Vertical Line


I am looking for others that want to chat about BDSM. I am looking to make friends and learn more about the Lifestyle am myself.
though I like the Idea of submission, slavery and being tied up ( very tight where I can't move!
yummy! ) all day and night long. I want to take things slow and learn a lot before real time serving.
now looking for a well trained Local Mistress,master, switches and slaves/subs to meet,learn and maybe play with..
feel free to send me a E-mail or IM
hope to chat with you soon..
Well this is my first public journal here it goes.
I want to first thank all that e-mailed me on this site! WOW i didn't think I would get that many E-mails.. I wish I could write you all back but I am busy with my Studies.(yes I am a college student)
I am slowly learning the do's and Don'ts of this Lifestyle.. I will try to write to any and all that e-mail me but it might take some time.. and I was TOLD not to respond to the One liner e-mails so if you did no dis-respect but I will not respond to them .. I was told that real Doms well have alot to sa and the Fakes will not  cause they have no clue what to say.. I want to learn from Real Doms, Domies, slaves and submisives.
to learn the real way and not learn something that will make me a bad submissive or slave..
I will try to post weekly to let you all know how my Quest for BDSM goes..
bowing down,