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Hetero Male Dominant, 35,  Sunnyvale, California
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This is the Dom of your dreams. The one you've been waiting for all your life.

I am a genius, perfect physical shape, incredibly rich, impossibly funny, and a gifted conversationalist. I am the most handsome man you will ever meet. All women love and adore me. I have more experience than any guy you know and know how to satisfy you completely, an easy task for my giant penis. But, I’m not going to satisfy you. I will tease you mercilessly. I will force you to work for every little speck of pleasure and you will love me for it.

When Google can’t find something, it asks me. I have wrestled with great white sharks just to attach lasers to their heads. I once met Christian Grey and made him my bitch.

…and I’m humble.

Disclaimer: Some of the above claims may be exaggerations, half truths or total lies. Determining which claims are true and which are not is left as an exercise for the reader.

== Results from ==
99% Owner
99% Dominant
99% Master/Mistress
98% Rigger
97% Degrader
87% Sadist
79% Daddy/Mommy
77% Primal (Hunter)
73% Brat tamer
69% Voyeur
53% Non-monogamist
36% Experimentalist
23% Ageplayer
16% Vanilla
13% Exhibitionist











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 179 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

 Lives For:

 Movies (Expert)


 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries


 Camping (Expert)

 Hiking (Expert)

 Snorkeling (Expert)



 Body Worship


 Electrical Play

 Massage (Getting) (Expert)

 Speech Restrictions

 Science Fiction

 Drawing (Expert)

 Painting (Expert)

 Atheism (Expert)


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining



 Anal Play

 Breast Play


 Canes and Crops


 Corner Time

 Eye Contact Restrictions



 Hair Pulling

 Housework Service


 Obedience Training

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Role Playing












 Nutrition (Expert)



 Keto (Expert)



 Bar Hopping


 Fishing (Expert)

 Massage (Giving)

 Goth Lifestyle (Beginner)


 Yoga (Beginner)

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