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maidtessa - photo 1
Hello. Im a rather shy would be maid...Ive been out of circulation for a long while, but hopefully might feel like taking the plunge again soon. This means I have probably aged a few years since the pics, but I will see if I cant correct that shortly (update-the face one is now new -) )

It would probably help to have a way with words to tempt me out of my cosy existence to a more submissive persona you can take advantage of...once Im in that subspace, Im quite malleable and controllable, but first you have to get me there...

My mentor has decided that as well as maid training, I should be looking for male dates, which I suppose will widen my experience and humiliation, and given me a second use.

New years resolutions. *waxing and ear piercing *maid training and service *more man interaction *experiment with sissification Let's see if those happen!
Is it bad that I find bad grammar off putting. I think it's just that it is one of the few cues there are on here to what someone is like. I want a well woven story, the warp and weft drawing me in, tying me up in words.

Face slapping: I didn't expect it to be something I would enjoy...but actually, actually it has left me excited all week...whispers...but don't tell anyone...

Shopping trips: lots of dommes on here seem to like the idea of a human wallet, and of shopping. woudl't it be so much nicer though, if there was agreement that the woman gets control of the wallet, but has to buy the same sort of thing for both of you. So she gets to buy say a skirt for herself, but then has to buy you a skirt (still with your money)...that would give such an incentive to feminise the man, especially tied to a rule that anything apart form underwear bought has to be tried on and inspected first :-).

Could be a very sexy, scary day. You'd better hope that she doesn't want eyelashes fitted, or something else that doesn't come off easily.

I thought it would be nice to put some thoughts or ideas up every week-do feel free to tell me off if I miss a week, it'll keep me on my toes!


For starters, I really love this website.

It seems to be written by a woman who genuinely likes feminine men, and enjoys feminising and humiliating them: what's not to like? She doesn't come aross like a cardboard cutout domme (no offense but you know what I mean), and her articles are thoughtful and often sexy at the same time. And there are some sissy tasks, for those that like that sort of thing.