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interviewing kink friendly roommates NOW. inquire by PM.
you and your fancy legs
“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” -Confucius
I need a plummer for barter... anyone?

The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.

Carl Jung

"if grateful paid the bills I would be Bill Gates"
The goddesses and I are headed to South Florida! 7/20/14 to 8/3/14
I think it's time for another cuckold

What are you doing today?

To whom it may concern,

It was such a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon regarding My submissive's tattoo

as I said earlier I am a Pro Dominatrix living in NYC and I am in the process of turning a respectable middle aged man into My own stripper whore so she can get G cup sized implants and become a sex worker for My pleasure

I am not sure of the I would like but I do need pricing on an image with the following specs

One tramp stamp to go across a future stripper's low back saying, "PROPERTY OF Mistress Betty Pickle"

I would draw and scan it but I am no artist

should be 5 inches high and 1O or so long

perhaps something in a sailor jerry style?

my subs is in the process of becoming a stripper whore to bring ME MY money and I have decided on a vintage look to class her up a bit

all of this means when she (he) comes in for her tattoo she is not to give you any thoughts, ideas, opinions, or ions on the matter

she (he) is to come in, sign consent, and cooperate with your expertise


all that being said, please let Me know what pricing is and if you have any good ideas for and design

Best Regards,

Mistress Betty Pickle

a friend sent me this article... This one goes out to all the Dommes who give a shit and the potties who love them!

The whole article is just amazing!!!

soooooooo when a dedicated slave wrote a nice review for me out of the goodness of his heart I got a slew of nasty responses from someone (who openly supports a competitor in exchage for services for himself and writes reviews for them and who I probably cussed out when I was in Lauralie mode) and this is what open disrespect of a Domina looks like.....

Whip cream fart porn magic on skype! Write me for details...


calling all littles, I want you all to join Me on skype for some play time

write for details

Think you have what it takes to live a lifetime of servitude? Why not try it out at My slave motel? For less than the cost of an NYC motel you may be My live-in personal slave. Write Me for details!

Looking to barter...

I am looking for the following skilled slaves to barter for session time

write Me if you are interested....

1. CPA

2. Marketing/Personal Assistant/Sexy Secretary

3. Housekeeper

4. Dog Walker

5. Cook

I wonder what Dr Phil would say about all of this...?

Sitting here thinking... I believe I have reached a place of complete sexual understanding, there is almost nothing that you can say to me that would cause me to raise an eyebrow. I believe I understand pretty much everything, and I believe we are all sexual beings deserving of expression where it does not harm. That being said, if you send me an email and I say to myself, 'Holy shit that dude is batshit crazy!', then you are clearly VERY fucked up... just a thought.

Thursday 4/17/14

Went to visit a beloved regular subbie for an intense session... I trampled him, clamped down his nipples, blindfold on, inflatable gag in place, cock and balls shibari 'ed, stood on top of him having a cocktail one string to his nipples and one to his CBT tugging periodically until he whimpered and then releasing... After an hour of this, or more, I strapped him to a workout bench and FemDom fucked him with my leads to his nipples and CBT still in place. This went on for a long long time. I told him not to cum, but he did anyways. As punishment he lay on the floor and rubbed my feet for an hour or so... was a VERY intense session. VERY memorable. I am hoping to expound upon it very soon...

Wednesday 4/16/14

Today I made a shishKAbill... I strapped my subbie to a horse and FemDom Fucked him while jacking him off. I had my slave face fuck him which made him look and feel skewered! My own personal shishKAbill.... so HOT! I would like to take him to the gay bar for some more fun soon. Hopefully! 


I spent an hour hypnotizing a new hypnoslut... I LOVE feeling like I am truly INside of someone... so HOT! It will take a few more sessions to really be all up in it, but that is my plan.

Monday 4/14/14

My beloved regular perv came into the dungeon

I love to play with his warped mind, and body

My little cum dumpster...

He is much shorter than I, which I love, and I like forced consumption with him

He was placed in shibari and then came the CBT, I shibari roped his penis and sent it through a suspension wheel for puppetry

I spider gagged him and had him licked used condoms clean from the inside out! It was so hot watching him squirm and try to fight me while he was all bound in rope with mouth held wide open for my use... This is my kind of porn. I hope we do
something crazier soon...

