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I am married, a mildly submissive bottom who is often tempted to "top". Have the fantasy of being "mounted" by eitherr a woman with a strap on or whomever my domina might choose for observed use. Also, the fantasy of being brought to orgasm by being beaten. And, most ideally of all, a combination of the two. My interest is email. And I may share any of the messages with my wife. I am passingly interested in cross dressing, especially heels and piercing. To seve and service.
I am an older "sub wanna be". All of my life I have felt myself to be both bi and submissive, and have lived a relatively straight, "normal" life. Being 73, in a relatively vanilla marriage, and quite naive, this seems the best place to find persons with whom to chat. In my mind I have played numerous senarios: my favorite is being slowly led , prodded down the path of becoming a couple's slave. To wait on them. To be trained to be sexually moraless. To have the receiving of heavy (painful) pressure be a part of my sexual gratification. Recently, my fantasies have evolved to include being feminized, breasts and nipples enhanced, taking estrogen, chastity control. I would like to correspond with another, or others, about this whole world of experience. MacDaddy