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Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Orange County, California
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Ive developed a wide range of likes over the years that I really couldnt tell you in just a few sentences, but Ill do my best not to bore you. As a Dominant I find great pleasure in the female body. I like to say that a woman body is like my own personal amusement park, kind of like my own personal Disneyland so to speak. I enjoy being able to custom tailor my Fetishes Kinks so their within my Submissive abilities, but always pushing her farther than before. I prefer a Ms relationship over a Ds relationship. As a Dominant I feel its my responsibility to improve my Submissive or my Slave to make them not only a better Submissive or a Slave, but also to make them a better person over all.

I have found that many Masters Dominant are about training the Sub to be better in the ways of the lifestyle such as Protocols, Rituals and Rules to them if you learn to follow their commands Rules, Rituals and Protocol by doing so that makes you a good Submissive or Slave. I could not be farther from this. I feel that I have an obligation to my Submissive or my Slave in such a way that its my responsibility the Submissive or the Slave not to be allowed to fail if she fails I failed her. Its my responsibility that she succeeds in every way every day!

The lifestyle to me is more about the relationship dynamic between the Dominant Submissive than it is about the Kink. now please do not get me wrong I am a very kinky person, if you look over my profile youll find a wide range of Kinks and Fetishes, which I must say are a little different in every relationship Ive been in. I do not try to make every SubSlave that Im involved with the same, because no two of them are even closely alike! I try to bring out the true person that is within them each, like polishing a stone.












 Dominant Male

 Orange County 


 6' 1"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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