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Redoing my profile ....more to come.

I am a single male submissive. To the outside world,i am an ALPHA ,blue collar ,biker.But,at home,i am submissive to my LADY. Obeying and serving HER.

i am looking to find a DOMME to spend time with,both in VANILLA,and in the LIFESTYLE.

i am willing to relocate,if Wwe click,and SHE is far from me.

i am very kinky,and have few limits,(kids,animals,blood,scat,knives,needles,heavy pain).

Watersports,strap ons,foot worship,body worship,floggingking,spit,CEI are all faves.

If i interest YOU,please send me a message. Be well,and take care.

I recently 10/25/2023, became a BELOW KNEE AMPUTEE. For health reasons, I had to get my left leg 🦵 amputated below the knee.  Hoping to be able to serve a Domme/ Mistress/ Goddess again soon. Is there any FEMDOM'S that want to be served/ worshipped by an amputee male submissive?

in need of a good strap on fucking,maybe even an actual cock .feeling a desire to suck a cock till it cums in my mouth

except for punching my balls,i would LOVE tolive this out!
    here is a real big fantasyi want to live out!
   that is a lucky slut!!! wish that was me!!!
Really want to be put on y hands and knees,and fed cock,and fucked in my ass atthe same time. Strap on or real cock. use me,as a cum receptical,then piss on me,or in my waiting mouth.Please!
Would like to be whored out,used,fucked ,made me to suck cock,lick ass & pussy. Drink piss. Flogged and spanked,til YOU are satisfied. Any takers?
Feeling a strong desire to be fed  cock,while taking either a strap-on,ora cockin my ass.Would love to serve a Domme/Dom couple,or even a Lesbian couple that wants to humiliate,use/abuse a sub male. Have me drink YOUR piss,suck cocks,lick asses. Need to feel my ass filled ,and fed my own cum!Anyone interested?
. i would like to see if i am of interest to any Domme's,or Domme/Dom couples.
 i have had a desire to swallow another mans cum,and suck his cock,for the amusement of others. Also,to drink the golden nectar of a Domme again. Did it before,and i LOVE it!
Please,use this male sub! 
    This is so damn HOT !Would like to live out this scene!
I am taking some time ,and possibly getting back with my 1st love,my girlfriend from freshman year in high school. Thinking  that the LS isn't what i want or need at this time.I wish everyone great things in the new year,and beyond.Blessings  of fortune,and health  & happiness on your houses.

I long to live out this scene !
One of the hottest videos i ever saw!!
RUSSIANCINDY103 is a fake...scammer

This  bi sub is wanting to serve .Any Dommes in need of a submissive,please feel free to contact!

Feeling the desire to serve at the feet of a DOMME,or TRANS DOMME,and be used as a fuck toy.To be QUEENED,give oral service,drink g/s ,taken from behind,anything Domina wants to use me for. 

  It has been too long since i have served,and i am missing it ALOT!

Riding home on the bus this morning,i was treated to a nice tease.A woman had on some nice  black leather riding  boots.She sat facing me and would look me in the eyes,then as i looked down,she would flex her feet,and extend her legs till her boots touched my legs.It was as if she KNEW i was wanting to worship her boots right then and there.They were new looking,and shiny.GOD,i wanted to drop to my knees on the bus,and kiss her boots,and taste the leather!

Woke up in a really good way. Took a nice sized dildo,sucked it till it was wet and dripping.Pulled my shorts down to my ankles,put my ass in the air,back of my legs against the wall.Shoved the dildo in deep,and jerked myself and fucked myself til i came. It shot straight down,into my face. YUMMY!! Tried to catch as much in my mouth as i could.If only there had been a real cock in my ass,it would have been amazing!

i was talking with my girlfriend on New Years Eve,and during our  talk,SHE said SHE wants  to cuckold me,and have me suck cock,and take it in my ass!!! HOW LUCKY AM i?Now i just need to find  someone to fuck my gf,and then me.Also,would love to bring a woman to submit to HER,and dominate me with HER.STRAP ON TIME!!!

i would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas,and Seasons Beatings. Have a wonderful holiday!!

Was on a NJ Transit bus yesterday,when an older woman gets on wearing knee hi black boots with a 4 inch heel.She sat down across the aisle from me.GOD,i wanted to drop to my knees and worship her boots so damn bad!

i long ti lick my cum off the black leather boots of a Mistress,as another male is taking my ass from behind.To be fucked from behind,as a cock is forced in my mouth is also my  dream lately.Doesn't mater if its rubber,or real,just need it badly!

i pray everyone in the tri-state area stays safe during SANDY!! Please ,get to higher ground if need be!