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I am looking for1 or 2 slave girls to live with me on my sail boat. You will be a full slave for me. It is possible for the right slave to become my slave wife and benefit from such. I perfer asian or latina and must be very sexy and must remain so. Anyone who wishes or accepts being my slave will have to provide their way to me. DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY!! I WILL NOT,REPEAT,WILL NOT SEND YOU ANY!!!! New update, the first slave/submissive that agrees to be owned by me and I take for my property,and comes to me without asking for any money what so ever,and does show up,will benefit from doing so. There are way too many on here that say they are real,and this may be true,but in every case I have had they wanted money and never showed up. I will look,but it is up to you to contact me from now on. I will now see who is serious and who is not.
9/15/2012 8:58:04 PM
Why do all the contacts I have nude so far want money? A slave should not ask for anything at all. I found several slaves and arranged to have them come to me but was stopped because they wanted money for gas. No fucking way will I send it. It is their task to get to me.
 Age: 33
 Yeah right, Missouri