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Bisexual Transgender Submissive, 45,  MidMichigan, Michigan
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I am wading back into these waters after a bit of time off. Not new, but hopefully improved!

In a nutshell, what I am is a submissive whose interests run across the entire spectrum of BDSM. Ive got experience as a switch and top, but my interest here on CS is to find connections that will cultivate my submissive side. On that score I am really versatile. Need a stunt bottom to practice rope bondage on? Im in! Got an out-of-the-way fetish you would like to explore? Run it past me! In broad terms my fetish addiction is giving pleasure--I dont always get an erotic charge from being dominated, but something in me craves the feeling that comes with knowing someone else is experiencing pleasure at my expense.

As my screen name might suggest, that broad interest has come into focus in a more specific way, at least so far. Im tall, fit, and masculine, but all my best experiences as a bottom have come from feminization and humiliation. If you are looking for a lovely femme male who just needs a little lipstick to be passable, good luck! But Im afraid thats not me. I tend to appeal to genuinely powerful men who get a special thrill from taking an apparently powerful man and turning him into a plaything. I love bondage and I enjoy many modes of discipline, but behind most of the things I do theres a delicious shame spiral the more a Dom has fun at my expense, the more he enjoys my submission and my misery, the more I crave that feeling and the more helpless I become to resist his wishes. Dressed to amuse you, positioned to please you, subjected to your whims--what could be better?

As I mentioned above, this isnt my first rodeo. Though I would not rule out a promising young top, I would prefer to connect with an experience, mature Dom. If the deion above strikes your fancy, and if you think our interests coincide, please write!

(I promise the grammar here is spot on--punctuation is mysteriously disappearing!)

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