Sunday 4/13/14

I had two new subs today... surprisingly wonderful sessions

The first session was a test of S/M limits, enjoyment, etc. He seemed to really enjoy the pain. I like that! He worshiped boots, queening, spider gagged with slapping and spitting. I shibari roped his feet to a suspension wheel for CBT and FemDom. It was fantastic. He was built like a machine and moaned with delight at every pinch. For a grand finale, and he had a grand one, he was allowed to cum onto my boot and lick it clean. Only because he was hung like a mule and I wanted to watch it swell. It was a VERY hot scene...


Second session was a rope whore. I shibari roped him onto a stretcher and enjoyed that for a long while. Then I shibari roped him in a hogs tie and watched him squirm and moan at his bondage. Then after another long while a shibari roped his ankles to his spider gag. I would have continued positions but we were entering hour two. He was marked but sadly, the marks faded after a day. I can't wait to do that again.... Next time I want twice the rope! Over 100 feet and it wasn't enough for me.


Head still swooning from the heat of it all...

Friday 4/11/14

I went to see a dungeon space today. I LOVE it! I will finally be able to suspend people... I cannot wait! I am exhausted from having fucked everyone though... literally physically sore muscles exhausted. My favorite workout though!

Thursday 4/10/14

I saw a lovely new sub and did a golden/brown showers/stinky foot worship session. The scene was hot and I would like to do it again really soon. 

Wednesday 4/9/14

I saw my favorite sub today!!! a little creativity goes a long long way

CBT mixed with shibari rope and a little femdom fucking/prostate milking MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm I am going to remember that one for a while

I sessioned a lovely lil cum dumpster. He wanted a bukake party... I hate to disappoint. He was mummified and blindfolded. I made a subliminal message tape for his ears and put a funnel in his mouth. I had men come in one at a time and jizz into his funnel every 15 minutes or so. SO RAD!!!! I keep looking over the pics and just salivating. It was BEAUTIFUL! After that I went to a swinger party and femdom fucked all the guys AND the gals. Most of them have never seen femdom before. It was wild. They LOVED it!

so I was thinking that I should start journalling the many wonderful experiences I have had as a Domme since moving to NYC... I will do a retroactive entry here and TRY to keep up with the rest

Monday 4/7/14

I have had my regulars, who I enjoy, emailing and texting for 2 days for appointments, which I have been turning down as I had promised to session a persistent fellow who is very specific about what he wants Me to wear and how he wants Me to spend an hour licking his nipples, doesn't like pain or anything else I am into, and wants to be allowed to kiss me and lick my nipples, to which I said no... It was so something I was not looking forward to, dreading even. After 2 days of constant calls and texts, he texted to cancel at the last minute. HOORAY! I am going to use this moment to visit the hardware store and contruct a new torture restraint I have been fantasizing about So relieved!

Sunday 4/6/14

I went out to a bar in Astoria to meet two potential new subs. The first fellow, very likable. The second sub texted, late, to say, "you had better look like your picture" (I received three similar pigish texts of this nature from him). Upon receipt of the third text a Serbian model happened to walk in the door to the bar. I pointed to him and said, "you sit here" putting him at my table. I bought him a drink and told him that when the sub walks in we will stand up, laugh at him, and then leave together. The poor little 5 foot tall mexican sub stood there as We did laugh and leave the bar. As I was leaving the Super 8 Motel, and I DO fist on the first date by the way, I texted the sub that I had walked out on. I said, "the model I took to the hotel got fisted and came until he cried. How was your evening?". His response, "I masturbated. It could have been us doing those things." He was promptly remined what his place is in this world beneath women. I would like to have him for a weekend... Deprived of sleep, food, water, and sex. Then nourished back to health with big spoonfuls of cum to my sadistic delight.

Saturday 4/5/14

I mummified a sub and forced him to smoke pot and ate a bag of doritos while sitting on his chest and texting my friends. He is awesome and took everything I dished out, which was a lot, like a pro. This pleased me immensely.

Thursday 4/3/14

I took my sub to Show World, the naughty movie place, and spanked him publicly and then forced him to suck cock after cock until he begged to go home. I had him cum onto my boot and lick it clean after. He's a good good good girl!

Thursday 3/27/14

Super fun cuckold and CBT session. Details delicious and PRIVATE. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm