane, clean, direct and aggressive dominant woman! 



To me, Dominance and submission are two sides of the same coin; no matter how many times you toss it, it will always come up heads. And that's who and what I am. When in my presence, at any level, I also demand that the doors of clear and constant communication remain open. So, to that end, any (sub) that is belligerent, physically or orally disrespectful, or asks for sex in any way -- before or after a session -- will never be seen by me again.



Only interested in noncommittal relationships. We will respect each others time and agree on meeting when convenient for both parties.

I do not believe in inflicting abusive pain -- no welts (scars left from excessive spanking/whipping), cutting, bruising, burns, drawing bodily fluids, torture, etc.)

I deliver pleasure in the form of nipple clips, spankings, handcuffs, dog collar and leash, leather and nylon theaters, feathers/boas, blind folds, etc. I will consider all request that are not listed above; however, my consideration does not equate action upon all request.



This is a private relationship -- no other persons may be present or participate during our session(s) unless I approve.



Interruptions of any kind i.e. cell phone, pager, will result in an end in the days session unless a prior highlighted concern is addressed prior to our session (expectation of an emergency, family or business related call/page.



I am very clean and demand the same. Bathing and related attention to hygiene detail is required by both Domme and sub. If sub is not able to tend to hygiene prior to meeting it may be done prior to activity upon meeting.



I do not use electric lighting -- only candles.

I wear black at all times-tight bustiers and bras, crotchless and thong panties, sheer tops, leather jackets, body stockings, stocking and garters, fishnet stockings with garters, Teddies, etc.



Finally - I talk very firmly and naughty to my sub. My sub will not talk back and submit to my rules!  I am not a pain DOMME.  Not into beating, harming or doing anything to harm/sicken my pet.   I'm not sadistic - this will be a pure Domination/submission relationship if you are fortunate enough to spend private time in my presence! 



This is a private relationship -- should we meet in public we can greet each other but we will not mention ANY Domme/sub activities. THIS IS STRICTLY PRIVATE. I respect your privacy and you will do likewise. I'm not looking to interupt your family, private and/or social life.   

I am a pure DOMINA with no interest in anything unrelated to your being submissive. No interest in dominant or switch people looking to explore their submissive side. I will not reply if your profile/communication identifies you as a switch/dominant or unknown personality person.  I will not reply/chat with those listed as guest, switches, dominant and/or those seeking sexual intercourse. 


I respect my sub and demand the same in kind!!!



I am a beautiful, sexy, sensual, juicy, thick, caramel-brown African-American-Latina DOMME. I am a fabulously full figured woman (very curvaceous in all the right places). I exclusively seek mature, sincere, polished, professional, articulate and orally talented male and female subs.




FYI - no profile=no reply! Type real words.......I do not reply to messages sent in a "texting" format.  Please review entire profile before communicating and/or submitting Circle of Friends request. Will not respond to rude nor disrespectful e-notes or notes full of incorrect grammar/words. ..........and show respect by adding a salutation to your response!




Exclusively seeking mature (40+) sane and open-minded submissive male/female partners. You must have a sensible, clear understanding and acceptance of your role in the DOMME/sub life style. Continue reading my profile if you meet my requirements.


Do not reply if you are looking to discuss the anything unrelated to the DOMME/sub lifestyle.

Not looking for a husband or boyfriend.  Soley interested in DOMME/sub relationship with emotionally mature male/female lifestyle patners.  I am not interested in drama queens/kings.


I do nothing involving animals, minors, blood, cutting, piercing, scat and/or harsh and disfiguring BDSM


Potential submissive partner...............Reply to my profile if and only if you are literate, articulate, mature and sane!  I will not entertain any communication from switch men/women (not interested). Tired of game players, babies and  insincere trash!  STILL wishing and hoping to connect with my dream sub boy and girl! 



"..........and use spell check for goodness sake!"



**** my entire profile and journal entries prior to contacting me! , Send a note asking for permission to communicate.  .....all subs/slaves MUST ask for permission to communicate as it is a sign of respect and sincerity. I will reply and give permission if I am interested in the contents of your profile/journal!  I  am highly interested in communicating and networking with  DOMME  Sisters and  sub males/females   I'll not reply to switch males/females or dominant males. ................ I do not and will not tolerate  any disrespectfully and/or immature conduct/communication. Not into online engagement/servitude. 

  I am a tantric DOMINA........I do not incorporate  sadistic/masochistic practices. I do not and will not engage men identifying as "switch"

All introductory communication via phone and/or e-mail.  Not interested in chatting as a means to establish a relationship. 




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Journal Entries:
12/2/2016 2:58:45 AM
This lifestyle is very necessary for those of us who sincerelt live, understand, love and embrace it. You contact a Queen and communicate with her respectfully. In the communication you both decide if there is a connection. You exchange cell phone numbers and schedule a conversation to determine interest and, if that works, you move forward with a face to face meeting. I have grown increasingly tired of people who play the... "Yes I'll show up and don't" game. I am disgusted with people who create a new profile to stalk you after you block them because they are rude and or disrespectful. If I could teach a class on the proper sub etiquette I would do so.

5/23/2015 10:03:22 PM
Childish!  Simply childish! 

A "sub" sent an introductory e-mail......and obviously bulk submission.  I deleted the useless note due to lack of interest. 

The originator of the e-mail sent the following not after I didn't reply to him.....


5/23/15 11:01 PM  
  It id good to see that there are Fakes on both Sides of the Line
Good evening Misstress1

This is not "".  Get a pacifier, get a diaper change and grow up!

5/20/2015 7:24:15 PM
Ugh! Tired of game players.  Ugh! 

5/17/2015 5:45:29 PM
Received a note asking the following question......."are you black?"  

Please review my profile and let me know if the first full paragraph  clearly states my race.   

This individual is illiterate, ignorant or a combination of the two. 

5/3/2015 6:16:50 PM
Attention!  Attention!  ATTENTION! is not a dating site. This social space allows members of the DOMME/sub community to engage one another in a consensual least that is what it's suppose to do.

I've become sooooooooo tired of  game players and no shows!   Soooooooooooo tired of European and Asian men wanting to have sex with a "black girl " (my "girl" years are long gone). Soooooooootired o f receiving note disparaging my ethnicity.  

Leave this site,  leave this life and leave me alone if you are all about sexual intercourse.  There are hundreds of sites in existence for the sole purpose of allowing people to meet for casual sex............go to them.   I am a strong Dominant woman needing a sincere, mature, educated (conversation outside of this life is important) and passionate male or female sub (with an oral fixation).  

.........and FYI - the Detroit Divas (Dommes of Color) communicate regularly. We maintain growing list of fakes, posers, liars, immature and ignorant subs.   Just stop it!  Duh! 

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