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Update: 3/8/2015 What I search for in no particular order either situation would be excelle
Dom/Slave Couple, 60/46,  Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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Update: 3/8/2015

What I search for in no particular order either situation would be excellent...

- a female sub/slave that wants to become a full time live in.  My expectations are that she would serve both domestically and sexually, be involved in various BDSM activities and project an attitude of willingness to give her best effort in all that is asked.

- a couple sub/slave/submissive cuckold for a live in situation.  Full time members of the household.  I would direct both of their sex live and manage day to day activities.

- a local couple sub/slave/submissive cuckold that would not necessarily be live in but would want the control and direction. 

Welcome to my profile I do believe it is time to update.  We all grow with time and experience and it is only right to update our growth.  My original profile was written when I was a Dom looking for a female submissive to join my household.  Today I have a slave (slave joan) that I have introduced to this way of life and I must say we have both become better in our roles because of it.

As we look to the future it would be great to add either a female or submissive couple that is interested in taking their submission to a deep level.  What is important is that they see their service as encompassing domestic, sexual and various BDSM activities.  The attitude should be one that is willing to give the best effort in all that is asked.

We enjoy all the physical aspects of this way of life but the power exchange, structure and order are really what make the relationship one that will persist.  When I think about the environment there are many words that come to mind, protocol, rituals, rules, discipline, reward and punishment.  Setting of expectations, assessment of results and communication all are key elements.  Shelter, safety and responsibility which are a two way street, we each have ownership in these areas.  Micromanagement wondering what that word means to you.  I am sure there are many other words that come to mind for you as well I would look forward to discussing them with you.

I know what I have described above is general in nature and I am hoping that we can dive deeper into their meaning.

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11/10/2013 12:12:02 PM

original profile

We are an M/s couple looking to add a fulltime long term live in slave to the household.  This relationship will potentially grow into something that is strong and lasting.  When I think of this lifestyle my mind seems to conjure up thoughts of domination, control and submission.  I enjoy bondage and love to see sexy women all tied up and ready for me to tease.  I am in good physical shape. I would like to get into a long-term relationship with the right slave/sub.


My thoughts on a relationship

I think a relationship is made up of a few characteristics, respect, trust and physical intimacy that develop and extrude the deep emotion of submission. I am not sure if anyone items is more important than the next, but I feel communication brings them all together. I think there needs to be open communication between two people in any relationship. A big part of communication is listening to the other person. Listening is a form of respect and consideration. A relationship is many encounters of give and take filled with the willingness to compromise to ensure something lasting and strong comes out of it.   I also feel as the relationship grows the Dominant will take a bigger and bigger role in the direction of the relationship.  I feel this will continue until there is a level of total power exchange.


If a person is willing to get into a submissive relationship whether it be long term or not it is important to understand where each other is coming from. The submissive person has to have the trust that the Dominant will respect the limits and boundaries that are established. This is the only way both can truly enjoy the relationship. When the dominant is attending to the submissive there has to be devotion and focus that ensures satisfaction is attained both emotionally and physically. It is the dominant’s responsibility he is in control and directing the action.  In addition the Dominant has to ensure the proper care of the slave/submission is maintained.


I am the type of Dom that is willing to give the time it takes to make the session as fulfilling as possible.  I am looking for a 24/7 relationship that will continue to evolve to the point where the slave/sub understands its role.  A role that is dependent on the Dominant, a role of complete obedience with the insatiable desire to serve.  I feel this part of the relationship facilitates development and growth. This strengthening of the relationship only will make the master/slave/submissive dynamic more fulfilling.


A relationship is a lot of work I am willing to put in the time and effort in are you? If so sent me a message and lets get started.

I am looking for a woman who has the need and desire to serve.  Someone who understands the meaning and purpose of training.  The person I am looking for will want to show her submission in every way.  She considers herself submissive with a leaning or commitment to slavery.  I am open to all experience levels.  I look forward to the challenge of molding you into a slave that looks forward to serving and pleasing.



10/9/2011 6:40:51 AM

Today I want to reflect on the thought of purpose…

A profile I read today stimulated this direction.  It talked about possession being owned and how that was the most important feeling to this slave.  Now she did mention how she “liked” the sexual nature and the excitement and stimulation of pain but the driving motivation was to be owned. 

Another slave I have been talking to for a good amount of time on and off again wanted “repentance” for the way that she had treated people in the past.  There was a deep desire to feel the pain, exposure and use association with it.  The thought of what had to be endured and to reflect on the reasons why. 

Both of these slaves touched me because of purpose.  There is more behind their servitude then just the sexual gratification and the associated excitement.  Now don’t get me wrong the sexual side is quite exciting and stimulating but now think about combining it with a purpose, a purpose that drives you.  For me it is the power exchange mixed in with the transformation of a woman into a slave through training.  The slave that I want to become part of my household, that will bring value with a direction and goals to be accomplished.   

Each slave that I talk to is unique and has to be addressed in that manner.  There are desires deep within them that have to be brought to the surface.  This takes communication and listening.  What the real trick is to develop a game plan that is fulfilling to all in the household and that is the responsibility of the Head of the Household, the Dom.

8/13/2011 4:55:10 AM

I just have to make an observation that I have seen recently…


There are so many new subs and slaves on this site that are in their teens and early twenties it is amazing.   So what do you think is this just a result of the internet age, is this just a scammers boom or do you think people are now so informed that they are able to make these choices at an earlier age?


I don’t know about you but at that time in my life I was so busy trying to figure out how I was going to survive I didn’t have time to explore this world.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have thoughts about it and do some research on a limited basis but it was not my focus.


I applaud all those that are able to really open their lives to this world at an early age your future will truly be fulfilling…

5/25/2010 3:27:18 AM

Response to my last journal posting:

“All what you said is true. I think the problem is that the Dom can have it exactly as he want, he has control. Slave can only hope it will be like they dream of.”

This is an excellent point the risk seems to be all on the slave’s side but that is why we talk and need to talk.  There has to be a comfort level build that both have enough in common that to the most part desires will be fulfilled.  The slave has to understand that every situation that she will step into will be unique and may not live up to the fantasy that has been racing around in her mind.  But on the other hand one might find that reality will bring an intensity that will become all consuming. 

Once a Dominant makes a commitment to a slave by owning her with that come many responsibilities one only being what was discussed.  I believe that is when even more communication is required especially in the beginning as they all get to know one another.  A true Dominant is not afraid to get feedback from a slave as a matter of fact he welcomes it.  Any relationship has two sides and there is work on both.  Information, feedback and communication help us to adapt to the uniqueness of the situation before us.  Of course one does have to have the ability to process the information received and act on it in the manner appropriate.

5/25/2010 1:52:54 AM

I talk to many women online about the potential of becoming a slave.  We talk about their interest in this lifestyle the item that most drive them.  I am sure the fantasy that they have been masturbating to for years…

But I wonder….

Are they really motivated to move to that next step???

Do they really have the desire to live what they dream about and get wet to???

Not many really take that step the step that will set them free and fulfill their deep need…

I know there is trepidation, nerves and ever a deep fear what will it take for you to move forward or is it even possible???  Ask yourself that question then be satisfied in your incompleteness…

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