Simply put, I am an alpha male, and extremely dominant. I am a writer by trade, and favor a quiet, simple existence. Despite my better efforts, I often see other dominant males and especially dominant females as competition.

Some may think me 'vanilla,' as I save punishment for when my pet has misbehaved (and it is not always fun), and I am not terribly interested in chains and latex and leather (though occasionally bondage can be very entertaining), but I am actually quite serious about this lifestyle, and it isn't role-play for me. To put it as clearly as possible, this is not a game. You are not a character. This is real life, and I am interested in owning you.

I currently have one very lovely pet who I am training, but I have openings for other and more... specialized... companions, various and sundry. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested in learning more.

I'll be adding more pictures soon, but it is my mind and my voice that you should be interested in, rather than my face.
 Age: 45
 Evansville, Indiana