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I am a Master that seeks slaves/submissives. You must be serious, financially secure, free of any baggage, and healthy, disease and drug free because I am.

I am college educated and a Pro Ball player on injury list. I'll probably be let go next year because of an injury. So I travel all over the country and am interested in slaves all over.

I am interested in most kinds of slaves and submissives, but I will be selective in whom I choose!

I enjoy couples and want cuckolds. I train wives to cuckold. See description of Cuckolding which was taken from CuckoldMaster's profile.

You must be sincere. Boi's, trans, hubby's, I don't need maids! I have my household under control. So don't waste our time. I'm not intersted in a maid. If you answer this, you had better be prepared to treat me well and get treated harshly.

I respect all limits! But will push them when the time is appropriate. I'm in a group of men that Dominate women and couples and some in the group enjoy Boi's trans, and hubbies.

I have been in the scene for about 12 years now. I started by accident. Actually I was with an older woman, who got off having me do dominant shit to her. Wow, I just thought about it, she's gotta be in her 60's now. She was in her early 50's when I was spanking. Anyway, she told me I seemed naturally dominant, so then I started going to Munches with her and learning the scene.

Naturally being a stand out college linebacker for a major college football team, I was already getting plenty...but I found I wasn't really satisfied.

Once I started doming women, and especially couples, I feel the relief and gratification I need! I especially enjoyed getting a hot White wife, who had never been around a Black man, or who said they would NEVER fuck a Black man, and take it from them in front of their hubby. It's not all about race, but the taboo of the whole ordeal got me hotter. The husbands would often cum without even touching themselves!!

Like I said, it's not about race, because I have White guys I hang around that have cuckolded Black couples and I've even done a couple. But the interracial taboo is very enticing for me.

Get in contact and let's see where it leads.

CUCKOLD... the word used to refer to unfortunate men who had wives that were having secret affairs with other men. Often, the husband was the last to know.

However, today the word is often used by husbands who encourage their wives to enter into affairs. I have observed this trend becoming increasingly more popular with upper middle class couples. common with the passing of each year. The husbands long for their wives to become "hotwives" who are considered "hot" in bed, sexually desirable, and "temptingly promiscuous."

Because the focuses is on the wife, the cuckold husband/hotwife phenomena is different than "swinging" or "wife swapping."

From the prospective of some women being seen as a hotwife can also be desirable: she garners male attention, makes other women both jealous of her freedom and concerned about their men being tempted by her, and, possibly most importantly, the hotwife may get a feeling of sexual liberation from centuries of male-centered sexual prohibitions.

There can be many other factors underlying the desire of a man to become a willing cuckold. As a Cuckold Master my experience and knowledge comes from actual encounters with married couples, reading and extensive research on the subject. an3 seperate, long term, extra marital affairs

HOT WIFE... A wife who is viewed as having a strong sex drive, being sexually desirable, and wanting or simply agreeing to sex outside of marriage.

Do you think Janet Jacksons nipple ruined the NFL??

There are some very sexy subs out there.
Women and Men are welcome to chat with Mack Daddy
Sorry sissies, as I'm on the road all of the time, I don't need a maid right now.

Remember, I'm in during my season, so I can't always reply instantly!
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Okay lots of sexy newbies writing me. Keep it coming!
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Damn that was fast! Getting a hot Domme writing me the first day is cool! I'll train her and her slave!
Let's see where this journey takes us!