Vertical Line



MasterWayne231 - photo 1


Kneel for me, sweet one,

in trust and respect

raise your eyes in supplication,

submission in every ect.

I own your heart and spirit,

your flesh and your mind.

It is for you to please me

and in return, I shall be kind.

I shall tie you to me

with elegant knots and cord,

And you will know, in your heart

that I am truly your Lord.

Our bonds shall always be more

than simple chains and rope,

we shall be linked in love,

sexuality and fondest hope!

I shall be your Mentor,

your sweet hearts guide

I will truly be your owner,

mine, the collar you wear with pride.

Each footstep you take in life

on times unblemished sands,

will be guided by firm instruction,

placed exactly by my strong hands!

I'm back home in upstate  New York after 41 years feels good to be close to family 

got a nice apartment in town life is good only thing missing is a good submissive