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Welcome to the world of me... I am a strange mix I am a Sensual Sadist... or is that a Sadist with Sensual tendencies??? So why am I here what do I want?? I want it all... Nah just hoping to find someone that will fit with me...

What do I like? Yes I know there is a list to the side but cant fully say what I am into there... So here is what intrigues me


Speech restrictions



Orgasm ControlDenial

Body Mods

Pet Play


And so many more things...

So what am I looking for? I would like a 247 TPE relationship but know that real life happens and while it would be fun to try I would settle for general awareness of our relationship on a daily basis... Size doesnt matter it is in the heart that matters to me...

So if any of this has piqued your interest feel free to message me and we can see where we can go from there....


4/14/2024 6:31:27 AM

Looking forward to going to REAF next weekend! 3 days of kinky fun!

2/7/2023 6:35:17 PM

why is CS like potato chips?? you start and you want more and more... but you know it isn't good for you...

 Age: 28
 Morriston, Florida